Stina Lundgren, Zoran Gojković, Jure Piškur, Doreen Dobritzsch. Biochemistry. Electrostatic control of proton-transfer reaction in the active site of carbonic anhydrase. Carbonic Anhydrase: Solvent and Buffer Participation, Isotope Effects, Activation Parameters and Anionic Inhibition. This unit operated for nearly 5 months at 40 °C in the same carbonate solution and exhibited steady CO2 capture of ∼80%. Find out more about the company LUMITOS and our team. David W. Deerfield, Charles W. Carter, Lee G. Pedersen.  |  Interaction of neutral and zwitterionic glycine with Zn2+ in gas phase:ab initio and SIBFA molecular mechanics calculations. The rate-limiting step is an intramolecular proton transfer from the zinc-bound water molecule to His-64, which serves as a proton shuttle between the metal center and buffer molecules in the reaction medium. Subcellular and Molecular Aspects of Intracellular pH. Anhidrasa Carbónica y Zinc en Fisiología Vegetal. Carbonic anhydrase (carbonate dehydratase) is a family of metalloenzymes (enzymes that contain one or more metal atoms as a functional component of the enzyme) that catalyze the rapid conversion of carbon dioxide to bicarbonate and protons, a reaction that occurs rather slowly in the absence of a catalyst. However, CA is present in most, if not all, distal nephron cells involved in acid-base transport. J.Nicole Earnhardt, S.Kirk Wright, Minzhang Qian, Chingkuang Tu, Philip J. Laipis, Ronald E. Viola, David N. Silverman. These enzyme features open the possibility for new process approaches, which could lower the cost of CO2 scrubbing while mitigating implementation risks due to the close resemblance to conventional recirculating absorber–desorber scrubbing processes. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - Protein Structure and Molecular Enzymology. Bioinorganic chemistry and drug design: here comes zinc again. 113Cd NMR as a probe of the active sites of metalloenzymes. Principle cells either do not stain for CA or stain weakly. Bao-Hui Ye, Feng Xue, Gen-Qiang Xue, Liang-Nian Ji, Thomas C.W Mak. NMR STUDIES OF SODIUM AND POTASSIUM IN VARIOUS BIOLOGICAL TISSUES. Figure 12.4. David E Benson, Michael S Wisz, Homme W Hellinga. X-ray absorption spectroscopy Application to biological molecules. Escherichia coli NusA is required for efficient RNA binding by phage HK022 Nun protein. This causes polarisation of the hydrogen-oxygen bond, making the oxygen slightly more negative, thereby weakening it. Some Aspects of the Bioinorganic Chemistry of Zinc. All known CAs from the animal kingdom are of the alpha type. The zinc-bound water can either be ionized to a zinc-bound hydroxide, polarized by a general base to generate a nucleophile for catalysis, or displaced by the substrate. propyl-2-imidazolyl)phosphine-Zn A fourth histidine is placed close to the substrate of water and accepts a proton, in an example of general acid-general base catalysis. Your browser does not support JavaScript. Carbonic anhydrase plays an important role in proximal tubule bicarbonate reabsorption, as evidenced by the fact that there is a 90% inhibition of bicarbonate reabsorption when this enzyme is inhibited (128). Broad-line nuclear magnetic resonance studies of chloroperoxidase. Get article recommendations from ACS based on references in your Mendeley library. Yet, despite the overall similarity of catalytic zinc sites with regard to their common tetrahedral [(XYZ)Zn2+–OH2] structure, these mononuclear zinc enzymes catalyze a wide variety of reactions, as pointed out above. The delta class of CAs has been described in diatoms. Models for metal ion function in carbonic anhydrase. Catalytic versatility of erythrocyte carbonic anhydrase. Systemic infusion of acetazolamide resulted in a 30% decrease in glomerular filtration rate (GFR). Read what you need to know about our industry portal Thus, the two forms may be distantly related, even though the underlying amino acid sequence has since diverged considerably.


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