Definitely the worst. Awful place, went to a concert- ended up in a town centre dump.. awake all night with shouting & screaming, It is in West Yorkshire, what can You expect, Nothing to do, just buy a train ticket to Manchester, Full of absolute dick heads like owen pots. HR News is managed and published by Codel Software Ltd. The list goes on! ) Most of the houses were meant to be temporary and are falling to pieces. Half of last year’s towns failed to get in the top 10, making way for some new dirt holes. Carlisle was found to be better value for money in the rental Positive perceptions of the city have increased since last year's rankings. to Adzuna’s findings, the places where renters will get the best value for money yes, the place is a cesspit and yes it is getting worse. Harpurhey – You don’t have to smoke spice to live here, b... Wishaw, A psycho’s paradise with f*ck all to do... Purfleet, Essex: home to *****, druggies and jobless layabouts... East Grinstead: a nothing town filled with horrible people... Withington, Manchester – The area that we all just gave up on... Royton, Oldham: A Chubby Chaser’s pay dirt. })(); Our first new entry and making its Top10 debut, straight in at No.10 from the ‘Cleckhuddersfax’ golden triangle of Yorkshire grimness is Halifax. 2. come 3 o'clock on a weekday the place turns into a zoo, with every wanna be rude boy, chav, chavette and bhangra boy trying their best to be as loud, obnoxious and aggravating as possible. 23 July 2019, 13:04 | Updated: 23 July 2019, 15:49. Now it's time for an update, because the guys behind the incredibly popular website have collated the results for 2020 and a whopping 80,000 of you had your say this year – and yes, Rochdale has featured again. Inside the Manchester University protest that saw ‘security’ fences torn down, ‘People walk by holding pepper spray because they’re afraid’: Local businesses plead for action in troubled Piccadilly, Meet the Manc doing a kebab-themed ‘Supersize Me’ to raise money for his little girl living with nerve tumours, DEADLIFE: The darksynth producer on Manchester’s doorstep is one of music’s best-kept secrets, Stockport boy raises over £470 to feed pups at Manchester Dogs’ Home this Christmas, A new age of radical thinking begins this month at the Manchester Jewish Museum, What’s it like to put your house into a prize draw? -I mean come on-, And here is another thing before my not very smart Phone runs out if your playing musick you need an audience-get it-your not telling me there's an audience for musick leave it out /the Only audience in rotten old salford is for getin pisSED every bleedin night that's how they talk in salford/they May have bomded our chipys but they no how to listen to rock and blues-they think your talking about Stone and passt down in old salford forget it...replay if you dare -you can have my dotcom. The smells around the town would offend even the devil. The best and worst places to live in the UK revealed Posted on Nov 26, 2019 New analysis of over 1,000,000 job vacancies alongside rental prices, house prices and population figures, has crowned Aberdeen as the best place to live in the UK. West and South of Northern Ireland From the year 2000 to 2010 I read Middlesbrough had the highest crime rate in the country for 6 years in that decade! This south west city has relatively low crime rates and most residents feel that the city is still as welcoming, friendly and safe as it's been for a while. But don't even get me STARTED on the toilets… yeuch!-SonicTheEmoGirl, Look salford was always rotten -and I should no I was born their so that's why moved to germany -sod this isaid - when ever we had to play a gig in salford in 76'-8os it was always like-oh jesus not salford -yes I'm A musician but not in salford/come on who wants to play in salford? Are you satisfied with the list or are towns missing? Previous winners and favourites like Dover, Blackpool (despite being England’s most deprived town) … residents’ average salary over the year), Cambridge failed to make it into the No charm. 10. Making up the rest of the top five cities are Carlisle 10am - 1pm, All I Want For Christmas rcel.type = 'text/javascript'; Full of inbreds, dark, concrete jungle with no atmosphere. Unless you were living under a rock in 2019, you'd have seen I Live Here's list of the top 10 worst places to live in 2019, as voted by the British population. Eilean Siar, Highlands and Islands Pandora Christie Visited it quite a few years back - chavs were rampant even then. Grove hill was an area of Middlesbrough, the place was that hard to control that they had to demolish it a couple of years back. Newport is the only Welsh location to make it into the top 10 coming from taking the top spot. With its cathedrals — one Catholic, one Church of England — Norman castle, hidden Plantation Garden and popular open-air market, there’s an awful lot going on in Norwich. var rcel = document.createElement("script"); Tell us in the Comments box below. Central Valleys, West Wales and The Valleys 9. Changing your name on Facebook: We show you how to do it, WhatsApp: We explain what the symbols with the app actually mean, How to delete and deactivate your Instagram account, Suspect held after man stabbed to death on train as he travelled with teenage son. 7. If you want to find uncivilised part of swansea please come to penlan or hafod or some other places, Swansea shouldn't be on this list with the stunning gower, mumbles, parks, woods, beaches, a decent size city with a stunning marina got something for everyone. Kingston upon Hull, Yorkshire and the Humber According Some suburbs of Birmingham are very nice, for example Edgbaston and Moseley and the city is most certainly improving. Lived in Luton for 3 years.Nearly everyone, regardless of race, creed or religion is miserable and horrible.I experienced a great deal of racism.I was spat on and had insults thrown at me from passing cars.I witnessed great deal of street violence.I had friends who had been hospitalised by gangs of violent people.The roads are incredibly dangerous as half of drivers don’t understand how British roads work.The other half are asleep or of a rectal disposition.0/10 wouldn’t even wish it on my ex. Find out the top 10 places which made the list below... 10 of the worst places to live in the UK. City for life. No identity. I got stabbed 100 time and my house got rob 5 time but no big deal, I agree in fact it should be higher up in the list, Being a local in Corby, I find it hard to stay away from the wessie gang who terrorise not only the locals but the dogs,birds,caterpillars and most of all the obese oldies who skkrrr skkkrrr around on their mobility scoots. The most dilapidated place in England by a mile. Where do you think is the best place to live in the UK? 4. I'm honestly surprised this isn't in the top 3. locations found to be the worst places to live according to Adzuna’s research, Bradford, Yorkshire and the Humber Quite happy not to see birmingham on this list considering its reputation. and population figures, has crowned Aberdeen as the best place to live in the North of Northern Ireland, Northern Ireland Edinburgh, Scotland There was also a returning champ as Peterborough reclaimed its crown as the number one voted dirt hole in the UK after obliterating the competition last year and this year. Quite happy not to see birmingham on this list considering its reputation. If your wearing more than PJs your over dressed. Coventry may have been nice before WW2, but sadly it was bombed so much that it was almost flattened to the ground. Blackpool, North West Been poor since the 1950s below sea level terrible housing, lowest life span, they brought in a housing association to build housing and the fools built more wooden houses! short due to a lower average salary than many of the other top 10 locations Proper gang badgers round there and so is hyde in tameside that is worse. The annual survey spoke to 80,000 people across the UK, asking them what they liked and disliked when it came to their hometown. 3. residents’ salary goes towards paying rent, compared to 23% in The Download 'All I Want For Christmas' on iTunes, 23 July 2019, 13:04 | Updated: 23 July 2019, 15:49. Living out of London opens up a whole new world for UK-based expats. Where do you think the best place is to live in the UK?


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