Beitrag von alexcomposer » 14 Mär 2011 - 0:24. This is a sound test between Neumann TLM103 and AKG C414 XL2 condenser mics. Not my favorite for vocals (although I don't use the 4050s much for vocals either). Speaking in technical terms, the AKG C414 offers a boost between 2 kHz and 5 kHz, which means the audio stands out due to its unmatched quality. Create a username and password below and an account will be created and your post entered. A condenser microphone is used for high-quality vocal and instrument recordings which pay attention to the smallest details. All other standard return policy conditions apply. TLM 103 works on the pressure gradient principle whereas C414’s principle is not specified. Wonder if they'll ever come out with the remote control upgrade for that mic? Features and usability. Let’s get you acquainted with the low cut filters, or high pass filters, whichever name you prefer, the AKG C414 has in store for you: If you want the AKG C414 to be more user-friendly, and then fret not, it doesn’t disappoint you in that case either. Whereas the Neumann TLM 103 comes with a hard mount which is little concerning safety issues and handling.. By kjam22 in forum Microphones … That info would give us a better sense of what options (besides the AKG and the Neumann) are available to you. Will this be a problem? Würde damit zumeist Gesang und Geige aufnehmen. There are currently 1 users browsing this thread. Its highly portable, progressive and professional aspects make the AKG C414 a better condenser microphone than the Neumann TLM 103. Additional EQ is required in order to get rid of the hissing in. Hi, I’m Jennifer I’m a passionate singer and an audiophile from Detroit, MI. Excellent dubbing quality for Rap and R&B vocals. Neumann TLM 103: Very warm and precise, it was not overwhelmed by the initial attack (just a note the acoustic bass and a log drum emit the most extreme initial sound pressure to record, in the old days you could not use dbx on them, the dbx could not react fast enough). The AKG C414 XLll: Was cold and all over the place. Its transformerless circuit eliminates the possibility of the audio signal being affected by any radio frequency interference. It is therefore recommended that you use acoustic panels or isolators surrounding the recording space to nullify the unwanted ambiance. Whereas the Neumann TLM 103 comes with a hard mount which is little concerning safety issues and handling. Even though the Neumann TLM 103 has a single cardioid polar pattern, it delivers a three-dimensional sound effect, fascinatingly through a mono signal! Das sollte erst einmal kaum hörbar sein, sondern nur auffallen, wenn es fehlt. It is similar in the case of the AKG C414 as well. Akg C414. I have a small home studio and I am looking to purchase my first high end mic. No option for rolling off unwanted frequencies. : Elec. By pietro79 in forum Microphones Replies: 2 Last Post: 02-03-2005, 11:14. Yeah I'm an attorney, but everyone needs a day job. No items to compare. Both these mics cover a wide frequency range of 20 Hz to 20 kHz. -12 dB per octave at 80hz – say you want to omit the low-end frequencies that have been causing some disturbance from vocals or solo instruments, that’s where this option comes really handy. Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio )' started by guitarskills101, Nov 7, 2012. For the AKG C414, you can say that it has two brothers: Both the Neumann TLM 103 and the AKG C414 are based on a transformerless electric circuit which maximizes the headroom and reduces self-noise. Comparing Neumann TLM 103 vs Telefunken TF29 vs AKG C414 XL II Sort: Order Added Price: lowest first Price: highest first Brand: A - Z Brand: Z - A Top Rated Clear All You can think of the Neumann TLM 103 as a pretty conventional large diaphragm condenser microphone as all you’ll need is an XLR cable and 48V Phantom power to get started. It is similar in the case of the AKG C414 as well. ). Without further ado, let’s dive right in to find out which one is better than the other. Changing the polar pattern causes quite an audible pop which might turn out to be harmful to the monitors. Personally I prefered the AKG by a short head. Just a friendly reminder that political discussion, (including "offhand" and 'sideways' commenting) is. By Wingpen in forum Microphones Replies: 5 Last Post: 04-20-2005, 07:38. The AKG C414 XLll: Was cold and all over the place. 2. How much are you looking to spend and are you willing to buy used? Last update on 2020-11-26 / Affiliate links / Updated prices and images from Amazon Product Advertising API. And, then think you figured something out...? By StudioRecorder in forum Microphones Replies: 2 Last Post: 10-06-2003, 23:31. When you buy products through links across our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. The brightness in the sound output is not overdone and provides a crisp and natural finish to it. Already have an account? The TLM-103 is the bastard step-child of the Neumann family. 5 Best 12-Inch Subwoofers in 2020: Audiophile’s Best Picks. This is how we manage to create free content for you. Hatte jetzt ein AKG C414 ausgeliehen von einem Freund und war sehr angenehm überrascht. 2. Klicke in dieses Feld, um es in vollständiger Größe anzuzeigen. AKG C414 Vs Neumann TLM 103 While the 102 is a cheaper alternative to the 103, the AKG C414 costs right around the same amount. Quite evidently enough, both the Neumann TLM 103 and the AKG C414 are superb studio microphones. The result was the Neumann sounded great with no eq, the AKG had to have extensive EQ to make sound good. SoundMaximum is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon LLC owned websites. To boil it down, even more, it helps the vocals and other lead instruments to cut through the mix and provide clarity to the sounds. AKG wins in this case as it comes with a lot of features including shock mount, pop filter and windscreen and also the flexibility to choose among five polar patterns. Click here to login, The ability to reply to and create new discussions, Access to members-only giveaways & competitions, Interact with VIP industry experts in our guest Q&As, Access to members-only sub forum discussions, Get INSTANT ACCESS to the world's best private pro audio, Promote your eBay auctions and listings for free. The word I would use to describe is Tanky I did the same test on a baritone female vocalist. 2. Whereas the Neumann TLM 103 comes with a hard mount which is little concerning safety issues and handling.. Meanwhile, the AKG C414 reduces much of your work to a greater extent. The result was the Neumann sounded great with no eq, the AKG had to have extensive EQ to make sound good. Neumann TLM 103 has only a cardioid polar pattern while AKG C414 supports multiple polar patterns and you can choose from omnidirectional, wide cardioid, cardioid, hypercardioid and figure of 8. Serv. mc. (With Pros & Cons). EQ and signal processing come later in the production process but what if you can’t record the sound in such a way that you don’t need to make the additional tweaks? Create a B&H Account, America's Best Customer Service List-Newsweek, Prices, specifications, and images are subject to change without notice. When you think of studio equipment, isn’t a good microphone that pops in your mind at the first instant? With the Neumann TLM 103, you get an inside-out classiness of your acoustic guitar. too cost prohibitive for the market. Manufacturer rebates, terms, conditions, and expiration dates are subject to manufacturers printed forms NYC DCA Lic. However, the AKG comes with a lot of embedded options, namely filter and pad buttons, which makes it a better option as it saves a considerable amount of time in the overall recording process. Neumann TLM 103 or AKG C414 BXLS. The Neumann TLM 103 is considerably heavier than the AKG C414 – 450 grams and 300 grams respectively – making the latter handier than the former. Like the TLM 103, it is a high-end microphone for professional use. Eher sollte man mal den Threadersteller fragen, woher die strikte Mikrofonvorauswahl kommt....AKG C414 XLII vs. Neumann TLM 103, klingt mir erstmal sehr nach "hat man mal gehört" und nicht wirklich fundiert.


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