Upham gives the Robert Calef account of the execution of Mr. Burroughs; Mr. Burroughs was carried in a cart with others, through the streets of Salem, to execution. In 1681 a conference of ministers met to discuss how to rectify the lack of faith. In addition he advocated temperance, missions, Bible societies, and the education of the negro; favored the establishing of libraries for working men and of religious organizations for young people, and organized societies for other branches of philanthropic work. In their mind it would only be natural for the Devil to fight back against the pious invaders. Grace Coolidge, official White House portrait. It was composed of seven total books. Cotton Mather's relationship with his well-known father, Increase Mather, was often a strained and difficult one. This article advised the judges to limit the use of Spectral evidence, and recommended the release of confessed criminals. This observation was memorialized in a letter to a friend: "My friend planted a row of Indian corn that was colored red and blue; the rest of the field being planted with yellow, which is the most usual color. 1900. Increase Mather and Maria Mather But then he left for a congregation in Falmouth (now Portland) because of a salary dispute (he didn’t get paid). The critical evidence of Mather’s zealous behavior comes later, during the trial execution of George Burroughs {Harvard Class of 1670}. Increase Mather was a pastor of the Old North Church and led an accomplished life that Cotton was determined to live up to. Franklin mentioned Mather in some of his letters. Bancroft referred to a statement in Mather’s diary; "The time for a favor is come,” exulted Cotton Mather; “Yea, the set time is come. According to Mather women weren't allowed to wear makeup or dress in fancy clothes. In 1706 a slave, Onesimus, had explained to Mather how he had been inoculated as a child in Africa. Nineteen were hanged on Proctor’s Ledge,  one was pressed to death and five died in jail. Several other creative people have used their connections to the Salem witch trials in their work. In 1685 Mather assumed full responsibilities as pastor at the Church. His other writings include A Poem Dedicated to the Memory of the Reverend and Excellent Mr. Urian Oakes (1682); The Present State of New England (1690); The Life of the Renowned John Eliot (1691), later included in Book III of the Magnalia; The Short History of New England (1694); Bonifacius, usually known as Essays To Do Good (Boston, 1710; Glasgow, 1825; Boston, 1845), one of his principal books and one which had a shaping influence on the life of Benjamin Franklin; Psalterium Americanum (1718), a blank verse translation of the Psalms from the original Hebrew; The Christian Philosopher: A Collection of the Best Discoveries in Nature, with Religious Improvements (1721) Parentator (1724), a memoir of his father; Ratio Disciplinae (1726), an account of the discipline in New England churches; Manuductio ad Ministerium: Directions for a Candidate of the Ministry (1726), one of the most readable of his books. It is in seven books and concerns itself mainly with the settlement and religious history of New England. Source: downloaded March 20, 2010 from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cotton_Mather, http://www.gutenberg.org/files/28513/28513-h/28513-h.htm, — <> - <><> - <><><> - <><><><><> - <><><> - <><> - <> —, Cotton Mather Birth 12 Feb 1662 in Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts Death 13 Feb 1728 in Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, 1662 12 Feb Birth Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United States 6 source citations 1680 Age: 18 Arrival Massachusetts 1 source citation 1686 4 May Age: 24 Marriage to Abigail Phillips Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA wife #1 1686 Age: 24 Marriage Charlestown, Suffolk, MA 3 source citations 1703 18 Aug Age: 41 Marriage to Elizabeth Hubbard Clarke Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA wife #2 1715 5 Jul Age: 53 Marriage to Lydia Lee Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA 1728 13 Feb Age: 66 Death Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United States 4 source citations. A lit grenade was even thrown into the house of Mather, who had favored the new practice and had sheltered another clergyman who had submitted himself to it. Cotton Mather (1663-1728), the child of Rev. Mather also contradicted his own advice in Return of the Several Ministers, by defending the use of spectral evidence. The idea that New Englanders now occupied the Devil’s land established this fear. Thinking as he did that the New World had been the undisturbed realm of Satan before the settlements were made in Massachusetts, he considered it natural that the Devil should make a peculiar effort to bring moral destruction on these godly invaders. Drawing of the execution of George Burroughs, ca. Many, if not all, of his writings had bits and pieces of his own personal life in them or were written for personal reasons. He tells us that he composed his discussions of the family to bless his own, his essays on the riches of Christ to repay his benefactors, his tracts on morality to convert his enemies, his funeral discourses to console himself for the loss of a child, wife, or friend.". Mather was buried on Copp's Hill near Old North Church. While teaching (1678-85), he began the study of theology, but soon, on account of an impediment in his speech, discontinued it and took up medicine. In fact, plenty of Salem witch trials descendants achieved fame and fortune. Vincent Price was Rebecca’s seventh great grandson and Mitt Romney the eighth. (If you care:  both Adams, Bushes, Roosevelts and Harrisons; Washington; Jefferson; Taylor; Nixon; Ford; Carter; Taft; Coolidge; Harding; Hayes; Hoover; Cleveland.). He soon became one of the most influential men in the colonies. Altogether, tens of thousands of innocent women were cruelly accused, tortured and executed because of two bible verses: "Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live." It was in part based on Robert Boyle's The Christian Virtuoso (1690). Both she and her husband were Salem witch trials descendants. It is often inaccurate, and it abounds in far-fetched conceits and odd and pedantic features. Dr. Samuel Mather Their primary duty was to obey their husbands and make sure that their husbands were always satisfied. One must wonder if Mather desired an opportunity to promote his church through the fear of witchcraft, why he did not use the opportunity presented by the Goodwin family. Upon reading Wonders of the Invisible World, Increase Mather publicly burned the book in Harvard Yard. Other of his hundreds of famous relatives include Marilyn Monroe, Benedict Arnold, James Taylor, Princess Diana and Bill Belichick. He encouraged physicians to try it, without success. New Englanders perceived themselves abnormally susceptible to the Devil’s influence in the 17th century. Please enable JavaScript in your browser's settings to use this part of Geni. Also, Boston merchant, Robert Calef began what became an eight-year campaign of attacks on Cotton Mather. Like his father he was deeply grieved by the liberal theology and Church polity of the new Brattle Street Congregation, and conscientiously opposed its pastor Benjamin Colman, who had been irregularly ordained in England and by a Presbyterian body; but with his father he took part in 1700 in services in Colman's church. Mather believed that Biblia Americana was the best thing he had ever written, believing it to be his masterwork (Hovey 533). Susannah’s descendants also include Burl Ives and Mickey Rourke Mather also faces backlash today for how he wrote about and described women in Ornaments for the Daughters of Zion and Wonders of the Invisible World. William was probably lucky to have died before three of his daughters were accused of witchcraft. Cotton Mather, Salem Witch Trials, Death of Rev. After overcoming considerable difficulty and achieving notable success, Boylston traveled to London in 1724, There he published his results and was elected to the Royal Society in 1726.


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