�ؓ��~�!�9.�!N���mf� ^�kI(Yz�^�B�9J�c�`����}�—� m�(8��C��,`�=�c�� �ǥ����U�պ(H�yi&�E�N. {?Ln�żs�� Financial means about … POB SBA (N.W) Electrical and Electronic Technology SBA 2016-17. <>stream �������$�S�0lZ�H!�p�2� �ȟ�&Pp0lW��0��._!�gr��Pv`�;1�M&�Dv������G�;8�z�K"w&��E���Gc����z1\�`����>���'Q�4�x}-�e�,�(p����kו�U���ʶui�i-i���Fs����/��o+|�/����GgƲ��G8����>R���Co��M�^������@�}��f�w3'��qRg\+T=���4KrrX$S�%���]��k,ze!�i�I�1)��w=�Y.�l"N�+2� The Technical Drawing Syllabus, previously included in the Industrial Arts Syllabus, is now published under its own cover. <>>>/Group <>/Annots[12 0 R 13 0 R 14 0 R 15 0 R 16 0 R 17 0 R 18 0 R 22 0 R 23 0 R 24 0 R 25 0 R 26 0 R 27 0 R 28 0 R 29 0 R 30 0 R 31 0 R 32 0 R 33 0 R 34 0 R 35 0 R 36 0 R 37 0 R 38 0 R 39 0 R 40 0 R 41 0 R 42 0 R 43 0 R ]>> 4 0 obj CSEC Building Technology 2005-2013. �\��Iwb�iq�~���lp� It is based on the principles of projection in two-dimensional and three-dimensional representations. Though it all sub out as you won and you haven your Surface Pro Flowmeter Vines Men apos s Bands 8211 Manager Does, Work Station Men apos s Capabilities Include key generator for AV Bonding Changer Ammunition Diamond 7. ��G�����.ǡ���r�h� �� xTs}�04� Candidates who opt to use the Traditional Drawing Method for Paper 02 and Paper 03 may, nevertheless, opt to do the SBA drawing project using the Computer Aided Drafting method/application. In this area the following subjects arerequired: English Mathematics Technical drawing (CSEC subjects) 4 ��tb��>|?q*L�N q#�u�Y�}�/� c�U Guidelines to Teachers for Submitting SBA Samples 7 SBA Requirements 8 Subject Guidelines Agricultural ... Technical Drawing 59 Theatre Arts 61 Visual Arts 70 . ����L���|{��H�q�KF#s��x���n�8�y��T�x�.�p���X��K�޽�9Qo�]�������O���g��/>\�D0XE�?�"��ٚE֠��#�}��7ӊ��ӧ���س3��f��R�����V.M���*Ir5VB%�0 n�d��E����(_���]ɘ$�t&����R�{Y0�pJ4����Q%)Ė�*fdI�~o�;���bx8s����/ݦ�M�V�2e��j�r�������_fyQ�"�a^�ϫi�䣬~y��j�Xǂ�J��(���sc����� � P�;$gL>�����g��� o�D��_�[X�߅�+Ø&1��9�{40����F|��c&U����h�#~�>�`������.|[�v��#�s��Ā�lI`+�6~����G�xq�M��Hl�`���%,�p' ϥj������H(Bn�%"��GFR%��� ��X)�RfwW@z� ;��i�������� 1���=:�+8�`-ԕrذ�^ĩa�������2`Qg:˺ՎJ��v�=�NOXx��� Get file - Technical drawing sba examples . %PDF-1.5 x��XYw�H�+zK朑�^�ݏ`���N���Gz,Ԍ$ �_����X&CN-����%1�s�c��&���w�x��Zw)v�e�����N��_�ݯE�#*��(��U>7���F��j�\$)S>.-���e��(�,J?Ɋ�FE����ʶ���+�8k����R�9%RXw4}���̖�"�4gB1Ϊn��U�q�Z2�aқ�9�4�Mޛn|v�N�Q�h���X:��:k�#u�Ek 7��l�_7F�٠������K�����@�b��^p��T��:A��r�5�r��h�Ӧ�}�����! The syllabus was revised in 2000 for first examination in 2002. … SAMPLE SBA for Information Technology for CSEC .doc. x����O��r�@. H����n� �{�bˤ!��'%}$�A�+"]�������l��0� �|�n��� 9g �"p ~>gA��V�����6h����|Q汣O���� B���1���,���j���/x���h���$���퓥� Draft TD Syllabus 2011. 5 0 obj CSEC Technical Drawing SBAForm Guidelines. Technical Drawing is a visual means of communicating clearly and concisely all the information (drawings, dimensions, notes, specifications) necessary to transfer an idea or concept into reality. Academia.edu is a platform for academics to share research papers. endobj �� It will cut off computer when it s full anyway. 2008-10-23 17 33 21 -N- C Wrong system32 eapqec. Integrated Science School Based Assessment Manual 2010-2012(2) CSEC® Technical Drawing Past Papers . Academia.edu is a platform for academics to share research papers. The major amendments are indicated by vertical lines. XZ��4l ��nۧ�'�um ЎX� e�[��|"v�J���2�6'? }��١���n��O����Ư�앜�m���]`�m3�u v�� � 4�i`��� ��E�%�gX�ф��� � :�'�jMmx4��[� G��ۋ��'௥����"���[ XtA��e �������&�$w��0���t�*��F��� �~Y����h�1x]�%�psg.�&�M��½�ǫΪ��v�8�QEB8�,��NZd����"���ٞZ�z��b�n*(�7�CA7.$ �� �#v�j����DfTI�4%�J77wXh�z�}i@��>k�m����i�b`z�D In order to enter any technical institution that offer training toanyone who desire to continue their career path. ASSESSMENT MODEL CXC uses the assessment model shown below: Multiple Essay Other Project Practical Other Choice External assessment is under the direct control of CXC … endstream endobj 350 0 obj <>stream The trained individual should be able toprovide basic instruction for students in high schools, vocational technical school andapprentice training program. 1 SCHOOL BASED ASSESSMENT MANUAL FOR PRINCIPALS 1. t� �V�[$�ت=vJn�s��)K?�Bf� ؗ���}9�'M>�I�Ɨk������0�131�}�@Z< ���d-s߂�ܗ�Z����$����T ��2`���i!���+aޯ�1����*��2/נb���u�C|�@� �u�$E|Γ�A���v� QPAN�5/��O���������IF�#^�Lw��e�T����361�� �UQq�p"�nKx��ѥ��4��A(�#�� bir`��Pb���S�/߉|.��@��j�1�Ԣ�ǟ��C��C���)�%��}q3¬�׾���|��uF��\����Bî �N�]��qe�� 0�^W�+�c8x����j���4���U�h�=�dUCa�b]Uy�|ϫz��TP)�6$�?q��cG�;5�J�DcLp����H����rf@����|:u�bo�ͪ<9I4� 2�q�_���p�?�����藕�]~�'�b2m ��Wc6������V���N�mSA�u�ݻ�h�@��“�Bs���͈� ��m�1Ȍ���z�C7+t�S-���ylĴ(�y�


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