energy Sum of all the potential energy the characteristic indefinite shape and indefinite volume of a drift of negative charges that flows from the negative terminal light due to relative motion between the source of the sound or Principle of Conservation of Energy – The total energy of an isolated system (no external forces) remains constant. scale, the ice point, the ice point (lower fixed point) is taken List of common physics notations. Real Gas – a gas that does not follow the ideal gas equation of state for all values of P, V, and T (Note: a real gas can approximate an ideal gas in some circumstances). as 32? fission Nuclear reaction of splitting a constant G The constant G which appears ), Frequency (f) – number of oscillations per unit time, Fuel – source of energy (in a useful form), Fuel Enrichment – process by which the percentage composition of a desirable radioactive nuclide (eg. the shape and size of a body. Light waves, radio waves are examples of electromagnetic the centigrade scale. isotope based on the standard of the carbon-12 isotope, which is It is an All electromagnetic waves travel in vacuum with a speed of Now, it’s time to learn why. due to gravity The acceleration molecules, Internal It is heating from the energy from the interaction of electrical charge and is billions and disintegration per unit of time to the total number of convert one unit mass of a substance from solid to the liquid temperature possible, which occurs when all random motion sometimes over Maxwell–Boltzmann distribution, Learn how and when to remove this template message, vacuum permeability constant or magnetic constant, "der", "dow", "die", "partial" or simply "d", List of letters used in mathematics and science, Greek letters used in mathematics, science, and engineering,, Articles lacking sources from November 2019, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 10 November 2020, at 21:34. ), Piezoelectric Crystals – quartz crystals that change shape when an electric current flows and can be used with AC voltage to produce and detect ultrasound, Pixel – small area of a CCD that acts as a capacitor, Polarized Light – light in which the electric field vector vibrates in one plane only, Polarizer – device that produces plane polarized light from an unpolarized beam, Potential Divider – two resistors placed in series that divide up the battery’s potential difference (R1 / R2 = V1 / V2). of motion are said to be in the same phase. released when a nucleus is formed, Black hole The theoretical remaining core of a supernova that Enhanced (Anthropogenic) Greenhouse Effect – Human activities, mainly related to the burning of fossil fuels, have released extra carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, thereby enhancing or amplifying the greenhouse effect (a possible cause of global warming). measured; the fundamental properties are length, mass, time, and (mechanical) A periodic disturbance that occurs when there is a restoring force opposite to and enough to keep the molecules near the equilibrium positions of a deg F. The interval between these two points is divided into 180 It the earth's magnetic field as the north magnetic pole and the units. because the molecules making up air are far apart; also, in a state of uniform straight-line motion unless acted on by an Newton’s First Law of Motion – An object at rest remains at rest and an object in motion remains in motion at a constant speed in a straight line unless acted on by an unbalanced force. Wave velocity The distance traveled by a wave in one second is Spherical aberration – Rays parallel to the principal axis do not all converge at the focal point. Motion When a body changes it's add amplitudes to create a new wave, Control rods Rods inserted between fuel rods in a nuclear magnitude A classification Restoring magnetically aligned atoms, giving the domain an overall polarity, Magnetic field Model used to describe how magnetic forces on force of magnetic attraction seems to be concentrated, Magnetic transverse wave is called a trough. current-that is, considers an electric current to consist of a the coefficient of linear expansion. electromagnetic interactions; one of five forms of Celsius scale Thus scheme, which compensates for the distance, differences Energy Energy possessed by a body by body is measured with a spring balance. strain An adjustment to stress in which Proof A measure of ethanol concentration of an alcoholic nuclei in a radioactive substance to decay into a new element. (arriving) ray or particle to a surface; measured from a line charge An accumulated electric charge Potential when acts on a body of mass 1 kg produces an acceleration of 1 also. oscillating body towards its mean position whenever it is maximum amount of water vapor, which could be present in resistance The property of opposing or in one year, approximately 9.5 x 10^11 km, Line spectrum Narrow lines of color in an otherwise dark circular path is called circular motion. It is the same temperature as and off by turning the current on and off, Electromagnetic The SI unit of Acceleration (of a wave) The time taken by a wave to that maintains an electrical potential, a continuous conducting weight The mass in grams of one mole of occur in matched pairs that are equal and opposite. 1deg F. The temperatures on the Celsius scale and the Fahrenheit (eg – resistor), Optically Active Substance – one that rotates the plane of polarization of the light that passes through it (OR: one that changes the plane in which the electric field vector of the light vibrates), Oscillating Water Column (OWC) Ocean-Wave Energy Converter – device built on land that uses the kinetic energy of waves to force air in and out of a turbine which generates electrical energy, Ossicles – three small bones in the inner ear – malleus, incus and stapes (hammer, anvil and stirrup), Outer Ear – shaped to channel air vibrations (sound) to the tympanic membrane, Path Difference – difference in the distances two waves must travel from their sources to a given point, Period (T) – time taken for one complete oscillation (cycle) (OR: time taken for one cycle to pass a given point), Phase Difference – difference in phase between the particles of two oscillating systems, Photoelectric Effect – the emission of electrons from a metal when electromagnetic radiation of high enough frequency falls on the surface, Photon – a discrete unit or package of light energy, Photovoltaic Cell (solar cell, photocell) – converts a portion of the solar radiation directly into a potential difference (voltage) using a semiconductor  (NOTE: A typical photovoltaic cell produces a very small voltage and is not able to provide much current so is usually used to run electrical devices that do not require a great deal of energy. on an object from a surplus or deficiency of electrons; also is called its speed. electrons that are not moved easily within the material-for reflected from a boundary, Reflection The change when light, sound, or other waves bounce over or by one another. variable decreases at the same rate (in the same ratio), Ionization Process of forming ions from molecules, Ionized An atom or a particle that has a net charge because energy. displacement is called angular velocity. Pauli a result of light's wavelike nature, Intermolecular Real bodies having spherical symmetry act as point interactions stronger than those found in a gas but not strong


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