A total of 18 panels form a magical evocation of scenes from the Bible, as well as a portrait of the church warden, Joos Vijd, who commissioned the altarpiece, and his wife Elisabeth Borluut. The disappearance of the Just Judges panel, Here’s a fascinating fact: Ghent Altarpiece was rescued in 1945 by the famous ‘Monuments Men’. It is an absolute must-see on your weekend break to Ghent. Infrared macrophotography. The Museum of Fine Arts Ghent (MSK) is the oldest museum in Belgium. Since 2012 it has been possible to zoom in on the intricate, breathtaking details of one of the most important works of art in the world, the Ghent Altarpiece, through the web application Closer to Van Eyck.Now, major enhancements offer even more ways to explore this important painting. Despite this harrowing past, today scholars and art lovers around the world are only a click away from freely exploring over 100 billion pixels of the altarpiece online, thanks to a series of grants provided by the Getty Foundation as part of the Panel Paintings Initiative. Infrared reflectography. The combination of the painstaking work and transparent paint creates an extra dimension. Can’t wait to get to Ghent to see the divine glow for yourself? The Province of East Flanders and the guides’ associations below also adore the altarpiece and offer city walks in Ghent on the theme of the Adoration of the Mystic Lamb. You can see proof of this in this spoof video about the Ghent Altarpiece. Documentation methods. Discover it for yourself as you stand in front of this masterpiece. The film, ‘The Monuments Men’, begins in St Bavo’s Cathedral in Ghent. It remains unsolved. Zoom in on the fruit in Eve’s hand in the top right-hand panel. May 4, 2010: Ghent Altarpiece to Undergo Restoration, Watch a video about the Ghent Altarpiece assessment and website, Overview of the Panel Paintings Initiative. You will see that an inner glow seems to radiate from the painting: the light of the divine. During your weekend getaway to Ghent, enjoy a guided walking tour around the city of Ghent. Zoom in on anything you like! In the extensive permanent presentation you’ll discover over 600 masterpieces of European painting and sculpture, from the Middle Ages up to the present, with an important selection of (Belgian) art from the 19th and the first half of the 20th century. These have been documented in the same way as the Ghent Altarpiece, through the VERONA project (Van Eyck in OpeN Access), a pioneer project of the Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage (KIK-IRPA, Brussels), in collaboration with Musea Brugge and Closer to Van Eyck. That it … Macrophotography. July 11, 2010: Ghent Altarpiece study is a delicate art. It remains unsolved. Assembly of digital macrophotographs showing detail from the Ghent Altarpiece. Simply view the Ghent Altarpiece masterpiece in detail online. This daring theft has grown to become one of the most fascinating art robberies of the 20th century. The project. This segment of the website presents a large number of paintings by Jan van Eyck and his workshop. Restoration. Head to Ghent city museum, STAM, for a spot of detective work to track down the world-famous missing panel, ‘The Just Judges’. . Whether or not the missing panel is ever found, this theft has given rise to all sorts of exciting stories and mysterious conspiracy theories. This world-famous masterpiece by the Van Eyck Brothers in Ghent has been restored many times in the past. Housed at Saint Bavo Cathedral in Ghent, Belgium, the large and complex altarpiece suffered a varied history over the centuries. Zoom in on anything you like! The choice is yours: Discover the guided visits with a touch of Van Eyck in Ghent. It is a huge polyptych measuring 3,40 x4,40 metres and is unparalleled. Wearing a face mask is mandatory (+12 years). There is a film of the amazing story of the Monuments Men, American art commandos who brought confiscated art back to where it belonged. Open. Discover everything here about the Van Eyck year, World-famous painting by Flemish Primitives, ©Sint-Baafskathedraal Gent, www.artinflanders.be, Hugo Maertens. The investigation resulted in a complete plan for full conservation treatment of the altarpiece, which was led by Belgium's Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage (KIK/IRPA) and completed in 2017.


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