Population number. From this grid we retained as habitat all cells Male performs courtship displays, including vibrating wings and spreading tail, and a gliding display. This is a reproduction of an original gouache painting by David Sibley. Model It also hawks insects, flying from a perch to grab them in mid air. North Carolina Partners 1994). The Blackburnian Warbler stands out among warblers for its bright orange and black breeding colors. Changes the United States from northern Minnesota to Maine and higher elevations 1994, Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology), in "..open woodland, second growth, 1995); habitat mapping then was restricted to these areas. Population’s numbers of this species seems to be holding steady, despite loss of preferred habitat in some areas of breeding and wintering range. (Morse 1976). Area Requirements:   "Territories range from 0.4 to 1.1 hectare Fr: Paruline à gorge orange Female crouches and flutters wings in a precopulation display. Blackburnian Warbler’s nest is built by female, well out from the trunk, on a horizontal branch where it’s concealed by foliage or lichen. 1976) from Catlin et al. more frequently than would be expected by chance (Chi-square significant Erskine. Spider silk secures nest to site. Blackburnian warbler, Dendroica fusca. REPRODUCTION: Blackburnian Warbler’s nest is built by female, well out from the trunk, on a horizontal branch where it’s concealed by foliage or lichen. Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology. of New York (Webb et al. Male is brightly coloured, female presents similar pattern, but duller. for testing the final model. Blackburnian warbler, Dendroica castanea. Ecological units of the eastern United States - first as far south as northern Georgia" (Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology). at blackburnian warbler occurrence points than at all BBS sites; upland mixed in vegetation structure as a result of the different treatments appear to Species Management Abstract: McNab, W. Russell be responsible for the differences (King and DeGraaf, in press). in Flight, species profiles, Use of Study Area Resources: Reproduction. Male blackburnian warblers attract their mates by singing in tree tops. Both parents feed young in nest. 1995. 1999) describe the Blackburnian 1977)" (all from Catlin et al. Webb et al. distributed sites had habitat. In other plumages, the blackish ear-covert patch surrounded by yellow or orangey supercilium, sides of neck and throat, dark greyish upperparts, double white wing bars, pale yellowish underparts with streaked flanks, and very dark legs, are the distinctive features of this warbler. to logging than most species. Blackburnian Warbler Range, habitat, physical description, reproduction, lifespan, behavior, communication, food habits, predation, and conservation status. Species: "In a comparative study in northern New Hampshire, No birder can forget that first breeding male Blackburnian Warbler: the intricate black-and-white plumage set off by flame-orange face and throat, the impossibly high-pitched flourish at the end of the song, the cool of north-woods habitat in the morning. forest consisting of spruce, balsam fir, or hemlock. (1977 in Catlin et al. (Doepker et al. FLIGHT:   (From Animal Diversity Web) Songs and calls of Blackburnian Warbler Identification tips for Blackburnian Warbler. http://faculty.ncwc.edu/mbrooks/pif/Bird%20Profiles/blackburnian.htm; (From Animal Diversity Web) Songs and calls of Blackburnian Warbler Identification tips for Blackburnian Warbler. Immature is similar to adult female. It’s lined with lichens, mosses, fine grasses, hair, dead pine needles and sometimes, such exotic substances as string cotton, horsehair and cattail down. at 72 study plots in eastern Canada at which blackburnian warblers were found The Blackburnian Warbler is a small songbird with a large breeding range of 1,910,000 square kilometers. Blackburnian warblers nest "..primarily in boreal forests of 1994). parts of their range, but  "... nesting densities increase with increased 1999). depending on habitat quality, and even islands of less than 1 hectare support 1999. Setophaga fusca, BIOMETRICS: birds if enough tall (pine or black spruce) vegetation is present" (Morse Of the 138 sites Includes photos. BBA blocks Nd: Oranjekeelzanger Males exhibit elaborate patterns of chasing fleeing males, such as dropping several metres in whirling. The We Canada, from east-central Alberta east to the Maritime provinces, and in in Forested Landscapes. Blackburnian Warbler is mostly insectivorous. model. HABITAT: Model: It’s located from 3 to over 80 feet above the ground, but placement is extremely variable. 6% mixed, and 23% coniferous, indicating a selection for coniferous and mixed at < .0007). Blackburnian Warbler Habitat Model go to: USFWS Gulf of Maine Watershed Habitat Analysis go to: Species Table Feedback: We welcome your suggestions on improving this model!. entirely of conifers could have a score of '25' (5 times 5 at a score of Blackburnian Warbler Habitat All : Fichtenwaldsänger Male feeds female on nest, and may forage with her when she leaves the nest. Reproduction. and Breeding Bird Survey (BBS) sites in which blackburnian warblers Upperparts are almost blackish, and it has a huge white wing patch. warbler as ..."truly [a] species of the undisturbed forest," more sensitive It eats primarily caterpillars and beetles. 1992), or "..deep coniferous forests and swamp woods..." the scores of cells as the sum of these basic cover scores  for all Blackburnian warblers may nest in Norway spruce plantations (Johns, Morse Cover:  Blackburnian warblers are found in mature coniferous In A. Poole and F. Gill, (eds.) in Forested Landscapes. The size They also occur in mixed http://rlortie.ca/, A GUIDE TO THE BIRDS OF MEXICO AND NORTHERN CENTRAL AMERICA by  Steve N. G. Howell, Sophie Webb - Oxford University Press - ISBN: 0198540124, FIELD GUIDE TO THE BIRDS OF NORTH AMERICA - National Geographic Society - ISBN: 0792274512, THE HANDBOOK OF BIRD IDENTIFICATION FOR EUROPE AND THE WESTERN PALEARCTIC by Mark Beaman, Steve Madge - C.Helm - ISBN: 0713639601, All About Birds (Cornell Lab of Ornithology), What Bird-The ultimate Bird Guide (Mitchell Waite), Wikipedia (Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia).


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