Kudle Beach is a pleasure to spend time on, with its hillocks and rocks dotting the beach. You’ll definitely be awed by the pristine beauty and ultimate purity found in this place. Gokarna is a small town in Karnataka, primarily known for two reasons – its beaches and temples. operate night journeys from the capital city of Bengaluru to Gokarna daily. It is a place with reputation among some backpackers who go to India, the reason being its beauty and the peace that permeates here. Kudle Beach is one among the awesome beaches of Gokarna. Things you can do here: Fishing, surfing, speed boating, banana boat rides. All along the coast sand bars have been formed by the sea-waves. Gokarna is known as one of the seven important Hindu pilgrimage centers. As Ravana was nearing Gokarna, Maha Vishnu who had known well that Ravana was punctual in performing his periodical rites (Sandyavandhana), hides sun with his Sudarshana Chakra (Wheel). The sunrise and sunset views offered here are just magical. This temple houses what is believed to be original image of Lord Shiva's linga (Atmalinga). This temple is located on the left side of the stairs leading to the beach. Community festivals: Mahashivaratri; Kartika Mahotsava; Suggi Habba; Beaches. Gokarna is located in the state of Karnataka, and is not as popular or well-known as Goa, but it is an exceptional place. Karwar Beach. It is a … Half moon and Paradise are beyond Om beach and are accessible only by trekking or boat. A seasonal river enroute to Gokarna Sights enroute to Gokarna A small river island enroute to Gokarna Yoga Area at Namaste Sanjeevani Resort Kudle. With its rocky and sandy terrain, the beach catches the attention of a huge number of adventure enthusiasts. The significant feature of the property is the infinity pool overlooking the dense forest…, Amanthara River View Resort is one of its exception in the southern state of the country, kerala. The property is…, Abad Brookside is a rain themed resort in Lakkidi Wayanad. The beach break offers both left and right hand waves. This is by far one of the best beaches where you can enjoy playing in the water and just sit and enjoy the sunrise and sunset...visited in March 2020, This beautiful beach is a must visit in Gokarna. Water Sport on Kudle Beach is renowned one. Kudle Beach has stunning shoreline comes in at number one. The drive up the winding path that leads to Gokarna is scenic, with the rocky mountains and Western Ghats on one side and the Arabian Sea on the other. Getting there we need to take the stairs from the parking lot which is a steep descent/ climb. IDAGUNJI HONNAVARA Details. At this beach there are simple huts and beach side eating places. Ankola and Kumta on NH66 are the main towns where as Bhatkal and Karwar are the main small cities near Gokarna where almost all trains have halts and are connected to major cities like Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mangalore and Mumbai through bus service. Wonderful experience. Things you can do here: Swimming, sunbathing, admire natural beauty. Bengaluru, about 470 km from here is the nearest international airport. Once placed Ravana could not remove it from the ground, but he removed some pieces of the Linga and threw them in different directions.[3][4]. worth it. Ganapati calls Ravana three times when he was performing his rites and places the linga on the earth and he vanished. The crowd is mostly of foreigners with a very few Indians and thus you can be assured about decency of people. Trekking up to these rocks, one can enjoy the splendid view perched on top while the water gushes through your feet.


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