At Bevarabia, we make sure that you are being served with nothing, but the most exquisite of teas and. The bergamot helps in aroma-therapy and soothes the mind and body. Are you really looking for the best Earl Grey tea brand which is USDA certified organic? We advise you to use spring water for the best flavor. What constitutes the best Earl Grey tea is a matter of personal preference. Majority of the people are concerned about the caffeine content in the Earl Grey tea. I think, now you know about it! Le thé Earl Grey Pure Leaf est un thé noir du Sri Lanka et du Ceylan aux notes de bergamote et d'agrumes. Learn how your comment data is processed. Do note that out of coffee and tea, the former has the highest content of caffeine. Pure facts. Does that answer your question? What is the history behind it? Ceylon black tea with bergamot creates a smooth cup with crisp and zesty citrus top notes and a floral aroma. When you step into a store which specializes in different types of teas, you can ask them about how to prepare it. The caffeine content in Earl Grey Tea is same as any regular cup of black tea. It’s a whole day tea brand and you can drink it anytime of the day. However, it dulls the tea and does not bring out the authentic flavors of Earl Grey. You must not use tape water to make this tea. Except Numi, most of the world renowned tea companies are failed in providing organic certified Earl Grey tea to the tea lovers of the world. Tea Story. 1 tsp of tea leaves is enough for a cup of tea. A cup of this Earl Grey tea in the afternoon helps you to vaporize your tensions of the day and makes you feel refreshed and energetic for the night to come. This classic tea blend is prepared by using top quality organic Ceylon black tea leaves, cornflowers, bergamot oil and natural flavor. Earl Grey tea has multiple benefits and it smells and tastes great. It helps in boosting your energy. It has been scented with a number of ingredients such as spices, flowers, oils, fruits, and the list goes on. That’s exactly how it became so popular in London, and the English popularized it. Pure Lea Earl Grey tea is Sri Lankan Ceylon black tea with citrus notes; a smooth cup with crisp and zesty citrus topnotes and a floral aroma. The British tea gives out the aroma of lemon and since most of the manufacturers use herbs, flowers and spices, you would get hint of sweet-smelling ingredients. Une tasse de thé velouté aux notes vives et piquantes d'agrumes et à l'arôme floral. You must steep the tea in hot water for at least 3 minutes. So, don’t forget to add this best Earl Grey tea brand in your shopping cart. It has a beautiful citrus aroma which is light and it fills your senses with warmth. It offers smooth taste and very pleasant and distinct flavor with citrusy notes which are beyond your imaginations. • Guarantee an exceptional tea experience that your guests will remember. Not every manufacturer would blend it perfectly. It will ease your muscles and your head would feel calm. It may take time for you to stick to one brand because you may want to taste different flavors of Earl Greys. Then, steep tea bag for three minutes. The British like to add lemon and sugar. Do you really wish to know that? There is no specific way of making this popular tea because each and every manufacturer makes their version. Or, you can have it as plain hot tea. Leaf: Attractive shiny black leaf with contrasting yellow and violet petals Colour: Golden brown to amber Taste: Earl Grey Imperial tea is a tea blend of finest black loose leaf tea, oolong tea and naturally extracted bergamot oil. I’m going to answer each and every query that you have in your mind. This helps make teas with an unmistakable character and delicate flavour and fragrance. Why don’t you drink it the British way? Tealyra has rich experience of tea blending and they use best quality organic teas as base tea in their tea blends. It varies from one brand to another. Personal information provided may be collected, used and disclosed in accordance with our, Manage Walmart Rewards MasterCard Account. Speaking of different types of teas, the special Earl Grey tea comes to our mind. Wal-Mart Canada Corp. 1940 Argentia Road Mississauga, ON L5N 1P9. If you liked it then show us some love by liking it and sharing it with your friends and family members. The Chinese tea experts or masters used to experiment a lot with different types of flavors. It’s the finest quality Earl Grey tea brand which really helps you to refresh your body, mind and soul for the moments to come. TEA FOR HEALTHY LIFE, TRAVEL FOR HAPPY LIFE. It can help you to fight the oral infections which mean it is the right tea for your dental health. It sounds like a miracle, right? ). Then, steep tea bag for three minutes. Add some flavor to your life and drink Earl Grey tea! What are the ingredients used to make this lovely tea? It’ll definitely boost your energy, refresh your mind and make you feel relax throughout the day. If he gives you a clueless look, then you can just follow the steps that I have mentioned for you! It helps to fight cold! Required fields are marked *. Numi ages finest Assam black teas with real Italian bergamot fruit for some weeks and this method helps the tea to absorb the orange scent from Bergamot fruits.


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