In addition, mandarin orange trees can survive in weather above 40 degrees and can easily be moved indoors in the winter. Best of all is that they typically only take 2 to 3 years to bear fruit and when they do expect more than you can eat in one sitting! Not only do you want to make sure you purchase the correct pot, but also you want to purchase the correct size. Do not use garden soil, raised bed soil, or any other side besides potting soil. The foliage especially enjoys a humid environment. Low humidity can cause leaf drop and a failure to thrive. Most orange trees can grow to be almost 40 feet tall and require temperatures well above 50 degrees Fahrenheit. An hour's exposure on the first day, increased by an hour or two daily until the tree is able to stay in or out for the full day, gives it time to adjust naturally. Filter by Category. ... Mandarin Orange – is a small citrus fruit that is less acidic than other oranges and offers a sweeter taste. It is mainly grown in the Mediterranean area, but it does tolerate harsher climates, especially when well protected from wind and winter cold. My best suggestion is to pick your orange when it looks like the picture below. While these pots may not be the prettiest, they are the most cost-effective. Consider growing mandarin oranges indoors. The maximum tree’s height is only 15 feet. I cannot stress how important this is when learning how to grow orange trees in pots. While I recommend using plastic pots for your orange trees, I also understand that it may not be for everyone. This is a biggie. Can Orange Trees Grow Indoors? The answer is, yes. This can lead to root rot and the death of your mandarin orange tree. Our family owned nursery takes great pride in the quality of each plant. For gardeners in cooler weather or a lack of space this poses a problem. Trees provided with plenty of light and good care will produce fruit in proportion to their size. However, young trees are more easily damaged by freezing temperatures, as are potted trees. Soil – rich enough, Foliage – evergreen Consider growing mandarin oranges indoors. Initially, water your orange tree for approximately 30 seconds until the fertilizer dissolves and the soil is a dark brown. The perfect time to harvest your oranges is when they look like the picture above and are just a little bit soft to the touch. If your orange tree didn’t come in a pot then I recommend purchasing a pot that is twice the size of the root ball of your tree. Your tree will enjoy a natural environment for most of the year and it is likely to perform better for you because of it. These tips will make growing orange trees easy, simple, and cost-effective! Before repotting your tree make sure to water it and the soil in the new pot approximately 30 seconds. Need advice? Expect blood oranges within the first 2-3 years after purchasing your tree. This is a biggie. Did you think it isn’t possible because you live in the wrong climate or don’t have enough space? If this is a problem all you need to do is move it inside during the winter or cooler nights. Don’t make your pot too heavy. Choose a Calamondin orange. If your oranges are firm and do not give when you touch then they are not ready. Mandarins can eventually grow to be small trees in the ground, but in planters they will grow more as shrubs. You can toss orange slices in a salad, or bake them in a cake. I had over 20 oranges within the first 6 months! In indoor citrus cultivation, the primary limiting factor is often sunlight. Blood Orange Trees are some of my favorites when learning how to grow orange trees in pots. Potting soil has the perfect mix of nutrients for your orange tree. Citrus trees can be planted in pots and grown indoors with the right conditions. Diane Watkins has been writing since 1984, with experience in newspaper, newsletter and Web content. Orange seeds are quite easy to germinate, but a tree grown from an orange seed can take anywhere from seven to 15 years to bear fruit.


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