If your guests will be changing clothes in your locker room, the locker configurations should also allow for semi-private areas in both wet and dry areas, without limiting the ease of getting to each area. Locker Room Seating & Amenities Planning your locker room design can seem like a daunting and overwhelming task. There are lockers with adjustable feet for uneven surfaces. Locker Security7. Whether you are designing a locker room for a gym, fitness center, country […] Designers should also realize that positioning lockers will require manual labor. Locker Room Floor Plan Dimensions - Beste Awesome Inspiration. As part of our continual commitment to cyber-security, from 30th April, you will be unable to purchase from this website from your current browser. Other complaints include that they are noisy when opening and shutting the locker doors (which can be bothersome and real turn-off to your customers), and the color options are not as abundant as wood or plastic lockers. You can easily combine island seating and lockers, as the lockers can be fixed flush up to the wall to maximise every inch of space. The size of the average single locker is 12" wide, 18" deep, and 72" tall. The key to a perfect layout is to achieve a balance of comfort and usability whilst optimising your available space. If people will be changing footwear, a bench will be most helpful. Wire mesh lockers offer high visual security and also benefit from being ideal for airing damp clothes, so work wear such as overalls can be hung up and dried in time for the next shift. Anti-slip matting improves safety by reducing the risk of slipping on wet surfaces, and protecting your clients. The number of guests who will be using your facility is also essential to consider. Locker Style & Size6. Plastic laminate lockers work best for humid locker rooms, as they do not rust and are water resistant. Many locker rooms also have a clean/dirty option available. 5% of your lockers must be ADA compliant. There are A LOT of locker configurations to choose from: cell phone lockers, shoe lockers, lockers with built in benches, lockers with drawers, and Z-lockers for hanging shirts within a double tier, just to name a few. Layouts can also include peninsula and island configurations. This guide will take you through everything you need to know. Elite lockers benefit from inter-compartmental security as well as the outer lock, with selected doors reinforced with steel profiles making it difficult to gain access to the adjacent locker. Island seating units offer plenty of hooks for clothing and towels, which makes them ideal for the workplace or in gym facilities. Your locker room seating and amenities will add comfort and functionality to your locker room. This test is also known as the tunnel test. You can opt for the raw natural wood look or choose from a number of stains, from cherry to maple, followed by premium glossy clear coats for a real classy finish. With a mirror and lighting, it’s perfect to fix hair and get cleaned up after a shower or work out. 5% or more of all lockers, with a … Temporary use means that a person selects an unused locker, secures their belongings for a limited period of time, and then removes their items and vacates the locker. Some of the benefits of Elite Lockers' lockable cabinets include a high shelf loading capacity, hardwearing construction and an antibacterial coating which protects against MRSA & E-Coli. Perhaps the following data that we have add as well you need. Fire Safety 5. Fortunately, the team at Ideal Products is here to help you with your project! Metal Lockers — Metal lockers account for the majority of locker sales in the U.S. For instance, around shower rooms and swimming pool walkways, flexi-deck tiles work perfectly as they have drainage holes to channel moisture away from walkways and provide a safe, sturdy and even platform for your customers to walk over. The size of your lockers needs to accommodate the needs of your staff or customers. The lower the flame-spread rating (FSR), the more fire retardant the material. Planning a locker room or changing room is simple and depends on several factors. You need to ensure that there is a proper flow of traffic and the lockers and seating do not prevent your patrons from easily getting around the locker room. In other words, allow everyone an easy straight shot to the lighted emergency exit door. ADA compliant lockers are no more than 15 inches off the floor, have a surrounding clear floor space of 30″x48″ minimum, and storage spaces (shelves, coat hangers, etc.) Locker room dimensions differ, but all are gender specific and employ lockers to store clothing and accessories. Before adding these, ensure the locker room dimensions are sufficient. Register with us for even better deals plus access to view orders, retrieve saved baskets, manage invoices and more. Will your lockers be required to hang garments, store holdalls or provide a safe place for personal effects? Permanent locking solutions may be updated to include card readers and RFID locks, plus 4 digit mechanical combination locks. Locker Room Design, Layout Dimensions & Floor Plan | Nisbets Articles, Elite Single Door 300mm Deep Lockers White, Extreme Plastic Single Door Locker Camlock Yellow 450mm, staff uniforms for your restaurant or bar, Buying Mix and Match Table Tops and Bases, How To Choose A Uniform For Your Restaurant. We like them, maybe you were too. These work well for stadiums, athletics, sports teams, and upscale country clubs and gyms. Aside from sufficient space for the equipment, sufficient room for people to move around is necessary. The Plan How To Plan Locker Room Bathroom Pool Changing Rooms Public Shower Toilet Plan Gym Showers Warehouse Design Bathroom Floor Plans. There are many different types of material that plastic laminate lockers can be made from. Single lockers are the easiest to move around. For example, if your facility is located in a downtown area then most likely your users will require full length hanging space (42”) for suits, jackets, skirts, pants, etc. Aside from dimensions, school lockers also differ in tiers. If you're going to be using cam lock lockers, it would be advised to make sure you have a suitable key cabinets to store the keys for staff, guests or clients to use. Ideal Products © 2020. While clothes are the most common stuff put there, there are many more. Finally, you must think about the other accessories you want to add. The height of the locker is one foot. Article by Leanne Kankam-Boadu. The ADA Accessibility Guideline 4.37 states that: Grooming stations are also an added bonus to your guests. We value your custom and also your security, doing nothing leaves you/your business vulnerable to potential hacking and/or possible data breaches. Is there a need to keep work wear and day wear separate? The type of material your lockers are made of is extremely important. A dark, glossy wood finish works well for showcasing classy elegance for country clubs, whereas a light, natural wood finish works well for university and college sports lockers, and colored plastic laminate finishes could represent a fitness center better.


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