In short, I make guacamole a lot because it’s quick and simple. The second trick to this pea guacamole dip recipe is to run the peas and avocado through the food processor longer than you may think is necessary. It tastes just as good as the real deal, maybe even better. The idea behind this is that lime actually hides the flavor of the avocado. Once you add the other ingredients, it gets chunky anyway. I know a guacamole purist won’t like this idea, but my healthy guacamole recipe has a secret ingredient = frozen peas. It isn’t necessary to get it completely smooth. Adding the complication of finding fresh peas and folding them in is a bit more work than I’m willing to do for what is usually a casual appetizer at my house. A perfect guacamole for when there's no avocado in the house. The pea skins are hard to get smooth. The peas add a unique sweetness and bright green colour.
No Lime Guacamole. I know what you’re thinking… peas in guacamole, what?!? However, guacamole recipes need a little more time, about half an hour. Avocado alternative green pea . Pureed peas are a very good avocado alternative in combination with homemade mayonnaise. But don’t worry, no one will be able to detect that you used peas in place of some of the avocado. Keep testing it until you get close to smooth. Green peas actually pop up again and again as the main base ingredient in mockamole recipes — so, uh, remember when the New York Times published a recipe for guacamole that included peas … So an avocado is prepared much faster here.


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