Get the latest science news and learn about scientific breakthroughs and discoveries from around the world. ... 2020 — A new global analysis has assessed the height and weight of school-aged children and adolescents across the world. Get the latest BBC Science and Environment News: breaking news, analysis and debate on science and nature in the UK and around the world. It is a yellowish-white, beige, or gray solid, a compound of calcium and carbon. A different 'super spreader': Facebook struggles with election disinfo, A pocket cooling device based on a cascade mechanism, Scientists invent ultrafast way to manufacture perovskite solar modules, China and Japan race to dominate the future of high-speed rail, Trucks that can drive themselves are already on Texas roads, and more are on the way, Scientists improve 3-D printing technology for aerospace composites using oil waste, Adaptive structures cut down the carbon footprint of buildings, Tesla's stock market value accelerates past $500 billion, Pandemic has forced TV and film producers to bring new technology to sets, US extends TikTok sale deadline to December 4, What if Zoom crashes on Thanksgiving? ... Every 11 minutes, an American dies by suicide. The problem facing industry is that tiny ... New data from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope provides further evidence for tidal disruption in the galaxy NGC 1052-DF4. Europe signs $102M deal to bring space trash home, Neanderthal thumbs better adapted to holding tools with handles, Rapid-forming giants could disrupt spiral protoplanetary discs, Plasma-developed new material fundamental to Internet of Things, Ultraviolet light exposure enhances the protective ability of synthetic melanin, Trillion-transistor chip breaks speed record, Big data powers design of 'smart' cell therapies for cancer, AstraZeneca says its vaccine needs 'additional study', Google's AI taps into the minds of the great poets, X-ray diffraction reveals details inside mummies without having to open them up, Physicist creates N95-type respirators using cotton candy machine, Springer Nature announces plan for open access publishing of research papers, Genetic discovery could lead to better prediction of suicide risk within families, Research reveals why some tumors have different makeup of cells, Real-world neuroscience experiments show diversity in learning new motor skills, Study is the first to link microbiota to dynamics of the human immune system, Embryonic stem cells have their own strategy for protecting chromosome ends, Scientists develop new gene therapy for eye disease, Protein commonly screened for in pregnancy is linked to gestational diabetes, Quick bursts of exercise can help diabetics' hearts, New therapy to target the spread of bowel cancer, Low-cost population-wide salt reduction strategies could save lives, High blood pressure in midlife is linked to increased brain damage in later life, Quit smoking, your bladder will thank you, Undiagnosed HIV rising in Eastern Europe, Central Asia: agencies, Job changes increasingly common among U.S. radiologists, Data from 45 countries show containing COVID vs saving the economy is a false dichotomy, Green front gardens reduce physiological and psychological stress, Sitting for turkey? A new QUT-led study has found wild jaguars in the Amazon can cope with climate extremes in the short-term, but numbers will rapidly decline if weather events increase in frequency, diminishing sources of food. Calcium acetylide is currently used to produce gaseous acetylene. This result explains a previous finding that this galaxy ... New data from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope provides further evidence for tidal disruption in the galaxy NGC 1052-DF4. But why are there so many species? The biggest computer chip in the world is so fast and powerful it can predict future actions "faster than the laws of physics produce the same result.". Scientists over the years have mulled over what factors are essential for, or beneficial to, life. and Terms of Use. Finding medicines that can kill cancer cells while leaving normal tissue unscathed is a Holy Grail of oncology research. or, Last update: For those left behind, the haunting question is why. See how science is making today’s news. These video meeting choices can save your virtual family gathering, Towards 6G wireless communication networks: Vision, enabling technologies, and new paradigm shifts, EU plans data shakeup to boost home-grown innovation, Danish news agency rejects ransom demand after hacker attack, France risks US ire with vow to impose digital tax this year, AI tool summarizes lengthy papers in a sentence, Tesla to build 'world's largest' battery plant near Berlin, Miniscule robots of metal and plastic may revolutionize the field of medicine, Binarized neural networks show promise for fast, accurate machine learning, Study measures Switzerland's potential geothermal heating capacity, New graph-based statistical method detects threats to vehicular communications networks, T-ray technology reveals what's getting under your skin, Jaguars robust to climate extremes but lack of food threatens species, Fire and ice: New database maps and classifies the dangers of glacierized volcanoes, Baby chimp gives hope for Guinea's famous ape tribe, Ancient Earth had a thick, toxic atmosphere like Venus—until it cooled off and became liveable, Foreign vs. own DNA: How an innate immune sensor tells friend from foe, Keyhole wasps may threaten aviation safety, New migration maps serve as tools to help big game in West. Australians are a nation of creative expletive users who take pride in bad language as part of their cultural identity. This site uses cookies to assist with navigation, analyse your use of our services, and provide content from third parties. The head of British drug manufacturer AstraZeneca said on Thursday further research was needed on its COVID-19 vaccine after questions emerged over the protection it offers, but the additional testing is unlikely to affect ... Sign-up and get free, monthly access to articles that cover exciting, cutting edge discoveries in Energy, Environmental Science and Agriculture. Federal environment minister Sussan Ley this week announced A$2 million for a national audit of Australia's koalas, as part of an A$18 million package to protect the vulnerable species. Forensic linguists can make or break a court case. World is not on track to achieve global deforestation goals. For female flies, mating requires the right musical backdrop, Pandemic postpones national math, reading tests until 2022, Mass evacuations hailed for casualty-free India cyclone, Russian oil giant announces start of vast Arctic project, Graduate student first to spot asteroid speeding past Earth, Gray wolf population in peril unless Biden restores 'endangered species' protections, Fungus commits 'floral fraud' to fool insects into spreading it, The keys to the squirrel's evolutionary success in the face of climate change have been identified, The importance of well planned stores and physical meeting places, Air-sea coupling improves the simulation of the western North Pacific summer monsoon, A new strategy for the greener use of calcium carbide, Effect of climate change on infectious diseases unknown to half of the population, Science X Daily and the Weekly Email Newsletter are free features that allow you to receive your favorite sci-tech news updates in your email inbox. Last week, a progress report from the New York Declaration on Forests announced that the world is not on track to meet the declaration's goals to reduce forest loss and promote sustainable and equitable development. The health benefits of sunlight: Can vitamin D help beat covid-19? QUT Professor Ken Ostrikov from the School of Chemistry and Physics and QUT Centre for Materials Science said the new material could be used to develop new transistor devices for electronics and photodetectors for such applications ... Melanin's high refractive index (RI) and broadband absorption capability contribute to the pigment's ability to protect against ultraviolet radiation (UV). Regional air-sea coupling plays a crucial role in modulating the climatology and variability of the Asian summer monsoon.


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