10 Great Careers You Can Have With a Liberal Arts Degree, Highest Paying Jobs for Liberal Arts Generalists. According to data released by College Board, learners attending a public institution and receiving in-state tuition currently pay an average of $8,670 annually. Roles related to sociology, history, psychology, or other human-focused careers. All Georgetown students are asked to finish two foundational courses, one academic writing workshop, and an elective cluster best suited for an individual's academic focus area. Graduates have gone on to earn a doctoral degree, or later work in advertising, education, human resources, or writing and editing. Third, explore any expected projects or internships. Based on faculty and available concentrations, many colleges offer unique coursework that helps the program stand out. With today's emphasis on STEM, many individuals worry that those with liberal arts degrees won't find jobs. Graduate programs in Liberal Studie and Arts typically allow for more flexibility in one's course of study than other graduate degrees. Additional programmatic accreditation is noted in the rank table. If increased earning potential and career advancement in a certain field is important to you, research the employment growth and salary rates for that specific field before selecting which type of program to pursue. Whether hoping to work in biochemistry or anthropology, the ethics concentration encourages future practitioners to consider the implications of their work and helps them develop a framework for their work in many different areas. The curriculum is focused on the analysis and interpretation of critical texts, and how this training can be used to develop research … Our top picks for the best online master’s in liberal arts are affordable, highly regarded, and customizable. If living on campus, students can expect to pay roughly $10,000-$11,500, depending on whether they attend a public or private school, respectively. Degree seekers who fail to attend a regionally, nationally, or programmatically accredited school may find it difficult to transfer credits, move into a Ph.D. program, receive licensure (if necessary), or compete against other job candidates who did so. Many students who study for their Master of Arts in Liberal Studies are not always certain where their degree to take them– and that's okay! The MALS degree focuses on the interdisciplinary nature of discourses and provides students with the ability to study a broad range of topics, including English, Math, Philosophy, and Political Science. We wanted programs that students could access regardless of their geographic location or availability. Prospective Toledo applicants are required to already possess a bachelor's degree with a minimum undergraduate GPA of 2.7. Wise Bread offers practical ideas for career paths that look for and value the knowledge gained from these programs. BestMastersDegrees.com is an advertising-supported site. The curriculum is focused on the analysis and interpretation of critical texts, and how this training can be used to develop research methods one can apply to many fields. Roles related to any of the liberal arts. By pulling from multiple disciplines within liberal studies, students can focus their interests in democracy and democratic studies to create a directed curriculum. Students looking to save money may pursue in-state tuition at a public institution, while those who know they want to work in a specific location after graduation may decide to study in that city so they can build contacts while still in school. Liberal arts is a broad, interdisciplinary field that can prepare students to start or advance careers in a variety of areas including writing, history, the arts, social sciences, education, and more. Disciplines woven throughout this course include the arts, literature, history, sociology, political science, and philosophy. After graduation, they can take advantage of ongoing relationships with former professors or fellow alumni to forge connections that may lead to jobs. The former often opt for campus-based programs, while the latter may seek distance-learning programs that provide maximum flexibility. This course looks at the development of modern medicine within cultural, economic, political, and social understandings. Admissions for brick-and-mortar programs tend to be straightforward; admissions for distance education programs may ask you to demonstrate time management skills for working remotely. Classes in the MALS program are held on the main campus in Washington, D.C. Students may take advantage of this urban location to pursue internships, volunteering, or future career opportunities. Finally, students can rely on the name recognition of their school to help open doors. If you are considering a master’s in liberal arts, it’s important to think about what your particular interests and career goals are. Aside from institutional accreditation provided by regional and national accrediting agencies, many bodies now provide programmatic accreditation for individual degrees or departments. Some of the topics include environmental justice, the rise of suburbs, contamination, and natural resource management. While this guide mostly focuses on traditional, campus-based programs, individuals interested in distance learning can review Best Colleges' ranking of the top online master's in liberal arts programs to get a better sense of options. Stanford University's MLA Program offers students the opportunity to pursue an interdisciplinary course of study in the liberal arts. The flexible nature of most Liberal Studies graduate programs ensures that students can find a focused area of complex academics to succeed in. Enabling smarter choices to produce the greatest advantage, utility, and satisfaction. A master's in liberal arts is an interdisciplinary program that offers learners a breadth of knowledge in philosophy, art, mathematics, the social sciences, and the natural sciences. Whereas most graduate programs ask you to become more and more specialized, the MLA expects you to both broaden and … Conversely, some learners want to finish more quickly. Twitter, We also sought programs that meet high standards of quality set by objective and knowledgeable parties. Those with a master’s earn an average annual salary of $68,090, compared to $37,690 for individuals with a bachelor’s degree. 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