Connection:Adjustable While eating raw or undercooked candy isn't usually dangerous, the candy needs to be cooked at a specific temperature for best results. Stem Length:150mm(between50-1200mm) {{/each}}. Notify me when thisproduct is back in stock: Chefs can easily check the internal temperature of roasts, grilled meats, casseroles, and other dishes with probe thermometers. Find more Alpha Grillers Instant Read Meat Thermometer information and reviews here. Digital semiconductor relay output Adjustable alarms It’s also backlit so that you can keep tabs on the food’s temperature even in the dark. Gives the ability to stir ingredients and monitor temperatures simultaneously. Case:Black steel A temperature range of -58 to 572 degrees Fahrenheit provides a wide range of readings. Stem OD:9mm {{#each pushedProductsPlacement5}}, With DirectIndustry you can: Find the product, subcontractor or service provider you need | Find a nearby distributor or reseller| Contact the manufacturer to get a quote or a price | Examine product characteristics and technical specifications for major brands | View PDF catalogues and other online documentation. {{/end}} Ensure your meat reaches a safe temperature for consumption by monitoring its internal temperature as it cooks. > Robust and impact resistant Not only does this instant-read meat thermometer take readings in just seconds, it’s also accurate to within one degree. range: -196°C to +500°C Dial: 6’’(150mm) Find more MEATER+ Bundle information and reviews here. If you’re tired of squinting to see readouts, you’ll appreciate the large 1.75-inch LCD display on this thermometer. A built-in magnet makes it easier to store the digital thermometer around the house, including on your fridge. Find more EatSmart Precision Elite Thermocouple Food Thermometer information and reviews here. This digital thermometer shuts off in 90 seconds to conserve battery. ThermoPro TP-17 Dual Probe Digital Thermometer, Alpha Grillers Instant Read Meat Thermometer, Smak Digital Instant Read Meat Thermometer, EatSmart Precision Elite Thermocouple Food Thermometer, 10 Best Insulated Thermal Bags: Compare, Buy & Save, 9 Best Wireless Meat Thermometers for Grilling, Simultaneously displays meat and grill temperatures, Some competitors have a broader temperature range, Automatically shuts off after 10 minutes to conserve battery, Comes with internal meat temperature guide, No audible alarm when it reaches the appropriate temperature, Some competitors provide speedier temperature readings, Waterproof exterior means the thermometer can withstand splashes, Automatically shuts off to conserve battery life, Some say it's a bit slow to provide temperature readings, A few complaints of the probe coming loose, Relatively long probe compared to similarly priced competitors, Thin needle tip provides accurate readings, Built-in estimator algorithm helps with meal prep and planning, Can set up customized notifications and alerts, Guided cooking system offers step-by-step instructions, Some complaints of spotty Bluetooth connectivity, A few complaints of inconsistent temperature readings, A few complain that it takes awhile to display the temperature, Gets over 4,000 hours of run time per battery, Probe needs to be folded to turn off thermometer, Some wish the temperature reading was faster, Preset cooking levels and temperatures suggested by the USDA, Six probes simultaneously monitor food temperature, Thermocouple sensor provides faster and more accurate readings, Shuts off in 90 seconds to conserve battery, Probe folds up for storage when not in use, Currently only available in right-handed design, Smooth finish can get slippery when cooking. Find more Lavatools Javelin Meat Thermometer information and reviews here. Dial Size:120mm Measuring range of W&T probe: -50°C...180°C ThermoPro TP18 is equipped with a thermocouple sensor for faster and more accurate temperature readings.


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