This is Mr. Game & Watch`s most reliable smash attack, as it is faster and stronger than his other two smash attacks. An electric attack that hits multiple times. Originates from, Juggles the enemy as a ball, then launches the opponent a short distance in the air. A moderate knockback attack that produces, A very, very high knockback attack that was designed to be similar to the. This page was last edited on November 10, 2020, at 07:47. His moves, primarily his special moves, have very limited uses in competitive play and only two of his aerial attacks can be L-canceled. He is a small and light, which is also where he needs to be careful, but has a lot of great attacks to make it … In the Subspace Emissary in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, it is revealed that Mr. Game and Watch's body produce Shadow Bugs.When Tabuu found out about this he used the Shadow Bugs to make many clones of Mr. Game and Watch, whom he put in control of the Battleship Halberd, as well as the other members of the Subspace Army. These limitations make him a challenging character to play, especially for an inexperienced player. Mr. Game & Watch's new forward smash in Smash Ultimate is a direct reference to a G&W game featuring racist ... Super Smash Bros. If hit when it first comes out, it has high damage, but if DI'd into, the opponent will be hit for minor damage with very low knockback. For the character in other contexts, see, Super Smash Bros. Melee Character Matchups, Category:Mr. Game & Watch professionals (SSBM),, Pulls out an insecticide pump and presses on it, shooting a puff of insecticide out. If the opponent is under Mr. Game & Watch and gets hit right when the move comes out, it is a. Pulls out a bell and hits the opponent with it. Originates from, Thrusts a chair forwards. 2. Judgment, his side special move, is a hammer with randomly chosen strength and effects, ranging from weak (1) to strong (9). The introduction of hitstun canceling and momentum canceling helps Mr. Game & Watch more than most characters, as it not only makes him harder to combo but it also significantly improves his endurance mainly due to Bucket Braking. Good for racking up damage. Additionally, his up smash and neutral air have long hitboxes that do not run out of power, making them good KO options. This move can ko as early as 60%. If the button is mashed, Mr. Game & Watch will fire the insecticide quickly and rapidly. The resulting trajectories of his throws gives him solid chaingrab and combo potential, and as all his throws look identical, he can perform mindgames on opponents by challenging the player's perception of where they will end up. His forward aerial is his best approaching tool as it can be L-canceled and has fast startup (but has heavy landing lag when not L-canceled). However, the few usable moves he has come equipped with high range and very large hitboxes, many of which are powerful finishers. 1 Changes 2 Moveset 3 Miscellaneous 4 Alternates 5 Trivia Mr. Game and Watch has a new taunt, a sort of disco move. Originates from, Juggles the enemy as a ball, then launches the opponent upwards. He is hard countered by three characters, countered by five characters, and soft countered by nine characters. In addition, Yoshi's metagame developments have seen him improve significantly as a character, particularly in his punish game and shield pressure abilities, which have given him strong options to exploit Mr. Game & Watch's poor defensive game. Has some start-up lag but also has high knockback, as well as a long duration. Mr. Game & Watch's defensive game is arguably his worst property; with an extremely small shield (which leaves his hands and feet unprotected, even at maximum size) and a very poor sidestep and roll, he has a very weak defensive game.


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