The problems are test to the students in a natural way and it is ensured that the students are genuinely interested to solve them. The main goal of basic science is to expand knowledge without any expectation of short-term practical application of that knowledge. According to (Awodi, 1984; Bichi, 2002), Problem-solving method is a method found to be effective in science teaching by combining several teaching methods (activity based) that encourages inquiry, gives room for discovery, facilitates process skills, leads to acquisition of knowledge and science learning. The type of logical thinking that uses related observations to arrive at a general conclusion is called ________. 2y�.-;!���K�Z� ���^�i�"L��0���-�� @8(��r�;q��7�L��y��&�Q��q�4�j���|�9�� These methods are desirable learning strategy, as they can make studying more enjoyable (Crossman & Crossman, 1983, Franklin, 2003; Weisskirch, 2006). A suggested and testable explanation for an event is called a ________. Brain studies provide an example. A good introduction also gives the rationale of the work; it justifies the work carried out and also briefly mentions the end of the paper, where the hypothesis or research question driving the research will be presented. Inductive and deductive reasoning are often used in tandem to advance scientific knowledge (Figure). In contrast, applied science or “technology,” aims to use science to solve real-world problems, making it possible, for example, to improve a crop yield, find a cure for a particular disease, or save animals threatened by a natural disaster (Figure). As you can see, problem solving is a complicated topic, and a proper, in-depth discussion about it could take up multiple courses. What are the mean scores of male and female students taught using problem solving? A life scientist such as a biologist makes observations and records them. First, scientific writing must be brief, concise, and accurate. In the discussion section, the researcher will interpret the results, describe how variables may be related, and attempt to explain the observations. (The American Heritage Dictionary of the English language, 2009). /N 3 This method is known as scientific method. In this type of research, many live brains are observed while people are doing a specific activity, such as viewing images of food. stream Scientists seek to understand the world and the way it operates. Also it will inculcate long lasting and practical knowledge to Nigerian students. Descriptive science and hypothesis-based science are in continuous dialogue. It will be significant to students as it will expose them to the values, skills and knowledge necessary for full participatory in the labour market. For example, a gentleman in the 1940s observed that the burr seeds that stuck to his clothes and his dog’s fur had a tiny hook structure. /Length 2574 It becomes clear from this definition that the application of the scientific method plays a major role in science. Peer-reviewed manuscripts are scientific papers that are reviewed by a scientist’s colleagues, or peers. We will be explicitly teaching elements of problem solving in class. Psychologically, problem solving correctly create a relaxed atmosphere in the classroom. Cognitive scientists have thought about problem solving a lot. This is preferable to a mimetic learning environment in which students only watch, memorize, and repeat what they have been told. The steps of the scientific method will be examined in detail later, but one of the most important aspects of this method is the testing of hypotheses by means of repeatable experiments. Using a systematic and iterative procedure to solve a problem is efficient and provides a logical flow of knowledge and progress. The scientific process typically starts with an observation (often a problem to be solved) that leads to a question. Grant proposals, which are requests for research funding, are also subject to peer review. Biologists study the living world by posing questions about it and seeking science-based responses. Instead, most scientists present their results in peer-reviewed manuscripts that are published in scientific journals. . So, even if you do not consider yourself a good problem solver today, there is no reason why you can’t become a better problem solver with some guidance and practice. What is the mean score of students taught using lecture method (LM)? Using the scientific method, the hypotheses that are inconsistent with experimental data are rejected. Hitherto, the prevalence of teacher centred practices such as lecture method is a challenge and has compounded the integration of innovative teaching strategies at the classroom level (Njoku, 2012).


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