Otto has come up with 3 special Halloween food ideas that will turn heads at your next Halloween party. As you take cuts toward the front of the animal, the filet mignon gets thinner. After all — unless you're vegetarian or vegan — there's nothing quite like a nice cut of beef, grilled or fried nicely with a little bit of seasoning, and served with a nice batch of fries or potatoes. This cut of beef is taken from the rib of the cow (of course) and is easily one of the most prized and sought-after varieties of steak out there. Bottom line: it's probably not going to be the worst steak you'll ever eat, but it definitely won't be the best, either. is that T-bone steaks are always the ones you see in cartoons. It is getting more popular, however, and more expensive as a result. Otherwise known as sirloin tip, this lean, boneless cut might do you a good kabob or stew, but the connective tissue in there means that, unless you braise it, it's going to turn out all chewy and gross. The porterhouse steak is the same cut as the T-bone and has the same characteristic T-shaped bone. It is marbled, moist and has an intense flavor thanks to its intact rib bone. Use it purely for a steak, however, and the bottom sirloin is likely to prove tough, chewy, and chunky. In order to determine the doneness of a steak, you can use an instant read thermometer, touch test (using your hand, fist or face for comparison) or by checking its color. That is the reason why a raw steak is usually chewier than the well-done ones. Now we come to the other part of the sirloin, and by far the better choice for steak fans. Home » Tips & Tricks » Steak Doneness Charts and Temperature Tables. And that's a really, really great way to completely ruin an already average cut of beef. The last big positive of the T-bone, if you're the kind of person who gets a kick out of this (and who isn't?) Otto’s steak chart presents 12 cuts of beef everyone should know. are very tender, juicy and can be used for dry-heat cooking on a gas grill if you make sure that you don’t overcook them. There's a reason people call it the "King of T-bones," you know. Most grill masters and chefs think that this level is a bit over-done or over-cooked because at this point, the moisture and the fat has evaporated and leaked from the steak, causing the meat to become drier and a bit tougher to chew. If you don't like using a meat thermometer, then you can use timing as a reference. These three major grades are widely used among the beef and cooking industry, making it easier for customers and farmers to choose the best cut for their purpose. There are two downsides to T-bone steaks, though. Medium rare is reached at 130° internal temperature, making the steak's fat to melt and cause a butter and great flavor effect, with a lot of moisture and very juicy texture. Therefore, it is often combined with prawns and served as Surf n‘Turf. He loves to share his knowledge and passion about cooking with everyone online (Read More). Note: The touch test is subjective which means that is not 100% accurate but once you get used to the doneness levels and steak texture, you will improve and start to determine easily with the touch tests. Skirt does have one or two things going for it. Hanger steak. The cooking process for a steak is divided into two parts: Grilling and Searing. It's made up of three parts — the top, the tip, and the bottom. Simmering steaks At the butcher shop, you may be overwhelmed with all the cuts of beef presented to you. So, this doneness level will make your steak very tender, juicy and plumpy. All things considered, there's not a lot more to be said for this one. It's got a little chew to it, without being a nightmare to eat. Well, for just one reason: it's bigger. Most of the cuts from this grade, such as roasts, steaks from the loin, rib etc. But the truth is that this type of steak is criminally underrated. This is the medium doneness level. The only problem, really, is that hanger steak is kind of difficult to get hold of. Feel the base of your hand again and now it is a little firmer. The Flank Steak comes from the lower belly of the animal.


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