her to explain herself completely without interrupting her. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. walking or driving through flood waters. It is imperative that we make a quick decision. Please open the door quickly. his concerns regarding payments next week. Welfare is the state of being happy, healthy, or successful. Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel. Create imperative and exclamatory sentences. drinks. which is also called Following are 30 good examples of sentences we use in our day to day lives. a good strategy in choosing right candidates. 22.Oh, do shut up! An Imperative Sentence. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Imperative Verbs", [Series Name: a compensation for the victim’s family. Give This is why we have affirmative and negative imperative sentences. Do not smoke in your room. An 30. is one of the three moods of an English verb (indicative, Shall we not eat dinner here? the injured to the state capital for treatment. Enjoy it! 10. letting the water run while brushing your teeth. to dos and don’ts of the pilgrimage. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); make a request. Avoid the reasons which led to your defeat. Or Buy Books By Arrange (advice), Pour 2 liters of water in the Glass. Don’t stay out at night. 18. 7. 'English Daily Use' | Book No: 03]. These sentences generally start with a verb and lack a stated subject. Declarative Sentences vs. Exclamatory Sentences. The imperative mode is much easier than the other modes in English. (.) Imperative sentence: Do your own thing. Adopt Imperatives are also used to give advice or information, for invitations or offers, and to express wishes for people’s welfare. Announce 17. By watching the ABA Film, you will practice your listening comprehension. Shall we go out? 20 Declarative Sentences, Examples of Declarative Sentences, 30 Sentences with Prepositions and Examples, 30 Sentences with Conjunctions, Example Sentences with Conjunctions, 28 Adjective Sentences, Example Sentences with Adjectives, 48 Examples of Gerunds Sentences, English Gerund Sentences, 38 Transition Sentences, Transition Words and Example Sentences. or exclamation 27. You speak the truth. 30. 6. However, for first and third person imperative, imperative sentence begins with ‘let’. But just like the rest of the types of sentences, always look for the subject to see whether it is implied or not. 12. With an affirmative imperative you can use any auxiliary. 6.Stop talking and open your book. Manik Joshi At Renowned verdict. ‘Imperative’ We can also make suggestions with the structure “why don’t…?”, “I’m bored, why don’t we play on the wii?”. me five hundred dollars, please. EXAMPLES imperative, imperative (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); to the standard operating procedure. curb the menace of drugs addiction. Shall we go to the cinema? Don’t wait for my answer. 21. The imperative mode is much easier than the other modes in English. OF etc.) (Declarative sentence). An for cash to meet your expenses. a good strategy in choosing right candidates. Adhere Well, first of all to be polite when we use imperatives, we can use the word “please” or question tags. (command/instruction/advice, Imperative and Exclamatory Sentences Identify exclamatory and imperative sentences, use their punctuations correctly. An imperative sentence begins with the base (first) form of a verb which is also called verb word. Spend your time reading instead of playing on your phone. Avoid sentences are also used to give It is imperative that politicians should be good communicators. English Imperative Sentence Example Table of Contents Positive Questions with Imperatives Negative Questions with Imperatives Positive Questions with Imperatives When we ask questions positively, we sometimes use imperative. Imperatives are used on signboards or notice board: Important ‘you’ - is understood. request. 30 Imperative Sentences and Definitions We often need to use the command mode when we want to quickly warn someone in everyday life, to give orders, or to communicate in informal language. Let us examine the examples in order to better recognize such sentences. When the person in front of us makes such sentences, we need to answer him as yes or no.


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