Fifteen years earlier, he was falsely convicted and exiled by the corrupt Judge Turpin, who lusted after Barker's wife Lucy. Sweeney Todd, Judge Turpin, Beadle Bamford, Lucy, and Mrs. Lovett are all dead. Watching Depp's barber wield his razors... it's hard not to be reminded of Edward Scissorhands frantically shaping hedges into animal topiaries 18 years ago... and all of the twisted beauty we would've missed out on had [Burton and Depp] never met. [4] Burton recalled his experience of seeing the show, saying, "I was still a student, I didn't know if I would be making movies or working in a restaurant, I had no idea what I would be doing. "[6] Although not a fan of the musical genre,[7] Burton was struck by how cinematic the musical was, and repeatedly attended subsequent performances. However: Lovett loves Todd, while Todd loves... a set of razors. Toby leaves as Todd bleeds to death over his dead wife. "[46] As with Time, the critic ranked it fifth on his list of the best movies of 2007. "BENJAMIN BARKER!". Time's Richard Corliss named the film one of its top ten movies of 2007, placing it fifth. These people are not professional singers, so to do a musical like this which I think is one of the most difficult musicals, they all went for it. "[8], Meanwhile, director Sam Mendes had been working on a film version of the story for several years,[7] and in June 2003 Sondheim was approached to write the script. ""[6] Burton said of the singing, "You can't just lip synch, you'd see the throat and the breath, every take they all had to belt it out. [12][13], DreamWorks announced Burton's appointment in August 2006, and Johnny Depp was cast as Todd. He murdered her without realizing who she was. Anthony searches for Johanna, whom Turpin has sent to an insane asylum upon discovering her plans to elope with Anthony. Beneath this Sweeney’s vacant, sullen exterior is a man consumed with a murderous rage that threatens to burst forth every time he slowly takes a breath and is poised to speak. Lovett and Todd have a duet where they sing about their one true love, using the same words of affection in unison. He praised all of the cast and the cinematography, but noted it would probably not appeal to non-musical fans due to the dominance of music in the film. In this version of the story, Todd is out to get revenge on a corrupt Judge who sent him to prison on false charges, raped his wife (who then poisoned herself), "adopted" his daughter Johanna fifteen years ago and plans to marry her. Anthony manages to get Johanna out of the asylum, but they're now on the run and Johanna is quite obviously scarred for life. Michael Halberstam of the Writers' Theatre said, "By de-emphasizing the score to the extent they did in the trailer, it is possible the producers were condescending to us – a tactic which cannot ultimately end in anything but tears. Mrs Lovett continually calls out "Poor thing!" Just before the end, Johanna got the clues needed to figure out that Sweeney was her father and that he murdered her mother as well as Turpin. Pirelli learns the hard way that when engaged in a shaving competition, Once Sweeney's finished singing 'Epiphany', Mrs Lovett—not looking at all impressed—asks dryly "That's all very well, but what're we going to do about. When Turpin finally recognizes Todd as Benjamin Barker, Todd stabs him several times, cuts his throat, and dumps him into the bakehouse. Grossing over $150 million worldwide, the film was praised for the performances of the cast, musical numbers, costume and set design, and its faithfulness to the 1979 musical. Helena Bonham Carter and a superb supporting cast bring focused fury to this musical nightmare. She was happily married with a baby who was pursued and eventually raped by Judge Turpin. [19] Timothy Spall was added to the cast, and said he was urged to audition by his daughter, who wanted him to work with Depp. [15] Burton's domestic partner Helena Bonham Carter was cast in October 2006, as well as Sacha Baron Cohen. [60] An HD DVD release was announced for the same date, but due to the discontinuation of the format, Paramount canceled this version in preference for international distribution of the Blu-ray release. The film retells the Victorian melodramatic tale of Sweeney Todd, an English barber and serial killer who murders his customers with a straight razor and, with the help of his accomplice, Mrs. Lovett, processes their corpses into meat pies. the body of his dead wife at the end before Toby kills him. [58], It was listed as number 490 on Empire's 500 Greatest films of all time. A real gentleman, kind of elegant. line), and now she doesn't interact with Sweeney at all until. Several other songs were also cut, and Sondheim noted that there were "many changes, additions and deletions... [though]... if you just go along with it, I think you'll have a spectacular time. Enraged, Todd pretends to forgive her and dances with her before hurling her into the bakehouse oven, then cradles Lucy's dead body in his arms. [7][11], On Burton's hiring, he and Logan reworked the screenplay;[10] Logan felt they agreed over the film's tone due to "share[d] stunted childhoods watching Amicus movies". Sondheim himself composed the film's soundtrack instead of Burton's usual collaborator Danny Elfman. I was out shopping at the time and I got this call on my mobile. "[10] To create a larger, more cinematic feel, the score was re-orchestrated by the stage musical's original orchestrator, Jonathan Tunick, who increased the orchestra from 27 musicians to 78.


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