Last modification of the Website : 31/12/2017 15:00:38. The site contains information for persons of legal age. The Hohenstein conservation area extends over 800 hectares in the heart of a natural park. German sparkling wines are still not as popular regarding exportation compared to the likes of Prosecco, Champagne, Cava etc. It is not only the level of mineralization that is crucial, it is also the type and balance of those minerals that is important – and that is precisely where the quality of Gerolsteiner Mineral Water comes from. In 2011, every German drank 134 liters of mineral water, against 40 liters per year, there thirty years. Mineralienstein mit Calcium, Magnesium und Hydrogencarbonat: ElementalImaging / iStockphoto, © 2020 Gerolsteiner Brunnen GmbH & Co. KG, Gerolsteiner Sparkling Glass non-returnable 0.33 liter bottle, Gerolsteiner Sparkling Glass non-returnable 0.75 liter bottles in a box, Gerolsteiner Sparkling Glass non-returnable 0.75 liter bottle, Gerolsteiner Sparkling PET non-returnable 0.5 liter bottle, Gerolsteiner Sparkling PET non-returnable 0.5 liter bottles in a six pack, Gerolsteiner Sparkling PET non-returnable 1 liter bottle, Gerolsteiner Sparkling PET non-returnable 1.5 liter bottle, Gerolsteiner Sparkling PET non-returnable 1.5 liter bottles in a six pack. Gerolsteiner Sparkling is one of the most popular mineral water brands around the world. Original Products from the official importers. I was on a budget and could not afford to pay for sparkling water every time I went to a restaurant. Gerolsteiner Sparkling even meets one third of the daily calcium requirement with 348 mg per liter. 63/5000 Another typical German feature is the general name of mineral water (Mineralwasser) for what often proves to be sparkling water. The special geological features of the Volcanic Eifel region give Gerolsteiner Sparkling its refreshing, harmonious taste and make it naturally rich in essential minerals: 1 liter of Gerolsteiner Sparkling provides more than ⅓ of the daily calcium requirement and ¼ of the daily magnesium requirement. Are there differences in quality in different types of PET? operates since 1926 in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Trust loyal customers, WineStyle in the list of the largest Russian companies-ecommerce, "Gerolsteiner" Apple Spritzer, Glass, 0.75 L, "Gerolsteiner" Apple Spritzer, Glass, 0.33 L, "Gerolsteiner" Apple Spritzer, PET, 0.5 L, "Doctor John William Polidori's" Dry Tonic, 200 ml, "Thomas Henry" Ginger Beer (Spicy Ginger), 200 ml, "Thomas Henry" Ultimate Grapefruit, 200 ml, "Doctor John William Polidori's" Cucumber Tonic, 200 ml. Sales under the control EGAIS, Thousands of reviews and assessments of the real buyers. Water Class of drink: Water, Region: Germany, Suitable for: For drinks, Aeration: Sparkling. Water Knowledge //  The mineral calculator. You can see which and how many minerals a mineral water contains on label of the bottle. Why is Gerolsteiner Mineral Water so special? I, 1, 2, 2A, 3-5, ООО «Софт Вайнстайл», ИНН: 7719485100, license: 77РПА0014437 from 04.04.2019 valid from 04.04.2019 to 03.04.2024, Moscow, Osenny boulevard, 20, building 1, floor 1, room 275, rooms 1 to 5, ООО «Роуз Вайнстайл», ИНН: 9718046294, license: 77РПА0014645 from 04.10.2019, valid from 04.10.2019 to 03.10.2024, Moscow, Varshavskoe shosse, 72, building 3, floor 1, room 82. Germany's most popular sparkling water. Warning: according to recommendations of the "ФС РАР" from 2018.06.25: alcoholic production can be bought in the.


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