I picked the top 6 best-selling waters in the US, as ranked by the following report: https://www.statista.com/statistics/188312/top-bottled-still-water-brands-in-the-united-states/. how is this possible? 5. I understand you're not a dr and cant give medical advice. One of the most important things is to have good, clean, pure water, and no other process removes a broader spectrum of contaminants than Reverse Osmosis. How old is is? Complex. Can we drink this water? But now testing the TDS, 96 seems too high to me for an RO system? That proves that high TDS water is good... right? We are seeing more and more people opt for whole-house RO Systems. Water is not a significant source of minerals. My guess is no...so i would have to buy a calcium/mineral supplement with the sole specific use to remineralize the ro water? I need more information. I've never been able to get it below 125. After the filter it's 60 so about 1/10 of the initial water. Pleasant mineral taste. Now I run just under 40. but now increased to above 70-100ppm.why? What is your incoming TDS? Pros: Sweet, gentle, smooth. It's testing in the 100s. Should I be getting all the minerals I need from vegetables or the concentrated have mineral drops from a health food store or what? Mineral. Before i changed the membrane, the TDS was matching the tap water suggesting a damaged membrane (pass through). They may be assembled in the USA, but all of the parts, including the filters, housings, tanks, and faucets are from the Far East. Finally, I added my own tap water, to represent city tap water in general. I thought RO water was healthier for myself and my family. I am using kent RO What I want to know is, am I wasting my money with the purchase of these two dinners of you can truly change your bodies ph with water and if you can't get a significant amount of minerals from water? However, most people equate minerals and pH with alkaline water, and that simply is not true. Barbara, After doing that, the water intensity from the faucet lowered to the normal level when the tank emptied. The company says it is fine. Uncomfortable to drink. Dasani; Type: Purified water. If you bought the filters from us, please call our Tech Support Department at 800-608-8792 on M-F from 8 AM to 8 PM EDT. Increases the pH of the filtered water typically to between 8.5 – 10.0 Chris, You can imagine that a mountain spring in the French Alps will taste quite different from a mountain spring in Hawaii, because of the drastically different environments. Our bodies will not readily absorb inorganic (rock) minerals, our bodies absorb organic (plant) minerals. There may be some typos - I am not sure. Can I use the TDS calculation to prove the quality of the RO water (by rejection rate) if the reading as mentioned? Yes, it is too high. But I learned something interesting: Bottled water is a disaster for the environment. We just changed our whole reverse osmosis by buying new tank and new filters and membrane (supposedly made in usa).The filters/membrane we bought now are the same as the ones used previously. can that possibly be true? We are coming out with a new 100% American-Made RO that is also available with Livation Hydration Technology... a new technology that includes true alkaline water, higher pH, lower ORP and molecular hydrogen, Watch for it. It is still ok to use this water to production? Drinking a more alkaline water supposedly makes the body less acidic. JavaScript is disabled. Also, the two waters I really disliked were both purified, treated waters from the same company, Coca Cola. I just bought a Zerowater water pitcher and it has a TDS tester with it. The sink water is 440 or so and the ro tests sometimes at 109 and once at 77. Zero Water is ZERO TDS because it uses Deionization to remove all the minerals. "Heavy" waters taste full and satisfying. I've tested the Tap water and the reading is 55 ppm, while RO water is 43 ppm. We also get bottled water and it tested at 002. Rough finish. You can see the results of the tea & water experiment back on the Water Matters / Green Tea post here. Click here for the post. Thank you! Your feedback is greatly appreciated. I can't say whether it's safe or not, but contaminanted water can read ZERO. Quit worrying about TDS and live your life. sediment - membrane - post carbon with permeate pump. Lol....4 sure. The tap water reads 372. TDS of my tap water is 97 and after filter, TDS is only 7. My favorites were Arrowhead, Evian, and Fiji. I copied here: "Bottled water" has become almost a necessity for many living in some of our cities. I have read this is normal to reduce by 90% but need a professionals opinion. I do know that when water penetrates your cell wall, it becomes the pH of your body. I would think not and you need to determine why the huge rise in TDS? You can read about it here: https://www.uswatersystems.com/all-american-6-stage-reverse-osmosis-system.html I tested the water again this morning, and it's even Higher, 96. The RO is from Aquasana, I just installed it so it is pretty much new. so confused. Cons: Thin, harsh, not refreshing or satisfying. Why do you want to re-mineralze? Arrowhead is the company's West Coast equivalent. Dry, bitter finish. For the past 17 years we have been renting a Reverse Osmosis system (4 Stage) from a  company that does supply or install ro/alkaline filter equipment. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Zero does not mean it is good to drink or even safe to drink. Call our technical support department to troubleshoot! Just remember that even two waters with the same TDS can taste slightly different, because of the different specific make-up of the water. My ppm has not went back down it's still 240-250. However, I still think I really just like the taste of mineral water. Here are the details on the waters I picked for the Water Matters / Green Tea experiment. I also added Evian, to include a European water to better compare with our European friends. Thank you. I just changed both filters and membranes, drained system multiple times to flush. I hope you can help. I am not a Doctor, but water is not a significant source of minerals. She claims it's one of the best filters out there. Waters job in our body is to remove toxins, hydrate cells and move around nutrients. I would say nothing is wrong. I keep bottled water for company, because they think it's better. A good ionizer can cost up to $7,000.00! This past Wednesday, I had a 6-Stage Reverse Osmosis/Alkaline Ionized Water filter system installed by a different company. ), Source: Various municipal tap water, purified & treated (California, Nevada, Arizona, Washington, and Texas), https://www.aquafina.com/pdf/bottledWaterInformation_en.pdf, Source: Various municipal tap water and/or wells, purified & minerals added (locations undisclosed), https://www.nestle-watersna.com/asset-library/documents/pl_eng.pdf, Source: Various municipal tap waters and/or wells, purified & minerals added (locations undisclosed), Company Reports: https://www.drinksmartwater.com/water-quality/. I emailed manufactureer and she said that's normal, that it would be higher than tap water because of the minerals put back in. If you know your water's TDS, you can compare it to one of these waters, and see if your water creates a similar result. Full, smooth texture. A little bitter. Adds molecular hydrogen with antioxidant potential Personal taste is subjective and a population of water … #2: There are things that can be done after the RO process to enhance the water quality. This is caused by the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) in the water, which is a measurement of how much itty bitty mineral stuff is dissolved in the water. Company Reports: http://www.fijiwater.com/content/dam/fijiwater/base/CA%20Water%20Quality%20Report%20June17_Eng.pdf, Company Reports: http://evianwebsite.s3.amazonaws.com/website/files/evian-2014-AWQR-CALIF-ENG.pdf, Pros: Sweet, crisp, clean, and refreshing. When I saw your site and with all your experience in this field I thought you could tell me what's happening & if we should be drinking this water. i have traced all lines and i am satisfied all are connected properly. I felt like the thin, drying taste of Pure Life and smartwater would make the tea too bitter, while the chlorine taste in my tap water would weigh down the tea.


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