It may also not be a bad idea to proactively wipe down your garage door tracks periodically to prevent this type of buildup from occurring. Often a small piece of cardboard (a "visor") can be taped to the top of the units to block the glare of the sun. 1. Trouble Shooting an Overhead Door Legacy 800 garage door opener, Overhead Door Company of Northern Kentucky, Garage Door and Garage Door Opener Rebates, Garage Doors Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky, Overhead Door Company of Northern Kentucky Coupon. All rights reserved. Over time, these eyes can get dirty, causing the light from the beam to be blocked. This limit range tells the garage door opener how far the door should move before it’s fully closed. To troubleshoot this situation, you can simply reset and reprogram the openers in just minutes from your garage. The Overhead Door company equipped this series with a CodeDodger remote control and Series II electronics. Door does not respond to signal from remote control, but does respond to push button or wall control. It’s especially important that you and your family stay away from these cables or springs until everything is repaired. Garage doors have tension springs and cables that help to slowly and safely lower your door while closing. Once you have the eyes cleaned and aligned, test your door to make sure it opens and closes normally. … Your antenna must be free from any obstruction to clearly receive the signal to open and close the door. Press the "learn" button on the motor and press and hold the "Open" button on your remote to attempt to relearn the signal to the remote. Then press and hold the "6" key and the key with the up and down triangles. Legacy 800, Even still, there are sometimes issues that continue to surprise us, like the tiny insect nest growing on the photo eye sensor or the tennis ball that somehow managed to knock the door entirely off its track. Sometimes, however, remotes stop working and signals are lost. If you have more than one car transmitter for your garage door, then your other transmitters will likely need new batteries soon as well, since they were probably installed around the same time. If you find that your garage door closes part way and then goes back up, this can be triggered by objects on the ground blocking their path such as garbage cans or toys. Gently wipe away any dirt or residue that has built up on the eye and be careful not to oversaturate as excessive wetness can cause dirt to stick to the eye more quickly. legacy 650 garage door opener pdf manual download. Align the photo eyes so that they are pointed directly at one another. Use self-diagnostic STB System troubleshooting information to maintain safe operation. This will move the horizontal bars away from the edges and secure the handle in the open position. This is very dangerous as there is nothing preventing the garage door from crushing something that might be below it. Clean both photo eye lenses with a moist paper towel. Door starts down, then stops before it's closed. Enter your desired passcode and press the "Prog" button. Then look at the tracks to see if there is any buildup on the inside. Door starts up, but stops before it's completely open. CD Series includes automatic garage door openers with chain drive/belt drive. There could be a few issues that might be causing your transmitters not to work properly. If you notice that the garage door opens normally but doesn’t make any attempt to close when the remote is pressed, the first thing you’ll want to do is visually inspect the photo eyes. If your photo eyes are clean and the door still isn’t closing, the next thing you’ll need to do is check the alignment of the eyes. If you can hear your garage door motor running for what seems like the full amount of time it normally would take to open or close the door, but the door doesn’t move, chances are the disconnect switch has been enabled. However, we assure you that there’s likely a much simpler answer to this problem. Though not as common as the Craftsman, LiftMaster and Genie garage door openers, Legacy is a system commonly used in garages around the United States. Others may be screwed in to keep the battery more secure, so this type of transmitter will require a screwdriver to open. If the door hits even a small object on the track, it will go back up to avoid crushing whatever is underneath it. If either spring is broken, the garage door opener may struggle to lift the weight of the door or fail to open the door at all. When you are having problems lifting the door, then so is your operator. We provide repairs and service to customers in the North Carolina area. Programming requires no previous experience and can be done from inside of your garage. Por reduire le risque de blessures ou de dommages materials, utillsez cet ouvre-porte uniquement pour une porte, INSTALLER: LEAVE THIS MANUAL WITH HOMEOWNER, HOMEOWNER: SAVE THIS MANUAL FOR FUTURE REFERENCE. The charts below contain information on Overhead garage door troubleshooting for the following lineups: CD Series, SilentMax 4040, Standard Drive 650, and OverDrive. Yes, I would like to learn more about our sales events, promotions, and products. If your garage door track is out of alignment, it can be a serious issue. The weight of your garage door is actually carried by the SPRINGS above or behind the door, NOT the opener. Operator works from wall control, but not from remote control. The heavy weight of the door can compound these issues and make them worse until it becomes dangerous to operate your door. Overhead Door garage door openers, Check to see if a spring or cable is broken. Press and hold the "Prog" button on your wireless keypad. The Included Safe-T-Beam® system MUST be installed to close the door. Outlined below is a trouble shooting guide for the Legacy 800. If wire is cut, replace it. The eyes should be pointing in exactly the same direction and at the same angle. If it looks like there has been damage to the antenna, you’ll need to call your garage door technician to come out and replace it. If you’re experiencing an issue with your garage door opener or garage door, it’s critically important to address it quickly for safety reasons as well as for home security. Check force adjustment. Well, on any garage door installed after 1993, that’s no longer possible thanks to two tiny photo eyes on either side of the garage entrance. Once you have the alignment correct, tighten the screws securely to ensure the track won’t move and cause more issues when opening your garage door. Push the remote button to complete the programming, Safety beam sensor obstruction going down, Adjust spring tension so that the door balances, Wire to power head or wire connection at power head is bad, Reverse wire placement in power head connector, Wait unit the motor cools down and resets. If they cut into insulation, they can short wires. If your garage door doesn’t open, but the opener motor runs for just a few seconds and then shuts off, the garage door itself may have manually been locked. Springs can only be used for a certain number of open and close cycles, and over time they will eventually break and need replacing. If the track is misaligned, but the door still moves, there are a few things you can do to attempt to remedy the issue on your own. Use a level to make sure they’re pointing directly across at each other at the same angle. When cleaning the photo eye, you should take care not to scratch or damage the eye since it’s made of glass, similar to that of a camera lens. Topics: Sometimes the door may even slow down slightly when it hits this spot. You’ll need to get a step ladder to look at the tracks on the top part of your garage, as it will be difficult to see from ground level. Often DIRT, COBWEBS, and even SNOW stick to the lenses and prevent the modules from communicating. Overhead Door Legacy 800, Order replacement parts for the Overhead Door Legacy 800 garage door opener. We handle everything from automatic garage door repair to garage door replacement. If your settings are too high, the door will hit the ground before the opener thinks it should and assume the door is hitting something in its path. If you want to know more or withdraw your consent to all or some of the cookies, please refer to the, BELT/CHAIN DRIVE GARAGE DOOR OPENER MODELS, PROGRAMMING, OPERATION & MAINTENANCE MANUAL. Your owner’s manual should have more specific information on how to adjust your limits.


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