Than you. Thus I would defer to your local code. But if we’re not careful it’s easy to perpetuate ideas without any real basis for truth, and my humble opinion is that this is one of those situations… . An embittered tenant, for instance, may bring their landlord to court, especially if the tenant was forced out when the faux bedroom was exposed. We are looking into refinancing. Thanks so much for reaching out. The open access space when the windows are open must measure at least 4 percent of the floor area. First off, thank you for being here. However, if it was not permitted that could be a big deal for value. The only entrance to the “bedroom” is out the front door onto a short deck (with no complete overhead roof, by the way) to where the entry door into this room is located. Hi Anthony. My options were a portable fireplace unit for heat that I planned on leaving for the new home owners when i sold the home. Yeah, this is a big question in real estate, and this has been a fun post. I don’t find markets to be so sensitive either as if they would say it is not a bedroom just because there is a desk. Best wishes. Every public hall, interior stairway, bathroom, laundry room and furnace room shall contain at least one electrical light fixture. at the lower end of the housing market this magnifies the lack of affordable housing which compounds the populace percentage on housing assistance programs. It looks like it’s just an underlined sentence. �,�R�g�ZN�� ��z�,�t���'g)�]0��#%hϮ��ysC�9�'�Ln��?v=�ˀO�u��YҦ|A�x\g�.A��> �䬱���!�CJв�wJ�?�u:,���-�Ɠ��^�f�~ Ȩc�Q@eu`�EEv�fE����k��P=Tq���v� _�'u��~ip��d{q�kݕ?�&�� ��zߜ��`�E���2Nl�Z�+oӭ�'d�"�C\�����L��^��K�'_�T�=t���.M���0C\��y} So my question is , will they consider these rooms as “bedrooms”? Understood. It listed the 4th bedroom as a “study”. I do not know the answer, though I’ve never seen a pocket type door that gives egress to the outside. Hi Mike. We would convert it back to a dining room). If I was appraising a property like this I would very likely consider it a 2-bedroom unit with a Den because of the bathroom access issue (functional obsolescence). Hi Susan. Nevertheless, the IRC can be useful, and it reads as follows: A room must conform to specific requirements in order for it to be considered a bedroom or sleeping room. Will this built-in cabinetry change the designation of being considered a bedroom closet? The garage bedroom bath are through the kitchen, passes through the heated and cooled laundry room/mudroom. My house in Las Vegas is under city sewer and no bedroom limits. I suppose that could change some day though. Sorry I could not give you an answer, but I think that’s the best thing in light of your unique property. Sacramento Appraisal Blog | Real Estate Appraiser, some portions of the ceiling are below this level,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Is it a Bedroom or Not? I’m buying a historic house in Woodland (1909). I am for sure pulling permits. For reference, here is a post on how appraisers tend to deal with valuing a property when there are no permits on an addition: Thanks for the conversation. it meets all other requirements and even has a closet, it’s just missing 1 interior wall . I’m not sure their exact procedure in place for this. The real issue is that you probably have code enforcement and if your son has pissed off any neighbors or makes a lot of noise and nuisance out there then you will have problems.


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