However, while bicephalic (two-headed) or tricephalic (three headed) animals have been well-documented, there are no credible reports of animals with more than three heads. The creator has skill which is been used for wrong purpose. krishna kalappat – vani i agreee with u ……….. PLEASE DON’T PLAY IN THE NAME OF GOD, yes mam in the name of god people should not cheat. Ewww! i am confuse is that real or just fake ? Eric Crawford – wtf your assApr 2 BROVO my friends…. Many mythologies like Hindu, Chinese, Greek,etc has references to such a 5 headed snake in their epics. You can do ur own research before coming to a conclusion. Adrian Tache – we’re all goingt to die down here, of course it’s fake, all the heads are exactly identical, and at a very unnatural angle to one another.Apr 2 There are stone images of this type of snakes, made ages ago in India. if anyone need then give me mail ID I will send you, if u have d@ photo send me also… i also dont think this is real, Pls send me ur picture of photo shop of 7 headed snake, My Mail : r_triple@ rocketmail. Crazy people. he can create anything and destroy anything in seconds. Pls protect hinduism greatness. Then send us an email now for more information contact us via E-mail: Or WhatsApp me on +918929509036, Are you searching for a very genuine loan at an affordable interest rate of 3% process and approved within 4 working days? | via @backdoor2world. Hindu Indian Woman Making an Offering to Sheshnag, the Divine Five-headed Serpent in Hindu Mythology. I'm sure it will be surprising to most of you as much as myself, to see such a rare species still being alive. Get a finance at affordable interest rate of 3%, Do you need this finance for business and to clear your bills? Sultan of Brunei (King Of Luxury) Super rich. Vani Srinath – I hail from the same district of Karnataka, India. Please use a powerful tool called “Google”. Money Into Your PayPal Account Every Month! Not... Top 10 Most Embarrassing Celebrity Yearbook Photos. One of the images may show a toy or model that has been staged for the photograph. <, A snake found near Kukke Subrahmanya with 5 heads…. 1. We offer our services to both government and companies in any part of the globe. Very Well Conceived And Presented Of All The Tutorials! The Lord accepted and granted this boon. Snake will be confused for sure…. If one head has head ach… will the other have same? 4. We have so far read about such a snake only in historic stories and epics . i am good believer of god and also mythological characters like ASHWATTHAMA. Please install this software called ‘JEPGSnoop'( @sarvesh……the five headed snake was false……it clearly declared by kukke temple authorities……u can check in kukke website…. Contact us for more details and information.Thanks & RegardCall/Whats App 918929509036(Whats App) 918929509036Dr James Eric Housing Finance Pvt LtdE-mail:, Do you need Finance?Are you looking for Finance?Are you looking for a money to enlarge your business?We help individuals and companies to obtain loan for businessexpanding and to setup a new business ranging any amount. A snake found near Kukke Subrahmanya with 5 heads…. World’s Biggest Diamond Mine – Mirny (Mir Mine) O... Aokigahara Forest – One of the Creepiest Places on... . After visiting this place I got goodhealth and wealth. this is real one so plz dont make any fun of it. This is not the snake that seen in Kukke Subrahmanya Temple…lol.. baap re ! If u r interested to discuss more about this topic please mail me to, Its unbelievable…..perhaps if its true then it will be only found in India because India having great history “see its like a God Vishnu’s snake”…(Great work friend), miracle if true but to see must have immersed devotion and true faith. Ali Hoseini Nejad – wondrous!Apr 2 before reading your #@@g #@# stories like pagavath geethai go & learn basic common sense…. just have patience. I didnt heard abt this type of Snake. but thanks for entertainment . Shreenikethana Lodge, Managed by Sri Subrahmanya Mutt, Car street, Subrahmanya. The snake photo is not true but the temple is the true one its in karnataka you have a train form mangalore which goes to this temple, This is created by photo shop, because I’ve taken above photo & added 2 more head using photo shop. BOO. cs4 work..if this true than it would rock the world.. People just if you see closely the tow photograph is having differences, i am sure that the first photo has made by using photo shop and the second photo is one the snake made by soil or mud. .read pagavath geethai stories!., its hard to believe ,but since it is published in the newspaper, further investigations should take place and more photos should be revealed or catch the real snake itself, Five heads .. nice ! And my advice to all people out there.. 4. The original photo (?) com.. hhmmmm and sm body commented that its edit and sm thing.. its… lie….. may be this special effect of photography. I sure hope it’s fake but if not I wonder how they decide which head gets to swallow the food?Apr 2 .some guys said its fake., TEACH ENGLISH ONLINE AND GET MONEY! .ok ok. .why all are believing god. Dharmasthala: around 70 km as you will get the answer of this if u very keenly observe and feel it later or many days it takes. Animals with more than three heads abound in mythology, but do not exist in the real world. The Kukke Subramanya in Karnataka is at a distance of 386 kilometers from Bangalore and 151 kilometers from Karwar. It is not just in mythology that creatures are given to have two or more heads. Looking like a creature from mythology, multi-headed animals occur in real life as conjoined or parasitic twins. I have seen in animal planet where they show rare findings of 2 headed snakes. Messages that are currently circulating via email, blogs, and social networking websites, claim that set of attached images depict a “rare” five-headed Cobra that was found at Kukke Subrahmanya, a Hindu temple located about 105 km from Mangalore in the state of Karnataka, in southern India. What made them think of this? i think its not a real snake . Published Pictures Crocodile Mummies from Ancient ... Hooked a Spectacular Specimen Hammerhead Shark.


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