Deux institutions lyriques écartent le ténor italien Vittorio Grigòlo de leurs programmations. Its actually quite funny. If it is all what is set against Grigolo, it appears that the “victim” did not suffer much and the Met as well as Covent Garden look like a bunch of fools. His exceptional vocal and dramatic tale … nts have been widely praised by the world's press. Also, “Best Tenor “category in L’Opera Magazine’s 2011 Opera awards, for his performance as “Des Grieux” in Manon at London’s Royal Opera House (2010) and the prestigious ECHO Klassik Newcomer of the year award in 2011. Vittorio's 2010 debut at London's Royal Opera House Covent Garden as Des Grieux in Manon was described as" the most sensational debut to be heard at Covent Garden for some time. "Je ne voulais offenser personne. ", La carrière de Vittorio Grigòlo avait pris son envol lorsqu'en 2010 il avait été applaudi dans le Manon de Jules Massenet sur la scène de Covent Garden. Also in 2015 Vittorio was awarded the Tiberini d’Oro” in recognition of his successful career in opera. Violetta training for tonight !A stasera ! If for you, facts confirmed that literally happen on stage, are confirmed by multiple eyewitnesses other than the victim, and are confirmed after a three-month investigation are “unsubstantiated”, what you’re saying is that you will excuse sexual harassment, no matter what. Mais quand les choses se calment, on devrait vous donner la possibilité de vous expliquer. Decide which cookies you want to allow. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. maybe someone should produce Mozart’s opera with Grigolo and Domingo and conducted by Gatti or Dutoit and call it “Cosi fan tutti” (i not e). Actualité musicale . The Man I Love - was George Gershwin gay? I’m sure he can be replaced. Rupert Christiansen, critique au Telegraph, avait salué sa prestation : "une grande carrière dans l'opéra l'attend s'il parvient à garder la tête sur ses épaules. In 2016 Vittorio was given the Distinguished Artistic Leadership Award by The Atlantic Council for his contribution towards strengthening of the transatlantic relationship, Recent performances were given critical acclaim. They just needed to come to their own decision on whether they wanted Grigolo back, and they don’t. ‘It’s common knowledge in the changing rooms,’ she says.”. La Royal Opera House était en tournée au Japon quand l'incident est survenu sur la scène de l'opéra de Tokyo lors des rappels. Le Bad Boy de l'Opéra (titre du film documentaire de Bruce Weber pour la version italienne de Vanity Fair) Vittorio Grigolo touche le faux-ventre de femme enceinte d'une des artistes, en écho à une des scène du Faust de Gounod qu'ils venaient de donner. She says a (male) chorus member then intervened to reprimand Grigolo. On m'a renvoyé chez moi comme un tueur. Il reconnaît "être volontiers exubérant", surtout lors des rappels, et promet que ça ne se reproduira plus : "cet épisode m'a enseigné une précieuse leçon de vie.". He has performed principal tenor roles in the world’s most prestigious opera houses and his exceptional vocal and dramatic talents have been widely praised since his 2010 debut at London’s Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, as the Chevalier des Grieux. Moreover this open behaviour in public may seem to be a nuisance but not necessarily contravening the law….. Doesn’t need to be illegal in order to qualify as harassment or to break company rules. “an interview with an anonymous performer” It could all be BS then. La situation s'est détériorée à la suite d'une bagarre entre collègues. 1,415 Followers, 4,362 Following, 108 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from vittorio grigolo fanpage (@vittoriogrigolofanpage) Le Metropolitan Opera de New York a également décidé, à la suite de l'enquête, qu'il ne chantera plus sur sa scène dans un avenir proche : il ne sera donc pas à l'affiche de La Traviata dans le rôle d'Alfredo cet hiver. His latest album “The Romantic Hero” is a collection of Vittorio’s favorite French opera arias.”. How utterly non-shocking. She is way too smart for bullshit and way too talented to crave attention through false claims like your kind. The Caruso Award 2015 was given to Vittorio by the City of Sorrento for his contribution towards spreading the Italian culture around the world. Nous annoncerons la nouvelle distribution dans un futur proche ". According to Angela Georghiu , it may not be so simple to replace him. Quando prima di uscire di casa chiedi a Violetta se e’ preparata per stasera !!!! 