We'd love to see your creations on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Lotus root is a root vegetable commonly eaten in Japan and China. Bun Bo Hue (Spicy Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup), Sweet and Sticky Char Siu (Chinese BBQ Pork), Skillet Potatoes with Caramelized Onions (aka Hangover Potatoes), 3 Quick and Easy Appetizers (5 Ingredient or Less), If the thickness of the chips is uneven, it won’t cook evenly in the oven. It was fun to fry because you could see the insides of the lacy holes starting to brown just as you needed to turn them over. You can add in spices such as cumin or five spice to give it a bit of oomph as well. Add spices to the bowl and toss to coat. At any rate, this is a keeper. (Watch the oven like a hawk, every oven is set differently and these little guys burn quickly in the oven) They won't crisp evenly, so you should remove the browned ones and put the rest back into the oven. It’s typically higher in protein than potatoes and lower in calories, and packed with nutrients too. They make a great snack to have on hand, or serve with your favourite spread or dip. i recently had a few crushed on top of poke, and that texture was amazing! Slice evenly into 1/8″ pieces and place slices into a large mixing bowl. © 2016 All rights reserved. If you’re looking for a lighter alternative to potato chips, this one’s for you! 3 minutes to cook when deep fried, 10 mins to cook when baked. For this recipe I baked and deep fried to show you the difference between the two processes and which one we preferred. Buy the prettiest firm and unblemished lotus root you can. I’m a human on a mission to empower you to be well and be kind to your mind, body and soul with the healing power of plants. Wooden household furniture has one thing extremely natural concerning it. If you are using a deep fryer, set it to 350F (176C). All materials used with permission. I tried both a refined olive oil and peanut oil and preferred the peanut oil. After cutting the chips, you can make them extra crispy by soaking them for a few minutes in a small bowl of water with 1 tablespoon of vinegar. ★☆ Required fields are marked *, Rate this recipe (You’re essentially deep frying it in the oven), Using parchment paper is a hit or miss because you don’t get the intense heat from the hot pan directly it tends to ‘sweat’ the chips so it sits in it’s own moisture and doesn’t crisp up, You must watch the oven like a hawk, when these babies burn – they burn, Evenly cooks the chips, regardless of uneven texture, Cooks more quickly. These unique looking lotus root chips, look fascinating and taste even better. Your email address will not be published. Then tell us. Remove the ends and slice the lotus root with a mandolin or a very sharp knife to ⅛ inch (3mm) slices. These lotus root chips are absolutely fascinating to look at, don’t you think? I recommend purchasing a raw root, best found at an Asian market. Bonus: they’re a beautiful flower-like shape! If you are using the stove, add approximately 1 cm of oil into the pan and set it to medium heat. Repeat with the remaining lotus root, adding more oil if necessary and reducing the heat to medium-low if the oil is sputtering or if the lotus root seems to be browning too quickly. It actually doesn’t have a very strong flavour, just a hint of sweetness. Give it a good wash, peel with a peeler, and slice with a knife. They don't taste as good the next day. Serve while hot. Something different than the average potato chip! The good news is that the lotus root chips can be done is a very shallow amount of oil. super light and crispy with the silky fish; i’m craving it right now! It was odd, when you bite into it and pull, it has these really fine silky spidery web hairs that pull out of it. ★☆ Notify me of follow-up comments by email. ★☆ When you are buying it, make sure to pick the ones that are very firm (like a potato) and light pinky beige in colour. I highly suggest a mandolin or a really sharp knife when you are slicing them into thin slices and be very careful since they are tough to cut thinly. In the wild, the lotus roots live underwater and are the root system of the beautiful pink lotus flowers and their pods. Its most common use in Asian cuisines are in Asian broth soups or stir fries, but being the adventurous and curious person I am, I decided to deep fry these pretty little things. (When you take them out, they will continue to brown so remove them before they get too brown), Allow it to cool slightly before eating it. Don't forget to check your inbox or spam folder now to confirm your subscription to fully be subscribed to the newsletter! To make these crispy lotus root chips, you will need to source some fresh lotus root. These crispy lotus root chips are vegan, gluten-free, oil free and meal-prep friendly. Flip, and bake an additional 5 minutes, or as needed until crisp. When you tire of making lotus root chips, you can instead toss the sliced lotus root into soups, braises, and stir-fries. I hand-sliced the lotus root since my small Kyocera mandoline would have made the slices too thin. Lightly salt. Vegan recipe developer, food photographer, & blogger based in NYC. If you make this recipe, snap a photo and hashtag it #LeitesCulinaria. I’m Remy.Welcome to Veggiekins, where you’ll find healthy vegan recipes and tips to live well.I specialize in vegan + gluten-free + mostly oil-free recipes with a whole food plant based philosophy. There is this sense of heat, of nature and also of To prepare the root, chop both ends off first. Hi, I'm Remy Park! Image. I would prefer you buy your items locally if possible to support your local shops (and chances are they are cheaper locally as well!) My thought process was, the thinner the crispier right? Join me in my kitchen as I create and share traditional and Asian fusion recipes! Alternatively, you can make in the microwave following. I buy fresh lotus root at the Japanese store near me. I bet they’d be fantastic as a crunch factor in all kinds of salads! For this lotus root chips recipe, you can find the ingredients at an asian supermarket to find it. Careful with these ones, they are very addictive! SoKusa Lotus Root Crisps - HOT CHILI GOODNESS -1oz/30g (Pack of 5) Drop the cooked lotus root chips on a brown paper bag to drain and immediately sprinkle them with salt. Lotus root is pretty perishable, so keep it wrapped in a paper towel in your vegetable bin until you use it, which ought to be within hours of getting it home. birthed from the earth. (If you are baking them, oil them liberally). We know what you’re thinking. Let’s backtrack a second to the lotus root, which is found underneath the blooms of the lotus flower. The hardest thing about the recipe is finding ripe lotus roots that aren't already sodden or moldy inside. I varied the thickness of the lotus root slices and found that, to state the obvious, the thinner the slice, the crisper the chip. While I aimed for even, thin slices close to 1/8 inch, some were more wedge-like and some were thinner (those browned faster). It’s surprisingly rich in vitamin C, iron, zinc and magnesium and has a very mild flavour, making it a perfect canvas for your favourite seasonings. You need to watch the oil, making sure to stay below the smoke point (it wanted to creep up well past the safe zone of mid-300s, and when I measured the temp and observed it getting too hot, I just turned the heat down). You can also make these crispy lotus root chips in the oven, airfryer or even microwave. Any soft spots are likely parts going bad. A 2 ingredient recipe for homemade crispy lotus root chips! Well, these are fun! The crisp little lovelies are conversation starting as well as stopping. Welcome to Veggiekins Blog, home to nourishing vegan + gluten-free recipes and tips to live your best balanced and holistic life. ★☆. It’s very similar to potato in texture when raw, but with a very different nutritional profile.


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