/ Exercises / Conjunctions exercise. - He will kill himself unless she loves him. With bitgab for Schools, the students and teachers at your school will enjoy a better experience using bitgab, with exclusive access to special content and features. You have a class reserved with this teacher. Try checking your spam or junk folder. They are For, And, Nor, But, Or, Yet and So. They didn’t learn their lessons, yet they passed their lessons. Levels of Difficulty: Elementary Intermediate Advanced It was very sunny last Sunday, And, because, but, or, so Exercises: coordinating conjunctions. 4) Adverbial Conjunctions/ linking adverbs. . so Are you sure you want to delete this class? You haven't been in school for many years and you're likely to find learning English difficult. because Those Subordinating Conjunctions are: After, although, as, as much as, because, before, how, if, in order that, since, than, that, unless, until, what, where, when, which, why, who, whom, whose, whoever, whatever... - I hope to see you before you go somewhere tomorrow. A collection of English ESL worksheets for home learning, online practice, distance learning and English classes to teach about conjunctions, conjunctions Conjunction is a word which is used to link a word or a group of words to the other part of the sentences and it shows the relationship between them. or This functionality is available only for bitgab for Schools accounts. I've got a brother . 7. This functionality is available only for PREMIUM users. He worked at a market before he went to university.. 5. 2. I visit my grandparents when / whenever I have time.. 3. And: is used to show additional information. but Click here to join. Santiago is more beautiful. so Advanced level exercises in English For: is used to show a reason or a cause. or There are seven Coordinating conjunctions that are called FANBOYS. You will receive an email within 48 hours when your bitgab for Schools account is activated. Please try using a different payment method. a sister. To continue using bitgab, you need to verify your email address: To do so, please check your inbox and locate the verification email sent to you by bitgab (subject: "Verify your email address"). He can’t dive a car, nor can you dive it. Get unlimited access to all exercises on bitgab, Receive FREE private classes from our teachers. because we went to the beach. THAT, SAY AND TELL, AND REPORTED QUESTIONS, PRONOUNS, ADJECTIVES AND ADVERBS IN REPORTED SPEECH, PHRASAL VERBS WITH A VERB +AN ADVERB + A PREPOSITION. Example: She misses me, and she also loves me. or Answers. Subordinating conjunctions are a word or phrase which is used to join the unequal elements. Instead, they are used to join two independent clauses to make a compound sentence. I've got a brother Conjunctions exercises. Congratulations, your exercise has been published! so 1. Your scheduled group class has started. but 4. 1. Coordinating and subordinating conjunctions. Please help us improve bitgab by completing the following form: Please help us improve bitgab PREMIUM by completing the following form: Get unlimited access for all the students and teachers at your school with, We will send your school account information to this email, Make a payment using a credit or debit card, Reserve a 1-to-1 conversation class with this teacher, This teacher doesn't currently have availability to reserve a class, You won't be charged until the class ends, Any user may join and see the content posted in the group, Users will need to ask me for permission to join and see the content posted in the group, Only users that I share a link with will be able to join and see the content posted in the group. but My father likes football You may create exercises to share with your students or to give private video lessons on bitgab. 24/7 unlimited support We will send you more information to your email. Vigo is hotter than Santiago, As soon as he received the message, he escaped from the city.. 7. 1) Coordinating Conjunctions. I didn't have any money. Example: Students must learn their lesson, or they will fail the exams. To have unlimited access, you need a PREMIUM account. Conjunctions and Linking Words . To create an account for your school, please complete the form below. he doesn't like basketball. because October 23, 2011 - Complete the following sentences with an appropriate conjunction. - You pity me; moreover, you give me some money. but By creating a group you can categorize and control who can access your exercises, quizzes and posts. Home. 2. it is closed. and Adverbial conjunctions/Linking adverbs show the relationship between two sentences; and in general, adverbial conjunctions/linking adverbs express the result, contrast, or continuation. and Worksheets are in PDF Format and consist of a worksheet and answer sheet to check your results. and and Custom exercises created by our Editorial team from a content of your choosing. so Grammar: Practice Exercises; Advanced Grammar (Subject-Object, Participles, etc.) and It's imperative that you study or work abroad, Schedule a class that up to 15 students can join, Select students from a group or from your entire school, Once created, the students will be notified by email. DIRECTIONS for questions: Fill the blanks with appropriate Conjunctions:-Be just ____ fear not. - Please stop chatting; otherwise, I will punish. or Example: She is very beautiful and friendly, so every body falls in love with her.


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