0:28. His solo recital at The Metropolitan Opera was reviewed as “a truly unforgettable evening.” (Latinos Post) with his voice described as “an attractive, ardent and supple instrument that he wielded to passionate effect.” (New York Times). Vittorio’s repertoire includes the leading roles from Italian and French opera such as: Traviata, Boheme, Rigoletto, Elisir d’amore, Lucia di Lammermoor, Faust, Roméo et Juliette, Manon, Les Contes d’Hoffmann, Werther and many others and he performs around the world under the batons of Chailly, Mehta, Muti, Myung-Whun Chung, Dudamel, Pappano and Maazel to name but a few. It’s not in his repertoire but perhaps Grigolo might have avoided some of this grief if he had been familiar with Peter Grimes” “We live and let live and, look, we keep our hands to ourselves.” (Despite the irony of the particular dramatic situation in the Britten). 49 en parlent. Instagram; Youtube; Dailymotion; Newsletter; Accueil. He began his vocal career 26 years ago as a soloist in the Sistine Chapel Choir and at 39, he is considered one of the finest tenors of his generation. Grigolo’s actions were against the law, that is why he got fired for behaviour which amounted to gross mis-conduct. By using this site you consent to this use in our Cookie & Privacy Policy | Hosted & Managed in the UK by RocketWP, © 2020 Norman Lebrecht. “But instead of just turning around and carrying on bowing, he grabbed her again and shook the belly, saying, ‘I can touch her like this if I want to.’” She claims Grigolo then tried to square up to the chorus member off stage and said: “I’ll meet you outside.” “It was all very confrontational.”, …She describes [] a repeated pattern of unpleasant behaviour in Grigolo’s interaction with company members. For information on deleting the cookies, please consult your browser’s help function. VITTORIO GRIGOLO Italy announces a formidable return to the opera stage with the young Italian tenor, Vittorio Grigolo. They were justified in this occasion. We use cookies and other technology that recognise you to improve your online experience. Feel free to leave your apologies for being so very very wrong here. He obviously thought it’s his “right” to touch a woman – even if she doesn’t want it. Big deal. Her colleague supplied some additional detail: After he grabbed her fake belly during the curtain call, “her immediate physical response was to push him away”, she says. @arenadiverona @latraviata #fun #smile #instapic #viral #instalike #instagood #instagram #instagreat # 162 talking about this. The headlines always make it seem like someone got fired after one little mistake and their supporters pretend that’s the case. Learn more about the cookies we use. “There had been another incident in rehearsal with a different female member of the cast, an actress feeling uncomfortable with a touch and a comment that was made,” she says. His overall behaviour explains why ROH dismissed him. 57k Followers, 490 Following, 325 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Vittorio Grigòlo (@vittoriogrigolo) He began his vocal career 26 years ago as a soloist in the Sistine Chapel Choir and at 39, he is considered one of the finest tenors of his generation. Please log in again. We haven’t heard Grigio’s version of events. We don’t need to hear Grigolo’s explanation. The login page will open in a new tab. Nous avons donc décidé qu'il ne reviendra pour chanter dans Lucia Di Lammermoor en 2020. The incident was in September, and there was an investigation, which obviously was involved enough to take more than two months to complete. "Je suis peiné que mon comportement à l'égard de mes collègues, personnes que j'ai toujours respectées, soit perçu comme en dessous des attentes de la Royal Opera House.". Au moment des faits, sa réaction était l'effarement : "Durant les applaudissements, je suis plein d'adrénaline. Born in Arezzo, Italy, Vittorio Grigolo is the quintessential Italian tenor. the content you have visited before. The horror! So all those excusing Vittorio’s behavior and commenting the ROH overreacted because Vittorio only “patted a fake belly” were predictably incorrect. Next paragraph: La Royal Opera House et le Metropolitan Opera à New York viennent de décider de ne plus engager le ténor Vittorio Grigòlo à la suite d'un incident survenu sur scène en septembre dernier à Tokyo. Vittorio Grigolo's only Official Facebook Page January 6.


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