Within this novel it feels as if the reader is really strolling in a park with the duo. Some elements of quantum theory have even escaped the realm of physics and captured the popular imagination, like Werner Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, Erwin Schrödinger’s cat paradox, and the parallel universes of Hugh Everett’s many-worlds interpretation. Chad Orzel was born and raised in central New York, and received a degree in physics from. Relativity deals with physics of very fast objects, and even though it challenges our normal way of thinking, it still preserves some of the basic intuitions of what does it mean to be a physical object, how we measure properties of those objects, and what those objects can and cannot do. In How to Teach Physics to Your Dog, Chad Orzel relates these conversations in which he explains to an eager Emma the basics of quantum physics. It turns out that dogs have a good intuitive grasp of quantum physics so they are able to have long conversations on quantum physics. Rather than a continuous wave, like water poured into a dog’s bowl, light has to be thought of as a stream of discrete particles, like a scoop of kibble poured into a bowl. As an adult, pop culture became his life. Quantum theory has been tested to an incredible level of precision, making it the most accurately tested theory in the history of scientific theories. "Forget Schrödinger's Cat," says Emmy, "quantum physics is all about dogs." When you look out into the yard, there’s some probability of finding the bunny moving slowly, and some probability of finding it moving a little faster. At a dusty corral on the Wind River Indian Reservation, she ... A “constantly captivating…well-researched and often moving” (The Wall Street Journal) history of Checkpoint Charlie, the ... A “constantly captivating…well-researched and often moving” (The Wall Street Journal) history of Checkpoint Charlie, the As a college Physics professor myself, I appreciate all the effort that the author has put into making this material accessible. What about quantum teleportation to catch squirrels before they climb out of reach? Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. We’ve got a good-sized yard, and there are lots of birds and squirrels, and the occasional rabbit.”, “Ooooh! Quantum mechanics, on the other hand, puts all those basic notion to a test. This was quite […], Physics Blogging Round-Up: August Another month, another set of blog posts. When a moving object hits a stationary one, the moving object will slow down, losing momentum, while the stationary object will speed up, gaining momentum.”, “The other notable feature of particles is something that seems almost too obvious to mention: particles can be counted.”, “Unfortunately, the wave model comes out all wrong: it predicts that the energy of the electrons leaving the atoms should depend on the intensity of the light—the brighter the light, the harder the shaking, and the faster the bits flying away should move. *The terms “quantum physics,” “quantum theory,” and “quantum mechanics” are more or less interchangeable. On the other hand, if you add two waves together such that the crests of one wave fall in the troughs of the other and vice versa (“out of phase”), the two will cancel out, and you’ll end up with no wave at all.”, “what relativity says is that because a photon has some energy, it must have some momentum, even though it doesn’t have any mass.”, “If we add together three different waves, the region where we have a good probability of seeing the bunny gets narrower, and with five different waves, it’s narrower still. Such a complex subject has, for many years, dumbfounded students, and, it seems, their dogs alike. It’s really cool.”, “Hmmm.” She looks thoughtful, then says, “One last test.”, “Rub my belly.” She flops over on her back, and I reach down to rub her belly. Max Planck coined the word “quantum” in 1900, and Einstein won the Nobel Prize for presenting the first quantum theory of light.† The full theory of quantum mechanics was developed over the next thirty years or so. Yet in a sense the weirdness associated with quantum mechanics is even more profound than that associated with relativity. So despite what the title may say, this is not a book about Physics in general, but just about quantum mechanics. When physics professor Chad Orzel went to the pound to adopt a dog, he never imagined Emmy. A dog can walk down the same street every day for a year, and it will be a new experience every day. On the other hand, if we want to know the momentum very well, we can use a small number of different wavelengths, but this gives us a very broad wave packet, with a large uncertainty in the position. “Wait a minute—now we have two bunnies?” “No, each wavefunction describes a bunny with a particular momentum, but it’s the same bunny both times.” “But doesn’t adding them together mean that you have two bunnies?” “No, in this case, it just means that there are two different states* you might find the single bunny in. Chad Orzel was born and raised in central New York, and received a degree in physics from Williams College, and his Ph.D. in chemical physics from the University of Maryland. Will I get walks?”, “You’ll get treats if you’re a good dog.”, She looks faintly offended. And yet each of those particles still has a frequency associated with it, and somehow they add up to give an interference pattern, just like a wave.”, “When we add these two waves together, we find that there are some places where they are in phase, and add up to give a bigger wave. Error rating book. He lives near campus with his wife Kate, their daughter, and, of course, Emmy, the Queen of Niskayuna. We are forced to reconsider even our basic understanding of what reality is. The dog from the title is author's German shepherd, and she is used as a stand-in for all the naïve, "Newtonian" ways of thinking about the world. Classical thermodynamics explains the physics of heating and cooling objects, and the operation of engines and refrigerators. Classical laws of motion govern the motion of anything large enough to see with the naked eye. The way we account for that mathematically is by adding the two waves together.”, “A wave is a moving disturbance in something, like the patterns of crests and troughs formed by water splashing in a backyard pond. When physics professor Chad Orzel went to the pound to adopt a dog, he never imagined Emmy. If you can look at the world the way a dog does, as an endless source of surprise and wonder, then quantum mechanics will seem a lot more approachable.


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