Here’s how I did it: 2) Mix ground beef, onion, Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, salt and pepper together in a large bowl. Loco Moco is comfort food, it's diner food, it's food you make at home. Loco moco is a Hawaiian dish prepared with white rice, ground beef steak and fried egg, all topped with gravy. If it’s still on the menu, I’d recommend their boneless chicken–breaded chicken cutlets swimming in brown gravy (hopefully not the chili flavored kind used in the loco moco!). Shape into patties. I’ve only tried the teri sandwich there. I don’t know what I was expecting, but what I got was heaven on a plate. Guess the Food Network folks were too lazy to make the trek out to Hilo to sample the real stuff. Fry a burger patty. I’m gonna’ have to try that! So there is hope! There’s always a crowd there and they do fundraisers (selling loco mocos). Yup, that DDD episode revealed exactly what my suspicions were. And I really mean years! I think Rainbows has gone downhill the last few years. That’s good stuff! More about origins, and where to eat Loco Moco in Hawaii! Just a local drive in that has been around of about 50 years with some of the best plate lunch food in Hawaii. Whichever ones I/we get, I’ll make sure to get that BEST Mac Salad (them be fightin’ words! :-). This is my new first stop upon arrival in the 808. It is not fancy food. Interestingly, they also put Opae (dried shrimp) and konbu in the pot while making the stock for the gravy. Rainbow Drive In Teriyaki Beef Plate, $5.75. I was really glad to find this site, Thanks for the memories. Is this the resturant located at/or very near the airport? Can you believe the shock haha. Overall it was bland, lacking in depth and character and, simply put, just weird. But you have the right idea, the food always tastes better after a day of surfing or laying on the beach. At least, that’s not what stood out, or I would have noted it. What we call "rice" in Hawaii is called "sticky rice" on the mainland. Buffalo Man Sinks a hole-in-one and gets a BIG payout. I don’t know. You can find Loco Moco everywhere in Hawaii, no joke. Loco Moco. It tastes like they add chili powder or the chili gravy itself into the same pot as the brown gravy, giving it this odd combination that doesn’t match at all. Unfortunately, this plate was also served with that horrid Mac salad, which would be more aptly named “Ball of Mayo”. I've seen Loco Moco topped with truffled gravy and truffles shaved all over. I agree with Rocky here, Cafe 100 here in Hilo is like the Baskins & Robbins of locos. That’s good stuff!”<<. Good ground beef, don't mess around with it too much. 4) When patties are done cooking, remove from the pan. Of course under all that was the standard two scoops of rice. I've seen Loco Moco topped with truffled gravy and truffles shaved all over. Shoots, I’m happy with the packaged brown gravy mix in the supermarkets. Your email address will not be published. pretty good! If you look at its color, it even has a reddish hue to it, which sort of validates my assumption of what’s in it. Most of all, it certainly shouldn’t taste like chili or curry! Perhaps an in-law? Here's a few greats spots to get you started: Feeling a bit homesick so I was looking around for loco moco recipes - glad I checked here first because I definitely was starting to stress, so this was a good reminder that loco moco is all about *not stressing*! There is nowhere in the world that will stick to one recipe and appeal to EVERYBODY. And to even further my shock, it’s Mike Andrzejewski, the owner of Seabar, where I had the delicious Loco Moco. It’s served over shredded Iceberg lettuce, which brings a nice balance to the dish. Some say it was invented at Lincoln Grill. but don’t recall once trying their loco moco. There are a million ways to gussy up the dish. It’s all about ambiance. One egg for each hamburger patty. Its been awhile since I’ve been to Rainbows, but years back we used to always go for the Teri Plate too (with a side order of chili)! Still, no matter even if you think you NAILED the recipe, it just won’t be the same eating it somewhere other than either at Rainbow Drive In on Kapahulu avenue, or a block down on Waikiki beach. Howzit John, if you’re referring to the teriyaki beef, I notice, like many other classic plate lunch eateries, Rainbow’s also has a pronounced ginger flavor. Cant wait to see your review of the place. Traditionally made with SPAM®, this version of an Hawaiian favorite uses ground chuck under a fried egg and Maybe was my Waimanalo upbringing.. lmao. lol, Josh, on that Secret Life of… (Drive Inns) Food Network show, the owner’s last name was Gusukuma. Ingredients. IMO the best mac salad is at The Heights at the Aiea Medical Building. Used to be Zippy’s but now we do Costco, then here. With a locomoco you either got it or you don’t, but no way can you mess up on the brown gravy…no way man! I’m dramatic, hence the capital letters. And others with super fancy rice and rare mushrooms. Here’s how to make it! The owner brainstormed this fun, filling creation that layered everything the teenagers loved. It features rice topped with a hamburger patty, lots of gravy, and a fried sunny-side up egg. I miss those flat patties that you could cut with your fork and pieces of onion sticking out. I’ve tried it all. Demi glace is a rich, glossy brown sauce from which the liquid has been partly evaporated, typically flavored with wine and served with meat. I guess what I’m trying to say is, if Peter Lugers’ Steakhouse in Brooklyn was selling 5.75 plate lunches, I’d wouldn’t expect nitpicky reviews either. I think I could kill it on Chopped. I know, as I drive past there almost daily. For the rice: Wash the rice under cold running water until the water runs clear. – so all due respect to your take on it. Loco Moco was invented in 1949 in Hilo (on the Big Island).


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