Purposefully designed for vocals, this mic has set the standard for sound quality and durability. Whilst XLR will always provide better audio quality, the USB connection ensures you’ll always have a backup. I am using it to stream, plugging it in my pc … If you’re familiar with live sound, then our next pick requires very little introduction. Here are a couple of my favorite USB microphones that I have tested. The Samson Q2U is incredibly versatile, so much so, only half of it belongs on this list. You can expect this mic to withstand a great deal of wear and tear. This was the overall winner of the “best usb microphone under $100” that I did about 3 years ago. This great-sounding mic will please your listeners and help you to grow and help your fan base with its accomplished sound. A cardioid dynamic microphone ensures that guitar amps, vocals, and more are at center-stage and is the easiest way to make sure room noise, overhead cymbals, and anything else you don’t want into your mix is left behind. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. You’ll also not want to miss this deal if you tend to travel a lot when recording your podcast as the arm is foldable and the whole set is convenient to carry around. Audio quality is how well an original sound is reproduced to a listener and your mic takes the lead role in ensuring the sound is captured accurately. A couple of complaints come from the lack of an on/off switch however this might be a blessing in disguise. It doesn’t matter what stage or venue you’re at, you will only get the raw crisp sounds from this mic. This new usb mic is a feature packed beast of a mic. By using EV’s “Variable D” technology, the mic will increase intelligibility and tighten up the low-end, leaving you with a silky smooth radio-ready voice. The Neewer NW-700 is the perfect starter microphone for those on a tight budget. It adds a lively character to your vocals, helping them sit nicely in the mix. MXL is a budget brand specializing in reliable, consistent products, and, in high demand on Amazon, the MXL 990 is no different. To read more about the pros and cons of each, see our article USB Mic vs XLR – The Differences Explained. Drop it, throw it in your bag, launch it at your sound engineer – it just doesn’t matter. Background noise is kept very low due to the cardioid polar pattern presenting a clean sound, full of clarity. Last night I researched a bit and it seems that the Behringer XM8500 has quite low output. With the right adaptor, you can even plug this mic into an Apple or Android device. This dependable mic is a perfect starter mic, especially if you’re on a budget – you won’t find better for this price! The Seasoned Podcaster is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk. The secret lies in the capsule and its limited frequency range (50Hz – 15kHz). This is a super-reliable mic which should be part of everyone’s microphone collection. Another bonus for podcasters is the cardioid polar pattern which allows more targeted and isolated recording with reduced noise coming in from the back and sides. Overall, you’ll find very little noise in your final recording, unlike other mics at this price point. From budget mics to more established industry standards and USBs, today, you will learn the top cardioid dynamic microphones on the market. Boasting more connectivity than most modern smartphones, the Q2U is ideal for recording on the road. At such a cheap price the NW-700 isn’t perfect, there’s some background noise and hum but a noise gate or some carefully placed EQ would solve this and leave you with broadcastable quality. Not the Behringer XM8500 though. As nice as a top-tier condenser microphone looks, you need to be able to justify the (often) gargantuan price tag attached to them. To conclude, you really can’t go wrong with any of these microphones for podcasting, singing, or videos. Let’s be real here, this is not a mic for high-end studio recording. It has a very effective limited to keep you from clipping, it has a digital mixer that allows you to mix in 5 additional sound sources for a live stream if you need to. Simply plug-in to your computer and it will start working straight away. As well as the microphone, the set comes with a shock mount and pop shield making setup easy and editing stress-free. They will all capture your voice with fine detail, last for years to come, and won’t require you to remortgage your house to afford them! These cookies do not store any personal information. It is a USB modeling microphone that multiple capsules to add multiple polar patterns, but also locate the direction a sound is coming from and adjust the tone to match the microphone it is emulating. The low-mass diaphragm has been beautifully engineered to provide an extended frequency response of 20hz-20khz along with a wide dynamic range and a remarkable transient response giving an incredibly transparent, accurate recording. Type: Dynamic. The Samsons future-proofed versatility is why it got our best USB pick. The Rode Podmic is a mic that is specifically aimed at podcasters. Comes in standard or Supercardioid pickup pattern, Accessories compatible with Windows and Mac. Samson Q2U … The Behringer XM8500 … Durability has been heavily considered. Despite being a budget mic, the audio quality is surprisingly OK. Condenser mics can be difficult to find for less than $100 but the AT2020 is the perfect example of budget done right! For an affordable cardioid microphone, Behringer sure does its job. And thanks to the swing clip design, it works perfectly with table-top stands, as well as regular boom arms. What’s more, due to their robust nature, they’re fantastic for recording loud sound sources.


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