Jet Set Radio Future. Poison Jam: Get Jet rating on all Kogane story missions; Unmasked Poison Jam: Hold X when selecting Poison Jam; Noise Tanks: Get Jet rating on all Benten story missions (including Behind The Mask) Love Shockers: Get Jet rating on all Shibuya story missions; Goji: Get Jet on Bantam Street and Grind Square must first be unlocked before you can unlock RoBoy. I was just wondering I maybe have to do every of the "special" challenges like jet tag, graffiti etc in every 5 areas ? Note: Rhyth was known as Mew in Jet Grind Radio and Bis in Jet Set Radio. Boogie Known as Piranha in Jet Grind Radio and Sugar in Jet Set Radio - Find her at Kibogaoka Hill. Play as Gum Successfully complete all of Gum's challenges at the start of the game to unlock her. I was wondering how to unlock Pots, and un-mask Poison Jam ? Beat - Defeat him on street race. RoBoy: Achieve a "Jet" ranking in Chou Street. 540, Kogane Circus and Fight or Flight) with a Jet ranking. Follow and find her two more times in the game. Rhyth - Find her at the top of the Poison Jam warehouse in Rokkaku-dai Heights. reviews; user reviews; cheats; FAQs/Guides; screens; videos; Topic: Poison Jam under a different name? At least to have pots but what about the un-mask poison-jam so ? Then once you get all the souls go to your garage and talk to RoBoy. You can get Poison Jam by getting all the graffiti souls in the sewers. Is there a cheat to unlock players such as poison jam, nt3000 etc other than doing test runs?, Jet Set Radio Future Questions and answers, Xbox Neo-newbie … Note: Unlock Characters. Combo - Finish Combo's Challenges. Garam - Finish all Garam's challenges. To unlock Poison Jam, you need to complete all of the Kogane story missions (The Monster of Kogane, No. Oddrie. How do you unlock poison jam in Jet Set Radio Future? Then find her 2 more times in the game Rhyth: Go to the top of the Poison Jam warehouse in Rokkaku-dai Heights to find her the first time. Unlock the Love Shockers, Noise Tank, and Poison Jam gangs, then successfully complete all the Grind City levels with a "Jet" rank to unlock Goji Rokkaku.


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