A continuous distribution describes the probabilities of the possible values of a continuous random variable. Continuous Probability Distributions. Therefore we often speak in ranges of values (p (X>0) =.50). What kind of function do you think applies here? A few others are examined in future chapters. Such graphs as these are called probability distributions and they can be used to find the probability of a particular range of values occurring. Please update your browser. Continuous variables are often measurements on a scale, such as height, weight, and temperature. An experiment with numerical outcomes on a continuous scale, such as measuring the length of ropes, tallness of trees, etc. Activity 2 … Your browser doesn't support canvas. The area under the graph of f (x) and between values a and b gives the probability P (a< x< b) P (a < x < b). Probabilities of continuous random variables (X) are defined as the area under the curve of its PDF. If X is a continuous random variable, the probability density function (pdf), f (x), is used to draw the graph of the probability distribution. Continuous probability functions are also known as probability density functions. The total area under the graph of f (x) is one. Chapter 7 Continuous Probability Distributions 134 For smaller ranges the area principle still works; for example P()0 .

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