(20 marks) views about how societies are structured. Education needs to develop self-motivation, creativity and transferable skills to increase ‘flexible specialisation’. views about the role of education in society. I guess the reason why I liked the study of functionalism is for the same reason why I like to be a functional person, I love for there to be order and I believe that everybody plays a role in that sense, either they know they are playing that part unknowingly or they do know and they are part of the order. Functionalists emphasise positive aspects of schools, this is the idea of a ‘consensus’ perspective; where there is an agreement about what is valued within a society. Durkhiem argued that school was an efficient way of teaching individuals these diverse skills while at the same time teaching them to co-operate with each-other – schools thus instilled a sense of organic solidarity, or solidarity based on difference and interdependency, with school being one of the only institutions which could do both of these functions simultaneously within the context of a national economy. In the adult world children work within a frame work of rules and also co-operate with people who aren’t really friends. Finally there is the fact there is such a huge diversity of schools (faith schools, private schools, home education) that surely education is too fragmented and divided for it to promote true solidarity at the national level – to the extent that postmodernists suggested there is no such thing as a unified culture anymore. Functionalists emphasise the structure of society, rather than the individuals and consensus existing in... ...Asses the functionalist role of education in society Please join StudyMode to read the full document. It is viewed as a secondary agent of socialization as it socializes individuals into the norms and acceptable behaviors of society. There are many different sociological theories that differ within the role of education within society that attempt to try and explain how society or aspects of society work together. Functionalists think of education as a positive function for all Education must prepare the student for future occupational positions, the youth should be enabled to play a productive role in society. The individuals learn to co-operate with people who are neither kin nor friend under a frame work of rules. It looks at all the major aspects in society for example the family, the economy, the educational and political system and how they all function together as a whole to form a complete system. It is difficult to imagine any other institution which governments could use to socialise individuals in to a sense of national identity. Accordingly, great emphasis has been placed on vocational training. ...The Contribution of Functionalist Sociology to an Understanding of the Role of Education in Society This means that it can be quantified and analysed to observe present trends and correlations. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. function is to transmit common values to the next generation. Functionalist view education as having many roles but are interested mainly in how education meets society needs. They say we’re a part of a complex system where various parts work together to benefit the whole. Parsons saw education as an essential agency of socialisation whose Functionalism is also a consensus theory: functionalists generally emphasise the positive functions which schools perform for individuals and society, arguing that schools tend to promote social harmony and social order, which they see as a good thing. He saw the major function as the transmission of society's norms and values. For example, the government provides education for the children of the family, which in turn pays taxes on which the state depends to … I cannot stand for dysfunctional people especially when it can have a negative impact on a group or society. Functionalist are macro sociologist so they look at how education contributes to the whole of society. This is the long, ‘overkill’ version of the essay, written using the PEAC system (Point – Explain – Analyse – Criticise). STUDY. According to Durkhiem schools achieved social solidarity through children learning subjects such as history and English which gave them a shared sense of national identity, which in turn promoted value consensus, or agreement on shared values at the societal level. Functionalists see society as a social system based on consensus. The first functionalist sociologist is Durkheim ,the founding farther. The perspective in which we are going to be looking at and testing is Functionalism. family, education system and religion. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. society within the role of education being to promote universal... ... My favorite perspective in sociology was learning about the functionalist perspective aka functionalism.


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