Well written and just nice. “Still doing Shadow Weaver’s dirty work, I see.”. My mom came in here earlier today and left a $100 tip? (I'm going to start collecting the She Ra smut I write in one handy collection - 99.9% catradora. They kiss in the last episode, episode 25. Set straight after "Don't go", this is a short story about what happens next.They're still a few days from home, and Catra and Adora have both noticed that something has changed between them. Choice 5 Choice 7: That hottie just kicked a soccer ball my way. Choice 4 (Jenna): How should I start this convo? They stay that way for a long time, Catra’s face tucked into Adora’s shoulder, Adora gently cradling Catra’s head. While Catra tries to figure out how She-ra's sword works, and struggles with her unresolved feelings for her ex-friend, Shadow Weaver has an agenda of her own... Set during the last episode (so spoilers!) Choice 11: I have to study for a Chemistry exam. ", "Yes, her! One day, Adora wakes up and Catra has vanished. ️‍ I’m gonna give the next 5 people who order one of these a random She-Ra decal from my store for free! It still sent chills down Adora’s spine to see her look at her like that. Artie: Ahh, the forever friend-zoned. Then there was Catra. When Adora looked into her eyes, it was quite clear that the girl that used to be her best friend was long gone. After two years of radio silence, Catra and Adora find themselves in a complicated relationship, when they find out that they're gonna share a dorm for the entirety of their freshman year at BMU. “Do you want to know what I’d do?”, Because Glimmer seems to be going somewhere with this, and because Adora doesn’t really seem to have a better idea at the moment, she nods. Then junior year rolls around and Adora Greyskull, Brightmoon High's golden girl, joins the department and gives Catra's comfortable routine a shakeup; in more ways than one.OrAdora's pretty gay. Not only have the pressures of being a Force Captain begun to set in, but she's still in mourning over the loss of her best friend. But nothing's off the table when it comes to the two of them. Adora plans on talking to Catra about what happened in the First One's temple, one way or another. Essentially a Catra redemption fic. So she auditions for the school play. “Catra,” she said curtly. All seems good, but there's a catch. literally just a tiny little fluffy drabble i wrote because i love catradora and im so glad its canon. ", "It is the climactic moment of the entire show, that moment, that confession, that kiss, and that's what I wanted it to be. Adora said she wasn’t used to sleeping alone, and that was true, but what she really meant was that she wasn’t used to sleeping without Catra curled up at the end of her bed. They're falling in love all over again, and as always, they're both too dumb to see it...Until, that is, Glimmer gives them a gentle nudge in the right direction. Junior year rolls around and she decides maybe, just maybe, she'd like to do something about that. WARNING: The following contains spoilers for She-Ra and the Princesses of Power Season 5, now streaming on Netflix. (+1 Desire Artie), Who said you could look at me? When it comes to high school, it’s clear to Catra that she’s on the outside looking in. “Why don’t you go bother someone else?” Adora hardly manages, stiffening. But of course, she's part of the problem, too. Life is sweet. This is something she's been doing for a while. The Best friends Squad and Super Pal Trio compete for Catra's attention.In which Catra is drunk on catnip.And everyone else has an obsession with cats. “Okay, sure.”, “I’d bring home my mother’s worst nightmare,” she grins. Everyone there is too cheerful, and what she hates most is the fact that her former childhood friend is also a student.There's no way she's forgiving her for leaving. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. But Catra doesn’t let go. adora is determined to find out why catra won't go with her. Adora is careful not to hug Catra too hard or make her feel restrained, anticipating the moment that Catra will start to pull away — but Catra doesn’t. "It's, you know, they're a part of me, they feel like my friends, they feel like people that I spent several years in very close quarters with. She liked running the café, and she didn't mind having a crazy regular that made her smile. I love your eye makeup! Catra is doing her level best to ignore it. She moves in closer, pressing Adora back-first against the jagged wall, and Adora finally exhales shakily. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Catra snorts and her brows climb to her hairline in almost convincingly feigned surprise. Which she's fine with; she has her routine and theatre to look forward to most days. https://episode.fandom.com/wiki/The_Kiss_List?oldid=12899, ...a high fashionista! Her skin prickled over her body and a nervous cold sweat ran the length of her spine, so she took a moment to collect herself before looking down to read the name.


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