Another great Legendary weapon is this Arc-damaging beast. With random rolls now in the game, its year 2 version is better than ever. With the Auto Rifle buffs in full swing, Auto Rifles have seen much more use in Crucible and other PvP game types. Yet it’s been known to be a “very forgiving TTK”, said by a few players, much like the Adaptive Frame type Pulse Rifles which pretty much puts it in a good category in my honest opinion. That being said I’ll yet again be bringing you more information about a certain type of weapon. Which isn’t surprising considering just how fun a PVE raid can be, and how intense Crucible matches can get. That said, those aren’t the only Auto Rifles worth using. Nelson Chitty is a Venezuelan expat living in Argentina. Now, we’re not really worried about looks, generally. Unlike most weapons, Hard Light's damage increases every time it bounces off of a hard surface, making this gun incredibly strong if used properly in PvP. How To Get: For this Legendary Auto Rifle, you’ll need to complete the Essence of Failure quest on the Moon, murdering some enemies and finding a “Captive Cord” under a statue in the Lunar Battlegrounds. In contrast with most Auto Rifles, the Gnawing Hunger deals Void damage. Below you can find top 8 Pulse Rifles in Destiny 2. The stats for this weapon state it fires at 360 rounds per minute, but that spools up quickly with its Exotic perk. Especially in PVE thanks to its String of Curses ability. In Year 1 of Destiny 2, two pulse rifles were reign supreme – Vigilance Wing and Graviton Lance. Last of the Exotics of todays list, but most certainly not the least is by far the … How To Get: This Legendary Energy Auto Rifle can be found in Legendary Engrams from all sources. Now, this gun is a solid choice for most PvE activities but lacks the proper firepower to down enemies in Crucible reliably. This is mainly due to its unique perk combinations. Auto Rifles are an ever-popular weapon choice in Destiny 2, so today we're ranking the very best of them for Season of Arrivals. This is thanks to the Onslaught/Rampage weapon trait combo. The rolls that make this weapon a monster inside PvP are Kill Clip with Outlaw. I die too fast!” and they’re not wrong. All RIGHTS RESERVED. Among other things, this Solar-damaging rifle shines for its stability and minuscule recoil thanks to its Adaptative Frame. That's all changed with Season of the Worthy. Along with Go Figure, this rifle is also an Aggressive Burst Fire Pulse Rifle, the Legendary rifle; Right Side of Wrong. Season of the Forge introduced some powerful weapons in Destiny 2, some of which haven't been topped since. Which is a nice bonus. This gun was a fantastic choice for the first year of Destiny 2 thanks to its solid recoil and high rate of fire. Iron Gaze and Iron Grip are exclusive to this weapon with the former granting aim assistance at the cost of range while Iron Grip grants a large amount of stability at the cost of reload speed. These perks are The Corruption Spreads, which creates SIVA nanites that spread out and cause damage upon all precision and rapid shots. This Legendary Kinetic gun is widely accepted as the most savage pulse rifle in the entire game. Pulse Rifles can be tried and true whether you know how to manage the recoil between the burst shots or can aim halfway decently. So without further delay, let’s get through the list! For PVE, the combination of Feeding Frenzy or Fourth Time’s the Charm plus Multikill Clip makes for a powerful add clear weapon that keeps your Exotic and energy slots free to run something like Ruinous Effigy, Jotunn, or Eriana’s Vow. Outlaw and Kill Clip is a great combo on this weapon for both PvE and PvP, granting it a great damage bonus against Guardians and enemy AI alike. But at 600rpm, this stable weapon will melt down anything given the right traits. I cannot express how nasty this gun is PvE and PvP! (, 15 Best Auto Rifles in Destiny 2 (And How To Get Them), Best Fallout 3 Graphics Mods: The Ultimate List Of Our 15 Favorites, 10 Best Foreign Non-Japanese Anime Characters: The Ultimate Gaijin List, Top 21 Best Anime Princesses: The Ultimate List, 20 Best Multiplayer PS1 Games: The Ultimate List, Top 15 Destruction Spells in Skyrim: The Ultimate List, 15 Best Rifles in Fallout 4 (And Where To Get Them), 120+ Patrick Star Memes That Have Acquired A Taste For Free-Form Jazz, 120+ Best Squidward Memes Reminding You That We Serve Food Here, Sir, 100+ Mr. Krabs Memes To Prove Robots Have Taken Over The Navy.


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