#MasterChefAU pic.twitter.com/ga3fghZgIf. Keep chilled. To temper the chocolate, place 130g of the chocolate into the top bowl of a double boiler. For Simon's dish, Jock says that the coffee was dialled up 10 times too much (how awkward for Jock, who told him to do exactly that). Mix in sugar and salt and set aside until serving. He says the flavours make sense in his brain, but that his brain is "a whole other kettle of fish", which explains a lot really. Will the seaside be enough to beat the quidditch pitch though? Reece is clapping like a seal and gets offended when the judges laugh at him. #masterchefau. Yeah, Poh, it's called being calm, you should try it more often. #MasterchefAU. Sarah says she doesn't like eating ice-cream but is finding joy in creating a wacky flavour combo: corn ice-cream and miso ice-cream with a sesame caramel popcorn to tie it together. Jock finds this perplexing, but I'm with Jess. “I got quite emotional. He is wearing Meghan Markle's favourite sneakers so I guess that's one step better than Sunday night's Gumby-couture. Hilarious Countdown moments: Game show board spells out rude... Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins reveals he lost 10kg on SAS Aust... Anne Hegerty reveals secrets of The Chase salary, Kourtney Kardashian rocks tiny nude-look bikini on Instagram. "Stop it, Callum," he says, flirtatiously. Jock says it was "A1, first class" in presentation and flavour and it was the best dish Reynold's ever made. Callum tells the judges his roasted cauliflower with dhal mustard and mint and ginger chutney was inspired by new year's eve, when he and his wife cooked themselves a six course meal because they had a newborn baby at home. Khanh serves up his smoked rhubarb and bay leaf ice-cream with cardamom and vanilla ice-cream with a chocolate ganache and salted crumb, whatever that means. He says he is happy with how it looks, which is exactly like a McDonald's chocolate thickshake in case you were wondering. He says that this is a challenge he should be good at so if he doesn't do well he deserves to be in round two, simultaneously bragging and negging himself at the same time. Braggy much? Khanh is doing vanilla cardamom and smoked rhubarb ice-cream. Icelandic chef Agnar Sverrisson has been raising a maelstrom at his restaurant, Texture, since 2007. Even though Sarah Clare has long gone, everyone seems to still call Sarah Tiong by her full name. Place circles onto a large baking tray lined with baking paper, 2-3cms apart. He says "it would suck to go home". The judges talk about what they would make. Carrot gel not only styles your hair but also improves your sight #masterchefau. When we left "rad" in the '90s. George Calombaris is forced to comfort Elise Franciskovic after she breaks down in tears. She pours nitrogen over the parsley to freeze it but keep it vibrant green, again proving that liquid nitrogen is the pantry staple we never knew we needed. We love you, Reece! Please read here for more information. She gets an idea to use sea parsley, a salty parsley, to make a green powder to resemble moss. We are of Maggie's image being used in a SCAM involving hemp oil. Meanwhile, sift the flour, cocoa powder and baking powder into a medium bowl then add the salt. ), the judges have picked five unusual flavour pairings: lamb and coffee; basil and peanut butter; dark chocolate and soy; mustard and mint; or carrot and raspberry. Emelia adds her supportive two cents from the gantry, "come on, mi chiamo", which is an in-joke we will never know. They have to make two different flavours to go together in one dish, and serve a plate for every judge, because coronavirus. Read the rest of our MasterChef recaps here and follow Eloise Basuki on Twitter @eloise_baz. Position the beetroots either side, and add a scoop of the yoghurt ice cream in the middle, Scatter with the chocolate soil, dehydrated beetroot and edible flowers, and serve, FAGE: bringing strained yoghurt to the world, Join our Great British Chefs Cookbook Club. Whisk together until light and pale. Oop there it is! He tells Jock and Andy that he is making a coffee sable served with hibachi-grilled lamb and a coffee jus, though he pronounces it "juice". In round one, Matt created crispy skin snapper, snapper dumplings, a crab sauce and daikon noodles. Level the surface with an offset spatula and cover with cling film. Aww, the irreverence is palpable. One hour to go and Simon is still shopping at bloody Coles! Simon thinks that cooking "with a memory" will help him create a beautiful well-rounded dish. “I went into that second cook not knowing what to do and I was starting to freak out,” Elise says. Gently fold the whipped cream through the chocolate mixture until combined. Jess says she is going to make her dreams come true, and you go girl, just never serve me a carrot gel thanks. Jock says the peanut and basil are front and centre. Just sayin'. She tells Andy that she knows the flavours well and just has to make sure she balances the sweet and sour.


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