And every time you succeed in working it out, the pleasure makes you want more and more. When you love someone you give time, attention, and all of yourself. He wants you! In the Hebrew, love is connected directly with action and obedience. Love may focus on receiving, but ahava is all about giving. Ahava is shown to YAHUAH through hei – through the five books of the Torah. How exactly can you love someone you can’t see or touch? Think about it. Being the center of someone's attention isn't love. Here in this chapter a man comes to Messiah and asks how he can inherit eternal life. Just how many sermons have you heard on the subject of “loving YAHUAH?” How many Messianic Scripture studies have you attended when you discussed how to properly love the Creator? Here the emet, the truth is very clear. Like the love a mother shows to a newborn baby, YAHUAH loves us though we have done nothing but cause Him pain. Change ). YAHUSHA said he lacked something. You don't "fall" in love - you give love! When you love YAHUAH then your deepest desire is to connect with Him. If only we would allow the Bible to be a type of dictionary could we really grasp this and other important concepts. It is not something that happens "to you" but a condition that you create when you give. But it was because YAHUAH loved you and kept the oath He swore to your forefathers that He brought you out with a mighty hand and redeemed you from the land of slavery, from the power of Pharaoh King of Egypt. Deuteronomy 11:1, “Love YAHUAH and keep his requirements, his decrees, his laws and his commands always.” When you really love YAHUAH you give Him every bit of your life. Hei shows us to express that love by conforming our thoughts, words, and deeds to the five books of the Torah. The Beit is the second letter of the Hebrew alphabet. While you deserved to die for your sinful Torah breaking the Father gave His only Son to perish in your place. Get this major point – when you love your neighbor you are most like YAHUSHA. For judgment is without mercy to the one who hasn’t shown mercy. When you love in the same way your world can change too. Ahava is actually the reason for the Torah. He also gave us His Torah and commandments so that we could love Him and love other people. Strong’s Exhaustive Dictionary defines ahava as “to have affection, sexually or otherwise, love, like, to befriend, to be intimate.” It brings to mind the idea of longing for or breathing for another. Obedience without love is lifeless religion that only leads to more death. To love YAHUAH is to obey Torah and therefore bridge the gap between man and the Almighty. Sadly, this amazing Hebrew word is hidden behind the nonchalant English term that everyone uses for everything. And when true love is found a person is never the same. In modern thought love is an emotion. How? This secret is exposed through the meaning behind each Hebrew letter in "ahav." Paul wrote that “these three remain: emunah (faith), hope (tikvah), and love (ahava) and the greatest of these is ahavah.” The main point of life is ahava. From the abundance of the heart/mind/horizontal line, the mouth speaks. YAHUAH so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son. It is simply amazing that what YAHUSHA called the “greatest commandment” in all of the Torah is usually ignored by most teachers, preachers, and even rabbis. Love isn’t about getting some feeling or fix, it is about giving devotion and time. Rules without relationship leads to rebellion. Click the picture or. In modern thought love is an emotion that can be turned on and off like a light switch. Your gentleness to that special person in your family who drives you crazy is equal to perfectly observing the Sabbath, if love is your motivation. "I have loved you with an everlasting love" (Jer 31:3). And love isn’t about getting some feeling or fix. "His banner over me is love" (Song 2:4). Again, the primitive root word “ahav” means to “have affection, sexually or otherwise, love, like, to befriend, to be intimate.” It brings to mind the idea of longing for or breathing for the Creator. Beit is a picture of a house. Man is to unite the three lines through devotion and service. If something doesn’t make sense, you will rack your brains to figure it out. YAHUAH shows His love towards us through His grace. It means to set aside our life, so that His Life can come forth from our hearts. The first letter of the Hebrew alphabet is also the first letter in “ahav.” This is the aleph. Aleph is a picture of YAHUAH and His creation. Hebrew is a power-filled force that helps us better know the Scripture and the Scriptures’s author. You become so overwhelmed that Torah study becomes your very essence and you want to absorb as much as you can. “The people who survived the sword found grace in the wilderness; when Yahshar’el sought for rest, YAHUAH appeared to him from far away. This is how we know we are in Him: the one who says he remains in Him should walk just as He walked,” 1 John 2:3-6. By digging into the depths of the original language of the Bible we can best grasp its message. No one is tov, except one, that is YAHUAH. The Hebrew people were chosen by YAHUAH from the entire world to be a royal priesthood and a peculiar people through His Torah. For YAHUAH so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. – Galatians 2:20, Know therefore that YAHUAH your ELOHIYM is ELOHIYM; he is the faithful ELOHIYM, keeping his covenant of love to a thousand generations of those who love him and keep his commands. There is a difference. YAHUAH so loved the world that He GAVE His only Son. There are literally thousands of mitzvoth / commandments in the Scripture. “And you shall ahava the Master YAHUAH with all your heart, and with all your being, and with all your mind, and with all your strength: this is the first commandment,” said Messiah YAHUSHA in Mark 12:29-31. But whoever keeps His word, truly in him the love of YAHUAH is perfected. We show our love to YAHUAH through obedience to His commandments. "I sure am," said the son. Sadly, this amazing Hebrew word is hidden behind the nonchalant English term that everyone uses for everything.


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