You may be thinking that a mattress bag is just a giant plastic bag, so how difficult could it be to pick one out, right? Apart from that, our box allows you to adjust the box between 80 inches x 12.5 inches x 40 inches up to 80 inches x 12.5 inches x 79 inches. Make sure you take extra care so that zippers do not malfunction. They protect your clothes/garments/bedding sheets from an infestation of spiders, bacterias, bad smell, dust, water/dampness, mites, and moths. But will definitely help you in a time of need! These plastic bags are manufactured for heavy-duty purposes. Several manufacturers use excellent quality of materials in their products. It has a sturdy build, and you can find it reliable for shipping purposes. It also protects from any kind of moisture, dirt, dust, and other pests. It is water and dust resistant. This means that you should prop open all doors that you will be passing through, remove furniture away from the area, and clear the space in your moving van to fit in the mattress nicely. Just seal the bag with tape, and it will do its job. But there is something that you need to know about these bags, and that is the size of each storage bag. It is an excellent mattress bag for moving. Buying a vacuum bag does not seem very complicated, but any product’s features are best experienced before buying. Terms and Conditions Privacy Policy Affiliate Disclosure, By clicking on the product links in this article, Mattress Advisor may receive a commission fee at no cost to you, the reader. © 2020 Mattress Advisor. If you are primarily looking for an option that can suit your budget as well as your needs, then make sure to look at this option first. For better convenience, stretch the one end of the mattress bag and then seal it by pressing firmly. The size of the bags also is designed right to fit in a mattress. The only issue about this product is the slightly expensive price point. If your bed has any stains, the shaded cover will mask them so that if your guests see it, they won’t notice those stains. So, we are glad to introduce the XUTAI Travel Vacuum Storage Bags on this list. The mattress protector will keep your bed in good condition since it will not be exposed to any dirt, dust, water, or even pests that may get inside your storage space. To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. The best part is it lower down the volume of bag to fourth of its original size, making it one of the impressive choices. BedStars  thought about YOU! Since the majority of the people around the globe are banning plastic, this one feature is a significant downfall. Yes, you can vacuum pack mattress provided its foam mattress and you have a mattress vacuum bag. You can select an ideal one that meets your requirements from our list. What’s more, if you’re going to store a mattress, (which we will cover later), you can wrap it in this clear cover and store properly. This is supposed to improve resistance over the vacuum. Unable to add item to Wish List. Mattress bags aren’t just meant for covering the bed or protecting it. You can even store a pillow along with the mattress. It all starts with decluttering. And if you want a bit of versatility in size at the same price, then look at the other pack from the same brand name. This comes in a set of 20 bags with 4 sizes. Other bags are utilized with a handheld vacuum pump. You always have the fear of all your precious mattresses getting dusty due to the moving. If in  any case, you are not satisfied with it, we will do our best to make you happy, so You will come back to buy BedStars products again. Hence these are made of good materials that can also hold your clothes for a longer duration. This mattress bag is easy to grip and allows the mattress to slide in. Fortunately, storing a mattress is easy to do. If you have decided to bring your current mattress with you when moving, you will need to learn how to do this properly to ensure that your bed will still be intact when you get to your new destination. We are saying this because here, you will get the major size options inside one package. You can dispose of any bug-infested mattress enclosed in this bag without any issues. One of the biggest pains of moving is transporting a mattress. Is it just small unused clothes to do you want to put memory foam mattress into the vacuum bag. It saves storage space by 70% to 80%. This mattress cover is made of 2 mil heavy duty polyethylene material, so it will provide your mattress with a great deal of protection from rips and tears while in transit. However, transporting your innerspring or even your memory foam mattress without a cover can expose your mattress to damage, which is why it is important to have a mattress bag to protect your bed. But if you really want to get the feel of a vacuum, then you can visit the store which provides you with this, else you can also go to friends who have a vacuum cleaner if you do not one of your own. LifeSmart Vacuum Storage Bag for Mattress, #8. The heavy duty bag will protect your mattress from being cut or torn while getting it from point A to point B as well as prevent any moisture or stains from getting to the mattress. 5 bags 60×80 size. You always have the fear of all your precious mattresses getting dusty due to the moving. Platform Beds vs Box Springs – What are the Differences? Mattress Vacuum Bag for Moving. These are designed to save storage space up to 3 times. Or hire white glove movers who can help you lift and load your furniture. 3ft Single Mattress Storage Bag Transport Removal Plastic Protection Cover. We worked hard to come up with a reusable extra STRONG Mattress  bag for Your expensive mattress. They have been solving one of the consumer’s problems with regards to the vacuum mattress storage bag. It is made of eco-friendly polyethylene. Most of the bags are provided with an electric vacuum machine. Here we have a budget and value for money pack with eight jumbo-sized vacuum bags. Twice as thick and strong as most competitor’s mattress bags, CRESNEL Mattress Bag was designed with durability in mind. After your mattress completely shrinks, then place the plastic sheet under it, then tightly roll it up. There could be an infestation of insects, spiders, cockroaches, and many others. Mattress Bags for Moving and Storage, Reusable Zippered Durable Waterproof Bed Protector Cover 4 Sizes Available Full. All rights reserved, 10 Best Pillow Top Mattress Topper Reviews 2020. So, we are glad to introduce the XUTAI Travel Vacuum Storage Bags on this list. As the name indicates, this is a queen mattress storage bag. Make sure you choose the correct size. While plastic has superior durability and wear resistance, it is not eco-friendly. Please try again. If you are worried about the damages of your stuff inside these storage bags, then you don’t need to do that. 5 bags 80×10 size.


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