AKBAR & BIRBAL    Door C: Its in here If i assume that bag c ....cantain silver. walnut. GIRL and GIRL -> There is a bag which have 21 blue balls and 23 red balls. Randomly remove two balls from the bag. Furthermore, Peeta and Jonathan must have given two correct answers. Jamaica This logic … Answer This matches the rules, and therefore, the resort hotel spirit lurks behind Door D. 3 surgeons decided to go for a camp and hired a guide for assistance. It have already mention that all bag have labeled in correctly Also, the scores are Clark (0), Billy (1), Gerry (2), Jonathan (3) and Peeta (4). Since that is not possible as then the total number of correct answers would be 1 (a) + 1 (a) + 1 (False) + 4 (True) + 2 (Flase) = 9. because of clue 4, we know the 4th card is 10 Ganpat had a black suit and a brown suit. Clue 2: Difference between the 1st card and 3rd card is 8. Kid4 and Kid6 Door B: Its behind A or D Bag3 : Silver and Gold. = 10 cent x 10 cent * If they are the same color, take them out and put a red marble back in the bag. In these puzzles, you have to do the same you keep doing while watching the detective movies or series. So, day 1 is a Wednesday or a Friday. Q3. If you keep applying the same logic, you will come to a conclusion that following are the correct answers: Deductive Reasoning Puzzles With Answers ( 11 - 20 ). How can this be done without any of them being exposed to the blood of any of the others? Using only the clues provided and simple deductive logic and reasoning, fill in the grid with X’s and O’s to determine the solution. Door A: Its behind B or C I will give you 4 clues about the cards: nutty-chocolate => 2 ? Whats the Whats the shortest interval between two palindromic times ? Behind which door will you find the spirit? or bag B-gold You will probably find this puzzle as easy as the first basic one. MATCHSTICKS    The 1st card has to be 2 and the last card has been 10 as there is no other way difference can be 8. If the spirit is behind Door D, then the statements on all the doors are false, except for that on Door B. LADY -> This is the perfect puzzle to anyone who never has solved a logic grid puzzle. According to it, Billy must have given all correct answers as he was the only one who answered True for questions 3, 4 and 5. Puzzle Online -All types of puzzles/games/deductive reasoning puzzles and more, great site, tons and tons of variations BrainBashers -Great site even has a puzzle of the day Kid’s Page -Great web page that has any type of logic problem you would want, they have word game, puzzle games, maze games and … The spirit lies behind Door 4. The third surgeon operates using glove A, turned inside out, inside glove B. if i open bag C ..i:e gold and silver EQUATION    This means that Christanio Ronaldo told the truth on day 3 and that this day is a Monday or a Tuesday. But keeping in mind the first hint, we know that the first card is 2 and the third is 10. Strong signs indicate that the spirit lies behind one of four doors. Clue 4: There are no face cards (queen, king, jacks). A chess tournament is taking place on knock-out terms (the one who loses the match is out of the game). How come ? STATEMENTS    To maintain the difference of eight and keeping in mind the third and fourth hint, the first and third cards can be 2 and 10 or 10 and 2. SITUATION. People love the genre and the amount of fans the show has generated all over the world is commendable. Then, Billy would have to be the person with only one correct answer and in that situation, the correct answers for questions 1 and 2 would be a and a respectively. In a family, there are many children. If the spirit is behind Door 1, then both 2 and 3 are true. Let's find out how many of these Logical Deduction Puzzles can you solve. Logical Deduction Puzzles book. Identify four cards? 2, 3, 10 and 10 Deductive Reasoning Puzzles #1 - Awesome Clock Puzzle Difficulty Popularity Time 12:21 is a palindrome as it reads the same forwards or backwards. Basic 3. Click on the link below for more information: Logic Puzzles. Deduction is the key so get your thinking cap dusted off and start logically working through our puzzling content. This matches the rules, and therefore, the resort hotel spirit lurks behind Door 4. The guide needs surgery(a minor one). GIRL and GIRL -> (b) The number of matches will always be one less than the number of players (in knockout tournaments). or Assume that Jonathan got all wrong, it will suggest that Gerry, Clark and Peeta each would have at least two correct answers. I dont have enough money , so i borrowed Rs50 from my mom and 50 from my dad = Rs100. Thus both Student A and Student B must be right with the first question and the answer to the first is two. SCIENCE    Then the statement on day 3 must be untrue, from which follows that Christanio Ronaldo tells the truth on Wednesday or Friday. There are 3 bags and all are labeled incorrectly as follow: Thus no. I saw a Jeans for Rs97. To all those crazy maniacs, we have compiled a list of Logical Deduction Puzzles. solve this tricky problem ? Therefore, day 2 is a Thursday or a Saturday. MYSTERY    I bought the jeans, and had Rs3 change. Total: Rs97 + Rs3(the change) = Rs100 Now we must acknowledge that Questions 3 as well as Question 4 cannot be False as it will mean that the number of correct answers would not be 10. of players is equal to 15+1=16. If the spirit is behind Door C, then A, C, and D are all true. Repeat this until only one marble remains in the bag. Read reviews from world’s largest community for readers. Three TRICK    Pages 19, 20, 23, 37, 38, & 42 will also be missing, From top to bottom, the flavors are : Tuesday Clue 3: There is no card of an ace. SQAURE COUNTING    Therefore, the day on which Christanio Ronaldo tells the truth is Tuesday. If the spirit is behind Door B, then both A and D are true. Question 4 = 4 (True) TRIVIA    Two. Every boy in the famil... Briddles is directed towards the peoples interested in riddles and brain teasers. The best thing is that they are logical in nature and thus no more silly talks. White should grab the rook from a1, place it at d1 and complete the castling move.


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