Showing 1–12 of 14 results. Completely shaped, fretted, inlay and finished with a clear satin laquer. FENDER ® STYLE LICENSED NECKS. Mighty Mite's Fender Licensed Replacement Necks, are made from the finest Northern Michigan & Canadian Hard Rock Maple. Assuming the Mighty Mite neck is made to fender specs, you'll need to consider what Squier body you're getting. Not "the" guitar neck you'll actually be buying. It will need work before it’s usable. I’ve read that Mighty Mite necks are hit and miss – some people get lucky, some don’t. It's right there in a photo on their website. Item # 5717-VT. The Classic Vibe series strats are made to Fender specs but are 21 fret necks, which would make a 22 fret neck impossible to intonate. Mighty Mite ® is one of only a few companies to have a license with Fender ® Musical Instrument Co. to sell replacement necks using the Fender ® head stock shape. Neck was straight, frets were levelled perfectly and allowed for a super low action with zero buzz. They're both very well made. Mighty Mite and others simply put up a photo of what "a" guitar neck looks like. Completely shaped, fretted, inlay and finished with a clear satin laquer. … Age: 44 Messages: 361. These necks are licensed to Mighty Mite ® by Fender ® Musical Instruments Corporation under a quality control trademark license. Fender® Licensed Strat® Style, 22 Fret, Maple Neck With Ebony Fretboard. $30 OFF SALE $170.69 $140.69 – + Indian Laurel fingerboard. In stock, ready to ship! All I had to do was polish the frets and this Mighty Mite made my guitar play better than it ever had. Here’s what I can tell you – do not buy one of these necks if you plan on simply dropping it into your Strat. Electric Guitar Necks; Mighty Mite Vintage Amber Neck for Tele; Previous Next. Mighty Mite Necks Discussion in 'Stratocaster Discussion Forum' started by XxDBENCxX, Feb 7, 2011. I’m going to refret it. Currently, Mighty Mite ® supplies replacement bodies, necks, pick-ups and parts for guitars made around the world. Item # 5747-VT. Mighty Mite Vintage Amber Neck for Tele 37 Reviews; Indian Rosewood fingerboard. Squier Bullet and Affinity models are significantly different guitars and are not fender spec pockets, so those almost certainly won't fit. Beautiful neck. In stock, ready to ship! Fender Licensed All Maple Replacement Telecaster Neck - MM2905 Factory First, 'A' Stock, Fender licensed, Telecaster neck. You should also consider Allparts necks. I was about ready to give up on my tele parts caster but now it's my favourite guitar. XxDBENCxX Strat-Talker. Item # 5718-VT. No surprises. This is my review – it’s shit. Very happy I got it. I bought a Mighty Mite Strat Neck from StewMac. I can return it, or refret it. The one thing I like best about Warmoth is that you see the actual neck you're getting. $30 OFF SALE $171.76 $141.76 – + Maple fingerboard. Westheimer Corporation is LICENSED by FENDER ® .


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