It can make the skin feel nice and smooth in moisturizers (emollient) or it can act as a foam building cleansing agent in cleansers. A film forming polymer that usually comes to the formula as part of a thickener-emulsifier trio paired with Polyisobutene and Polysorbate 20. See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on MIZON – Snail Repair Intensive Ampoule & Snail Gold Eye Gel Patches, these may be beneficial for better understanding. Science is constantly evolving, and modern anti-aging formulas with it.The global market size for cosmetics is approximately $429.8 billion, with no signs of it slowing down. It found that snail slime (SS) indeed does a bunch of positive things that could be the reason for its great repair abilities. The remaining formula fills in for the remaining care so you get 360 protection and rejuvenation. It’s safe and gentle, but even more importantly, it’s not a feared-by-everyone-mostly-without-scientific-reason paraben. collagen, elastin, and glycosaminoglycans), It has significant anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect, There are a few promising studies showing GHK-Cu can improve skin elasticity, clarity, firmness and reduce lines and wrinkles, It can improve hair growth by enlarging hair follicles (and bigger follicles produce longer, thicker hair), There are some urban legends about possible overdosing or facial hair problems (read more in geeky details). As cosmetic chemist kindofstephen writes on reddit  "sodium hyaluronate disassociates into hyaluronic acid molecule and a sodium atom in solution". . The topic of anti-aging keeps on aging with each passing year and branching out with individual products for the same parts of your skin, with differing applications.Modern science has never been closer to cracking the code of applicable potions, and the ever-increasing demand for such facial care has been at an all-time high. As for scientific proof that snail slime does something for the skin, we did find a couple of studies to go by. BG is approved by Ecocert and is also used enthusiastically in natural products. It also helps to disperse insoluble particles (think color pigments or zinc/titanium dioxide sunscreen) nice and even in cosmetic formulas. Anti-aging products are the new entrant and slowly but surely taking over. Purslane Extract - a traditional Korean medicinal plant with skin-soothing, antioxidant and wound healing abilities. The Mizon Snail Repair Eye Cream is a bestselling all-in-one eye cream that effectively hydrates, whitens, smooths fine lines, nourishes, and protects. Probably the most common silicone of all. It's readily biodegradable. A tripeptide (three amino acids attached to each other: Lys-Val-Lys) that's claimed to protect and boost collagen and improve skin texture. An ester coming from sorbitol and the fatty acids of olive oil. It’s pretty much the current IT-preservative. Its stickiness also helps lip products to stay on longer. Reviews Filter × Filter by skin/hair/eye. It’s not something new: it was introduced around 1950 and today it can be used up to 1% worldwide. It often comes to the formula coupled with Sorbitan Olivate as the two together form the well-known, natural emulsifier trade named Olivem 1000. A few of the sliour or gel creams ive utilized appear to bead up or do odd things throughout the day. We have more info on Olivem 1000 at Cetearyl Olivate >>. Reviews. Moreover, the existing reviews and demand for Mizon Snail Repair Eye Cream seems to have reached a verdict as top choice for most when competing with the more premium concentrates of the likes of La Mer Eye Concentrate , which comes with a heftier price tag. Apart from Meadowfoam Oil's crazy stability, the oil is described as non-greasy, rapidly absorbed and having a similar skin feel to more often used jojoba oil. Required fields are marked *. Korean brands love the ingredient and tout it for its miraculous repair and hydration properties. HA is famous for its crazy water holding capacity as it can bind up to 1000 times its own weight in water. But we have found comedogenic components, harmful alcohols, fungal acne feeding components and silicones. The oil is ideal for products where a soft, smooth, silky feel is required whether it be on skin or hair. A commonly used water-soluble surfactant and emulsifier. Formulated with 80% snail … Your email address will not be published. A common multi-tasker fatty acid. It's a natural and Ecocert approved duo. It also helps to stabilize oil-water mixes (emulsions), though it does not function as an emulsifier in itself. It’s mainly a solvent for ingredients that do not like to dissolve in oils but rather in water. SOOTHING: Contains snail slime, 24k gold and peptide, hydrates your skin lowering wrinkles, dark circles and puffy eyes. Here are some more information on MIZON – Snail Repair Intensive Ampoule & Snail Gold Eye Gel Patches.Snail repair intensive ampoule with 80% snail extract to resolve all skin difficulties. An ester coming from sorbitol and the fatty acids of olive oil. It's also an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant agent. It’s an ingredient whose safety hasn’t been questioned so far by anyone (at least not that we know about). It also forms a protective barrier on the skin and fills in fine lines. Declaimer: Results may very, and is not guranteed. Click Here if you do not find MIZON – Snail Repair Intensive Ampoule & Snail Gold Eye Gel Patches in the above list. Overall, a real multi-tasker with nice sensorial properties. 80% snail mucin keeps the under eye area reinforced and moisturized. An all-in-one eye cream formulated with 80% snail mucin. The creams are gentle on skin and make a nice difference in the overall appearance. As f.c. It can be produced from most vegetable oils (in oils three fatty acid molecules are attached to glycerin instead of just one like here) in a pretty simple, "green" process that is similar to soap making. And then read it again. Chemically speaking, it is the attachment of a glycerin molecule to the fatty acid called stearic acid. Research on smearing it on our face is also promising and shows so far a couple of things: It's a common little helper ingredient that helps water and oil to mix together. As cosmetic chemist Colins writes it, "its safety really is beyond any doubt". Great natural moisturizer and skin-identical ingredient that plays an important role in skin hydration and general skin health. As for hair care, it is a non-volatile silicone meaning that it stays on the hair rather than evaporates from it and smoothes the hair like no other thing. Please refer to the ingredient list on the product package you receive for the most up to date list of ingredients. BG’s main job is usually to be a solvent for the other ingredients. We don't have description for this ingredient yet. A helper ingredient that functions as a film-forming polymer (big molecule from repeated subunits). If HA does not tell you anything we have a super detailed, geeky explanation about it here. 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