Never ignore families. These conversations can uncover a lot of vital knowledge you can use to further enhance the experience of your guest – something that wouldn’t have been possible by simply dotting i’s and crossing t’s. Focus on your website’s utility-value and on the content you offer. and also continues post-stay, with technology being a driver throughout the entire journey. From greeting and checking-in to ensuring the daily comfort of guests, a Guest Relation Officer maintains a constant presence at the front desk or lobby of a hotel and is available to handle all customer questions and concerns. As reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, those employed as lodging managers, such as Guest Relation Officers, will see an 8 percent job growth rate through 2024. The snowball effect can be huge for your property. Many guests will be hesitant to book too far in advance and also may be forced to cancel reservations at short notice. It also describes why they are important and how they impact the company's success. What if travellers are simply offered the choices that correspond to their desires? A Guest Relation Officer listens to and manages all customer complaints and concerns. Combining your services with that of another tourist attraction in the area is a surefire way to add value to your packages. Your direct booking engine or online reservation system should empower customers to explore extras such as guest experiences. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. You could organise a research trip for your team so that your staff can recommend experiences more personally. trivago Hotel Price Index; trivago Hotel Technology; You are at: Home » Hospitality & Guest Experience » 10 Super Simple Ways to Improve the Guest Experience. Advanced skills: While most employers did not require the following skills, multiple job listings included them as preferred. Purchasing has evolved to be one of the simplest yet diverse things a person can do in the modern world. ... and directing the guest to their room. In this position, Guest Relation Officers will work closely with upper management to measure customer service, such as through surveys and questionnaires, and help to create programs that better address the needs of guests to avoid potential issues in the future. Assist in Developing Customer Service Satisfaction Programs. To help get things off on the right foot, there are plenty of important tasks you can perform before your guests even finalise their booking or arrive for their stay. However, optimising the guest experience and ensuring guest expectations are met is a constantly evolving challenge for hoteliers. Responsibilities. Above average organizational and time management skills are also critical for Guest Relation Officers. My core duties include knowing the area I serve, and all events and dining in my area, as well as building relationships with local businesses in order to create partnerships for our guests. Having your own app will immediately put you ahead of other hotels in the eyes of guests and allow you to capture bookings you otherwise wouldn’t have. Designed for both new and current professionals in this field. As customer demands grow, so does the complexity of delivering an experience they’ll be happy with. They should also be aggressive problem-solvers and have the ability to manage crises successfully. Guest Services In Hospitality Industry As the centre of front office activity, the front desk is responsible for coordinating guest services. My Perfect Cover Letter is your solution and takes the hassle out of cover letter writing. Delve into their skills that go beyond traditional hospitality and experiment with different offerings showcasing the diversity you have on offer. Introduce them to local and cultural experiences – Attract leisure travellers by including local culture and authentic experiences. Hospitality & Guest Experience; Hotel Industry Trends. Keep in mind that the situation with COVID-19 can change quickly so you need to update packages accordingly. Industry Groups Guest Relations Association (GRA) – Established in 1957, the GRA offers networking opportunities for those in the guest relations field. Service gets things done, while hospitality delights and brings experience to life. Hotels are realising they need to be in many places at once, with constant visibility being a cornerstone of booking success. Being detail-oriented and possessing the ability to work closely in teams also contribute to the success of this position. An app also allows integration with other communication channels like social media or push notifications. On an app you can curate a personal guide for your guests telling them about all the features of your hotel, what attractions are close by, and where they should go to shop and eat. You will find resources that not only explain job functions that also offer networking, personal outlooks and more. By integrating your booking system with your app, your customer can literally do all their shopping in one place. With a veritable banquet of options at their fingertips, travellers are demanding more than ever before. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. See our Privacy Policy and User Agreement for details. By taking a proactive approach, your reputation will remain positive. A good start is to be very clear and objective about the accomodation structure and amenities, as well as about the terms and conditions for payments and cancellations. Assess which areas of your property need improvement and increased precautions. Creativity – Customers have expectations for what most hotels will and won’t do. Both inspire and feed each other through demand, expectation, and satisfaction. When you show your customers you care enough to give them something extra it can win you a repeat customer for life, ensuring valuable revenue for your business. Get the latest trends and advice delivered straight to your inbox, 3 keys to an effective hotel distribution strategy, How to increase your hotel’s occupancy rate, Effective revenue management strategies for hotels, 20 important things hoteliers should know to attract corporate guests and bookings, Essential strategies to increase your hotel room sales. Use this familiarity to your advantage and create add on packages within your online booking engine. Want insights delivered straight to your inbox? Excelling at guest relations means creating an experience for your guest. Check your inbox, we've sent you an email. Use other businesses to enrich your packages. You want your guests to be in a good state of mind before they stay with you – anticipating their trip with excitement. Make your website more appealing with high quality photographs from the rooms and common areas of your property. Travellers want an accurate picture of what they’re getting for their money. Intuitively, when navigating on a website for the first time, we tend to know more or less where everything should be. The District of Columbia ($95,060), New Jersey ($92,850) and Arizona ($83,850) are the three states  that offer the highest median wage for lodging managers. Your website must be optimised for these devices and you should also add links for maps so travellers can find your hotel while they’re out and about. It also gives you a lot of flexibility on what you can offer guests. Many hotels offer very similar packages or extras in distinct bundles that leave guests frustrated they can’t mix and match features. There’s plenty of discussion online about the distinction between service and hospitality and most of it points towards there being a clear difference. Rewards programs can certainly help, as can a number of other initiatives. 1. Here are some ideas on how to attract your guests and make sure they don’t abandon you online. Sign up to our blog and receive regular updates on the content you're into. The more you research, the more knowledgeable you will be and therefore more valuable to your guests as they seek inspiration and expertise. The travel industry is dominated by customer service, and hotel businesses live and die by the satisfaction of their guests. The psychological effects of a global event like this shouldn’t be understated. So if a guest sends a message in their native Spanish, your hotel will receive it in English and translate your reply back to Spanish. Not only will it save the guest time and inconvenience, it will now make them feel safer. Packages can apply to both leisure and business travellers as a pleasure and convenience respectively. For guest relations managers who work in the hospitality industry, such as in a hotel, their responsibilities include greeting guests, checking them into the hotel, providing information on hotel amenities, anticipating and responding to their needs, listening to and resolving complaints and providing excellent customer service throughout their stay.


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