My name means God’s promise. So much for “God remembers”! Every month I faced my own disappointment and that of my husband. 1 0 obj It will stay free, thanks to the kindness of authors who mostly provide scripts without requiring payment. My name is Eli-sheba, you know me better as Elizabeth. The angel said that my son would be like Elijah bringing people to repentence. stream var addyceb13f5a026c1c34c9c1306e6a565ed7 = 'jandhmcneil' + '@'; The baby inside her leaps for joy when Mary enters. In exchange for free performance, the author would appreciate being notified of when and for what purpose the play is performed. ���G�2qR�Y��T*Su���="CZ����&3!����k�h�z�7��#�a�h+�j��� ���f���A\�W�{����-A���"���)��v׼K����������~�%�,��:�}���J�k���[���{'i19��L�,�LԓRd�����wW��Ҭ�ޝt�7�=>��j K� as�����-�!��� �J�,/c̼���y� 5�l9����kP&]5M=�[�|q���`m.�D7Y#��7b֫:K���퇓���#��'?���]s�U%�5�J�����{�΀��� �/8 ���|ܯq�z����]�g*�8 � �ހ �t�A�lpZ�鎞�A܊�n�vI 2R��! All those years of tears and anguish – to be part of God’s Salvation - they were worth it! KZ�4J�Httu�����7��#Z�c/%QizD�x��no��� �D{�+��!�� In this monologue, she tells her story. Gabriel’s visit but also with words from her own relative – Elizabeth. What an honour! Elizabeth. Now Elizabeth wasn’t as old as I am but she was well past her child bearing years. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry! Duration: 7minActors: 1F. She is a dynamic character, rather than a flat one, because she grows and changes during the story, she expresses many emotions and the audience gets to know her (see Lostracco & Wilkerson Script. <> You need JavaScript enabled to view it. <> In this six-week study, explore the subject of disappointment through the eyes of Elizabeth, as you walk verse by verse through Luke 1. endobj Elizabeth is the monologue's major character. I know he felt it, too. The script may not be reproduced, translated or copied in any medium, including books, CDs and on the Internet, without written permission of the author. To help keep Dramatix online, we would really appreciate a donation. We tried to live a godly life and expected to be blessed as an example to everyone of how God blesses obedient people. But when I started feeling sick every morning, all that turned to JOY! God vindicated us in the eyes of the people. But the years went by and we had no children. I didn’t believe I ould have a baby so Zechariah would be dumb for the rest of his life! His name means “God remembers”. var addy_textceb13f5a026c1c34c9c1306e6a565ed7 = 'jandhmcneil' + '@' + 'paradise' + '.' + 'net' + '.' + 'nz';document.getElementById('cloakceb13f5a026c1c34c9c1306e6a565ed7').innerHTML += ''+addy_textceb13f5a026c1c34c9c1306e6a565ed7+'<\/a>'; "As a writer of 'easy to produce' stage scripts for ministry use I was honored to link with Dramatix several years ago. At first they encouraged me, then they pitied me, then they despised me. Forever after people will talk of Mary and how she was chosen, but so was I, so was I! <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> The families of all my girlfiends grew year by year. Imagine my terror on his return home! It seemed we were being punished further. An angel visited him and because the news that finally we were to have a son was too hard to believe – he was stuck dumb. But growing popularity has brought increased running costs. In this monologue, she tells her story.Style:  Dramatic. %���� "Glenn Hascall, Station ManagerKJIL/KHYM, Kansas. I felt I was letting him down. An angel visits her husband, promising a baby. My name – God’s promise - was a mockery. <>>> As she called my name, it felt as though my baby was doing somersaults in my womb, he was leaping for joy in the presence of the Messiah that Mary was carrying in her womb. Summary: We seldom hear from Elizabeth, the mother of John the Baptist, but she had a significant part to play in God's plan of redemption for mankind. My arms ached to hold a child but every month my womb wept. I laughed at the idea of pregnancy at my age and cried for the situation with Zechariah! Furthermore, the story revolves around what she says and does (Lostracco & Wilkerson 2008:13). And my name – God’s promise – was not just for me but for everyone. Tears may fall in the night, but Joy comes in the morning. �,: _�Y#�@@ǚ��2k,&'p�����B�8s�"�?P>�^)�PP����w�@����a ]��g�3�����MZ�diz8'o�c{E3�tO9O����|.�B��2�az70��Og�ǯf��QȟŬ�(��� �A��v��oR�%�؍ר��O��=��q��2Fu��r�^�d�2�#���G���4�����\�k�����E|�(���y�����-�}��͐��|��X�}�� %������4�m �B�aљ���È�Ȫ*0���dy��F%#zۥtq��䁑gS;�9�W�#�CG1o��XT5FՇ��E�%��E�3q*B������x�О���0G�Q����%2�o�=�tO:�b4�iI�'�Uf�aI� !


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