“Last year, only five percent of AP Computer Science test takers were African-American and only one-quarter were young women,” Microsoft shared. Dev Stahlkopf, Dec 3, 2018   |   But there is another part of our journey that year-over-year data can’t convey: the depth of our commitment and the range of programs in place to keep diversity and inclusion at the heart of the work we do. Specifically, the OFCCP has focused on whether Microsoft’s commitment to double the number of Black and African American people managers, senior individual contributors and senior leaders in our U.S. workforce by 2025 could constitute unlawful discrimination on the basis of race, which would violate Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. Numerous threads like these remain open with comments intact, Quartz reports. Learn more about Diversity and Inclusion at Microsoft — Sophia, Senior Software Engineer. If you don’t know the VC fund, it invests in new companies that are led by underrepresented founders in the U.S. (and now London). Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. . Inclusion Index If you are not helping to create an inclusive culture, your rewards, your career trajectory and possibly even your employment will be impacted,” Nadella wrote, adding that senior leadership members at Microsoft have diversity goals tied to their compensation. Regardless of age, race or class, providing access to computer science and tech is incredibly important. I am a writer and content marketer with a passion for exploring what it means to be a woman today. Microsoft for Startups joined forces with Backstage as well as Black & Brown Founders, which provides community, education and access to black and Latinx entrepreneurs. All Rights Reserved, This is a BETA experience. However, Quartz reports that one of the most active anti-diversity threads included more than 800 comments, while another separate thread from last year bemoaning the lack of diversity at Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing division generated more than 1,000. In this case, it appears Microsoft employees are pushing back against the notion that women and minorities in tech face outsize discrimination and harassment, by saying the company is overcorrecting in its hiring practices and incentivizing managers to avoid hiring white and Asian men, which are predominantly representative of the tech workforce at every single major company in the industry. With this year’s report, we renew our commitment to our mission to consciously and intentionally include everyone. Microsoft is tackling intractable pipeline issues through education strategies and early exposure to tech. Inclusion and Engagement Microsoft (and the whole tech industry) faces strong critiques for its lack of diversity. Microsoft started to respond to workforce diversity issues after its employees organized career-development groups. By providing your email address, you will receive email updates from the Microsoft on the Issues blog. The report reads that "88% of employees reporting positive sentiments when it came to factors like authenticity, belonging, and a belief in Microsoft's commitment to diversity." “They allow people to post these damaging, stereotypical things about women and minorities, and they do nothing about it.”, Microsoft faces down a new claim that pro-diversity hiring isn’t fair to white men, The best Black Friday tech deals at Amazon, Some of the first big discounts on Amazon’s latest devices and much more, Apple’s AirPods Pros are down to $169 at Amazon, You can get Apple’s flagship wireless earbuds for their lowest price yet, You don’t have to spend a lot to give a lot, The best Black Friday deals on Apple devices, You can get the new MacBook Pro for $50 off, The best Black Friday deals on Google devices, Save on Pixel phones, Nest smart displays, and more, Sign up for the


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