so 225 yards of upholstery fabric will do 6 chair bottoms, Catch the excitement at stitching cow discover pure sewing bliss at your fingertips with hand embroidery, redwork, patchwork, quilting and block of the month q, Seattle fabrics specializes in outdoor fabric, outerwear patterns, sunbrella marine fabric and much more! The motifs can be as simple as one diamond put into half-drop or half-brick repeat (with some overlap), or each diamond can be a combination of smaller motifs, as shown here: The ogee repeat is similar to the diamond repeat in shape – but the ogee is more rounded on two sides with the other two sides coming to points. You will most often see 50% offsets, but smaller or larger ones certainly aren’t unheard of. A textile or cloth is a flexible woven material consisting of a network of natural or artificial fibres often referred to as thread or yarn yarn is produced by Sylvester Coates (Paramus) Said: Fabric spot is a canadian online fabric store specializing in fresh, modern, contemporary designer sewing and quilting fabrics at low prices You’ll notice that the motifs are arranged like bricks on a house – they are in a horizontal row, and then the next row is offset to create a staggered look. I am indecisive- but when it comes to spending money I guess that's better than being completely impulsive. Here is a very simple example of a plaid/check pattern: Read about the history of checkerboard pattern here. See 2nd photo for dimensions. To get ideas flowing on the possibilities of patterns, here’s an excerpt from the HOW Design University course. As with the diamond repeat, it can be a simple repeat of ogee shapes in a half-drop or half-brick arrangement, or it can be more complex with overlaps and combinations of smaller motifs. BUT, dots don’t have to be dots. Navy Blue and White Moroccan Quatrefoil Trellis Pattern #5, Coral Red Quatrefoil 3 Initial Monogram Label Customize this with your 3 initial monogram, name or other text. The block repeat is the simplest style of repeat. It is simply formed by stacking the original repeat in a basic grid: The block repeat can have an amateur look if used in the wrong situation, but it can look great with simpler, more geometric motifs. A stripe repeat doesn’t have to be simple lines! An overlap can be achieved in Photoshop or Illustrator. Possibly one of the most famous names in textile design is William Morris (1834-1896). Irregular, indistinct pattern utilizing both plain and satin weave using dobby attachment are made. Similar in it’s simplicity to the stripe repeat, the dot repeat is as it sounds – an arrangement of dots! Here’s a simple example of a half-brick repeat: Brick/half-brick repeats are used very often in fabric design. Crepe Weave. Unlike a painting or drawing, which is designed in relation They can be other small motifs arranged with a bit of space between them to emulate dots, like this: (In fact, Michael Miller has a fabric line that includes a dot repeat made up of…wait for it…pug poop!). The stripe repeat is a simple idea that can have a more complex and interesting execution. Crinkled or pebbly surface. About the pill case case: ~ shiny silver metal ~ one plastic lined compartment ~ push button open & close ~ comes in an organza drawstring bag...perfect for gift giving To see more Moroccan items, including those in the other photos…, sources:,,, (Elisabetta Franchi),, (Helen Smith),, (Vionnet), It is exactly as it sounds – a repeat of diamond shapes. Perpetually curious about everything design, we report on, curate and celebrate visual culture, the makers of that culture and the expression of graphic design in all its forms and mediums. Really just a variation of a stripe repeat, plaid/check/gingham repeats can be used to beef up a collection and provide variety to your designs. The motifs can be exclusive of each other (as shown above) or have some overlap when they are organized. Print and digital designers can utilize the same tools, such as Photoshop and Illustrator, to produce dynamic patterns for fabric that will eventually turn into a beloved, tangible item. Essentially, however, all repeats are iterations of the brick, block or drop repeats. In this article, Judy Stewart dives into the history and the significance behind the pattern. The toss/random repeat utilizes a random arrangement of various motifs to create a very organic, non-linear design. It could be simple stripes in a single color or a palette, but it can also be single motifs that create stripes for a totally different look, as shown here: In other words, don’t let a term like “stripe” limit your imagination. It’s a fascinating read. The diamond repeat is also used quite frequently in fabric and surface design. at seattle fabrics we have everything you need to make your own outdoor gear, from patterns to, You’ll find a free pattern and full directions to sew a fabric checkbook cover here a fabric checkbook cover stops those cracked plastic from snagging your skin and. I encourage you to play around with all the repeats and create your own combinations! Area rugs at Rugs USA, from contemporary rugs to braided, traditional and flokati shag rugs. The drop or half-drop repeat is very similar to the brick/half-brick, but the motifs are offset vertically instead of horizontally, like so: As with the brick/half-brick, the terms drop and half-drop can be used interchangeably unless the offset isn’t 50% of the original motif. A quick perusal of any fabric manufacturer’s portfolio will show you that pattern types are often not so clean cut. The terms half-brick and brick can be used interchangeably unless the offset of the later rows is not exactly half of the preceding row’s motifs. The term layout refers to the arrangement of motifs in the framework of the design plane. In this course, instructor Lauren Dahl shows how to make a pattern out of your drawing, how to clean up your artwork using Photoshop and Illustrator, how to make use of on-demand fabric printing, and how to submit your pattern to fabric manufacturers.


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