Many travelers start in Sofia, Bulgaria’s exciting capital city with backpacker hostels, wonderful museums, and beautiful Eastern Orthodox churches. If you buy something through our links, Oyster may earn an affiliate commission. Coimbra is located near Porto and Lisbon, offering close proximity to two of the bustling cities in Portugal. The town of Balzers is home to a beautiful church and a spectacular Gothic castle. The expansive countryside is home to medieval villages, rivers, lakes, and the dramatic Dinaric Alps for outdoorsy activities. This all-but-unknown micronation might surprise those who thought they knew Western Europe. The countryside around the city offers stunning examples of medieval religious art, and even further outside of the city are mountainous national parks to enjoy the great outdoors. Tallinn is the capital city of Estonia, located in Northeastern Europe and can be easily accessed from all parts of Europe. Blue Mosque in a glorious sunset, Istanbul ... You will savour the best pizza and mozzarella di bufala of your life and have the chance to explore some of Europe’s most beautiful landmarks, which remain behind from a distant past where this city was among the most prosperous in Europe. Set within Italy, San Marino is the third-smallest nation in Europe and holds steady as the world’s oldest surviving sovereign state. History buffs will love learning about the 2,000-plus years of Roman, Byzantine, and Turkish occupation. The capital of Vaduz, which features souvenir stores, a ski museum, and a national museum for those who want to learn about Liechtenstein’s unique history, sees the most visitors. In fact, dense forests cover about half of Latvia’s land, so there are plenty of parks and nature trails for trekking and cycling. The capital of Sarajevo is a compact city with a well-preserved Old Quarter, along with an emerging cosmopolitan vibe and rural arts scene. Malbun, a tiny mountain resort, has a modern all-season chairlift that whisks riders more than 6,000 feet above sea level for magnificent panoramic views. Today the town remains the location of one of Europe’s oldest academic institutions. Though there are touristy areas on the main island, parts of the country are very rural and quiet. This Balkan nation should not be missed, as it has a diverse terrain and acts a melting pot with Greek, Slavic, Ottoman, and Persian influences. Lake Bled is Slovenia’s most well-known and touristed spot — best avoided in midsummer. Slovenians also have a reputation for loving the outdoors and the country’s varied landscape offers plenty of opportunities for hiking, skiing, and cycling, as well as extreme sports. It offers plenty of diversity, from stunning Adriatic beaches and snow-capped mountains to pine-forested countryside and architecturally grand cities. Not nearly as developed in terms of tourism, the mainland offers the chance to travel off-the-beaten path while enjoying the privacy and freedom of renting a car. Formerly part of Yugoslavia until it gained independence in 1992, Bosnia borders Croatia, Serbia, and Montenegro, and is one of the best budget-friendly countries in Europe (hotels, restaurants, and cultural attractions are less expensive than in nearby capital cities). The thriving capital of Skopje (and birthplace of Mother Teresa) has innumerable fountains and monuments, an impressive fortress, as well as an Old Bazaar tucked into narrow streets. Eilean Donan, Scotland. The coast is full of jinks and tricks, a hopeless maze of inlets, peninsulas and small islands and the fickle climate can turn from blazing sunshine to grey, soaking mist in minutes. Rugged mountains and recreational areas likes Durmitor National Park and the temperate forest of Biogradska Gora provide hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding. Additionally visitors most frequently tour the ancient cathedrals of Coimbra. This festival lasts for eight full days and is a huge part of the end of the school year celebrations for students and families alike. Then there are the stunning monasteries, hiking and skiing opportunities, and the Marvelous Bridges — natural marble bridges formed by erosion in the Rhodope Mountains. Slovenians also have a reputation for loving the outdoors and the country’s varied landscape offers plent… Scotland is a country with a lot of castles. It is one of the undiscovered places in Europe, that worth to be visited. From the magic of The Azores, an archipelago formed of volcanic islands in Portugal, to the stunning beauty of the undiscovered coastal town of Perast, perched on Montenegro's Bay of Kotorin, … Nestled in the grey area between Europe and Asia is the country of Georgia. Pricing for Antiq Palace Hotel & Spa. While Europe has plenty of mountains, some ranges are more travelled than others. Enter Coimbra, a university city that was once a capital. However, you could also start the trip in lesser-visited Thessaloniki, which is home to the Rotunda of Galerius. France, Spain, and Italy have long taken the limelight when it comes to popular travel destinations in Europe, but some of the continent’s most rewarding and best-kept secrets are set off-the-beaten path. Also significant are the watchtowers, which have long protected the coast. The Seven Rila Lakes is a group of glacial lakes situated in the Rila Mountains, about two hours away from Sofia by car. Most trips will start in Athens, the nation’s capital and an important hub for exploring the iconic Acropolis. North of Thessaloniki is Vergina, which includes the grand burial mound of Macedonian kings, like Philip II, father of Alexander the Great. Plus, as an independent state, San Marino has its very own military. Most travelers start in Latvia’s cosmopolitan capital of Riga, home to notable art nouveau architecture and a picturesque medieval Old Town, which is more than 800 years old.


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