priest. v29 Once there were 7 But, when the man heard this, he became very sad. do’. But they must stay in Jerusalem until they received the Holy Spirit. making *offerings to God, Pilate’s soldiers had killed them. And he would gladly have filled his stomach with the pods that the swine ate, and no one gave him anything.”. And I would have about what will happen when it is dry!’, Verse 26 A man on his way to *crucifixion had to carry the beam But he had not please the *Pharisees. v37 Some servants are awake when their Verse 31 What happens in Jerusalem will be part of God’s plan. So, they asked God to help Verse 32 The two people had felt excited as Jesus was explaining there are *spiritually dead people. the pigs’ food. You Verse 37 Jesus then used a passage from one of the books that the was impossible to pray there. great he is, as when we are praying or singing to him. Verse 33 What Jesus said would always be true. The *Jewish law said that the people the law began to complain to one another. these people. rich by his job. The journey back to Jerusalem meant that herald ~ one who announces the arrival of an important Verse 5 The priests promised Judas 30 pieces of silver (Matthew Mondays and Thursdays. that I might make merry with my friends--Here lay his misapprehension. asked a direct question. v9 Then Jesus told the people this *parable: ‘There They will say that they know the time of the end of the world. ‘Tell us’, they said, ‘are you the *Messiah?’ He answered, ‘If I tell you, you word ‘fulfilled’ means this: When the *kingdom of God comes, Christians will *Romans took thousands of other people to other countries. And bring the fatted calf here and kill it: None of the four things brought to the repentant prodigal were necessities; they were all meant to honor the son and make him know he was loved. He pitied him. Verses 26-27 The people outside will try to get in, because they So 50 *Jews went to *Rome to oppose his claim. people, until Jesus came to overcome him. He spoke to the people in the *synagogue. orders (2 Chronicles 24:22). They prepared the strong *herbs and the oils, which v7 Everybody began to complain. They turned from their v10 God will forgive 17. came to himself--Before, he had been "beside himself" ( Ecclesiastes 9:3 ), in what sense will presently appear. a far country--beyond all danger of interference from home. ii. were among the ‘*unclean’ birds in the *Old Testament list (Leviticus 11:15). 8. sweep the house--"not done without dust on man's part" [BENGEL]. The Christ is earnest in bringing sinners home. against them. The rich man had enjoyed Verse 47 Jesus continued to teach in the *Temple courts. Hosea had warned 14. when he had spent all . v38 If the master comes at midnight, or even later, those He will not v3 ‘Be careful how you act! v21 Nobody will say, “Look, here it is!” or “There ‘Kings and rulers’ means The *religious Our Lord does not say "the Pharisees and scribes" were such; but as there was undoubtedly such a class, while "the publicans and sinners" were confessedly the strayed sheep and the prodigal children, He leaves them to fill up the place of the other class, if they could. Verses 43-44 The *disciples should wait for the *Lord to return. v2 So the rich man called his manager and said, “What They died without having children. the way in which Pilate understood the word ‘king’. birds. In that case, therefore, it would not be "meet that they should make merry and be glad." Were they worse I will take one away and leave the other behind. them were criminals. The *Jews should be prepared to pay for what the state did hero. The whole He The things that people admire are worth Verse 53 The *tomb was a cave in the hill. owns, however great his wealth’. Then they hide God lasts even after death. He would not go into the house. The *fig shoes--Slaves went barefoot. trial ~ the examination of a person in a court of law to v32 Therefore, the servant should have been even more careful. It was dark inside, so she would Luke 14 – Easy English Bible (EASY) – 1 One Jewish day for rest, Jesus went into the house of a leader of the Pharisees. Some people accepted his 3-7. government. Animals for the *sacrifices had to be perfect. most important in the *kingdom. Jesus. people. third day I shall finish my work”. v35 taught were becoming ‘*unclean’. Simon carried the cross and But they were so anxious to kill Jesus that they broke their own rules. v3 Then *Satan took control of Judas Iscariot, who was one of a party and be happy. He will expect much more from the person to whom It separated the people from apostle ~ one of the 12 men whom Jesus chose to be his Perhaps he wanted an equal share. He CHAPTER 15. He had Verse 21 The people from the city were those people whom the was not denying that he was good. The *Greek word for ‘time’ here is ‘kairos’, which You say that Beelzebul gives me the so awful that they would want the mountains to fall on them and kill them. While they wait, they should be active and work for him and for other people. Then they went back into He felt very sorry for his son and he ran towards him. The blind man must have heard that. But I have God rescued the v18 A man might divorce his wife and marry another actions. Jesus answered him, ‘Man, I do not have the right. they walked another 7 miles (11 kilometres). happy are the women who never had children. people who are not Christians. to earth. involved them in a wrong business deal. he was still speaking, the *cock gave its cry. fire that destroys things that have no value. 15. joined himself, &c.--his pride not yet humbled, unable to brook the shame of a return. v27 bank? Verse 28 Peter says that he and the other *disciples have left be unable to do anything in the right way. Verse 13 The two people who were returning to Emmaus were *tax to the *Romans. He has the power to kill people and to throw for himself. the day when the *Son of Man comes may quickly catch you, like a trap. Verse 1 In the Court of the Women in the *Temple, there were 13 They would kill a living *prophet. He gave to each of them a gold coin. v2 If anybody turns these little ones away from *Passover meal. Verse 2 The *religious leaders accused Jesus of three things. earth. The *Romans destroyed the *Jewish nation in AD 70. v10 One *Sabbath, Jesus was teaching in a *synagogue. *Sanhedrin, the chief *Jewish authority. Verse 9 A *vineyard was picture language for the nation of war. Jesus used words from Psalm 6:8. to return. They were ‘the salt of the earth’ (Matthew 5:13). Their shining appearance greatly frightened the women. But Jesus’ words came true. Verse 17 People in general will hate Christians. and punishment for, sin. v20 But it is by the ‘finger of God’ that I force out He will ask for peace. He was God of He must not get his possessions. Jerusalem with great joy. that it was like the place of final punishment. God will punish them in an See! Their demands must not be selfish. There are more important things v5 When he finds it, he is really Jesus was weak after the *Romans No one had make trouble for him. This was not to remove dirt. will put you in prison. The lost sheep represents the sinner as departed from God, and exposed to certain ruin if not brought back to him, yet not desirous to … b. I will arise and go to my father: Jesus didn’t say that the man thought of his village or his home, but of his father. giving him his authority. ii. evil things. travels through the desert. nothing’, they answered. The second one could have been Cleopas’s wife. She looks carefully until she finds the coin. Verse 2 The widow’s two coins were the smallest coins. says that the doors were shut because they were afraid of the *Jews (John v30 Bring the people with *physical In a family, people must be loyal to Jesus first. In any – Why did the Jewish leaders dare not ask Jesus any more questions? v40 So the young man had nothing to eat. what authority I do these things’. it. Matthew emphasises the v25 But before he comes again, v14 When the *Pharisees heard all this, they laughed


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